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Scandinavian Displays

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Scandinavian displays is proud to introduce: Spring-it display system- innovation in display design. Magnetic system for fast print replacement Custom and branded display design Any size any design, single or double sided. High quality product made in EU. Spring-it custom and branded display design Get exactly what you want, in highest design standard, with same print replacement power. Order custom design in SD design studio and get multiple proposals of displays and other solutions that will elevate your advertising options to highest level.

Scandinavian Displays Hotspot Spring-it 300. Small, elegant and hot. Place it your shop, restaurant, anywhere. With just 30cm width it gives clear message without taking to much space.

Spring-it classic Simple, stable and Scandinavian, Clear design of classic displays line gives perfect environment for your graphic design.

Spring-it Compact Elegant and portable Having presentation, going to fairs? Take your Spring-it compact with you. Straight hanging and easy to replace print, elegant design and carrying bag is what you will need.

Spring-it Snapboard It’s time for unique design. Choose form our wide and often updated library of Spring-it snapboard foot design. It's New and cool way of being unique.

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Scandinavian Displays

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MagnEvo profile. Magnetic mounting system. Replace your banner in seconds.

Efficiencybanner and speed. Magnetic replacement system. Evo MAX station is designed Patented magnetic system allows to mass finish large and small to change banners in seconds. formats. It gives you possibility to launch new advertising cap mains with very low cost and no handling. Just get new banner and magnets will mount it for you.


Fast delivery

Magnevo is revolution in hanging graphics. Nothing is easier, faster.

Magnevo is manufactured in EU, what allows us to deliver standard and custom orders very fast.

It’s a profile of the future.

Magnevo profiles, 302mm (A4) Magnevo profiles, 425mm Magnevo profiles, 475mm Magnevo profiles, 505mm Magnevo profiles, 599mm (A1) Magnevo profiles, 605 mm Magnevo profiles, 655mm Magnevo profiles, 705mm Magnevo profiles, 805mm (A0) Magnevo profiles, 855mm Magnevo profiles, 1005mm Magnevo profiles, 1205mm

1,99 € 2,55 € 2,77 € 2,90 € 3,32 € 3,35 € 3,57 € 3,79 € 4,23 € 4,45 € 5,12 € 5,99 €

Scandinavian Displays

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evo MAX - 1600 graphic finishing station. Mounts v-metal MAX profiles on fabric, paper and PVC. Fast, precise double bending. Efficiency and speed. Evo MAX station is designed to mass finish large and small formats.

V-metal MAX profile

Strong, up to 1600mm, Finish fabric, paper and PVC. Elegant and always perfect hanging.

Double bent.

Always perfect print.

Fast print replacement

One more loop in metal profile gives it extra strength and more elegant look.

With evo MAX and v-metal MAX profiles every time you finish paper, PVC or fabric every time its straight with no wrinkles.

With patented magnetic hooks hanging and replacing banners takes seconds.

Scandinavian Displays

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NEW Scandinavian Displays products summer 2012  

Scandinavinan Displays in manufacturer on innovative displays and graphic finishing tools and profiles.

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