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September 2013 Edition of 100 copies Printer: TDC3 Printers Design: Ida Louise WĂŚraas Text: Scanart 2013 Committee


Every year dozens of Scandinavian artists submit their work to be exhibited, and our professional jury (previously Martin Compte, previous dean of faculty of education RMIT and Humphrey Clegg, curator of Australian Art at the National Gallery of Victoria, among many others) handpicks the best submissions to be exhibited. The artists are free to express themselves as they wish, in different medias. It’s part of what’s great about ScanArt, seeing different artists who are all Scandinavian, yet so different in the way that they express themselves through their art, achieving creative results deriving from the cultural get-together of young Scandinavians and their new countries of study and residence. ScanArt also hosts a charitable event for the Thailand Projects, which funds goes to orphanages in the Chang Rai area of Thailand. ScanArt has raised quite a lot for this in the past, in additions to funds raised through ANSA. ScanArt is held at Brunswick Street Gallery in Fitzroy from the 27th of September to the 10th of October 2013, with the official launch being Friday the 27th of September.


ScanArt 2013 is the 8th annual group art exhibition showcasing art and design by emerging Scandinavian artists residing in Australia and New Zealand. ScanArt has for 7 successful years proudly showcased art that is both Scandinavian and also influenced by the artist’s presence in Oceania. We represent artists from all different fields of contemporary art; traditional paint on canvas, photography, illustration, graphic design, music, sculptures, and all medias that the artists who apply and get picked out by our jury wants to express themselves through.


IDA LOUISE WÆRAAS Art Director & Graphic Designer

PER RAMSÖ Treasurer/Director of Marketing



Stine Busch is a graphic designer from Trondheim, Norway. She moved to Melbourne in 2011 to finish her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design at Deakin University. After graduating she stayed behind to travel and enjoy Australia, and eventually continued with a Master of Communication Design at RMIT University in 2013, where she’s currently studying. She was involved with ANSA for one semester and became a committee member of ScanArt trough that. She’s very excited for ScanArt 2013, which will be the first exhibition she directs.

Ida Louise Wæraas stayed in Melbourne for two years before heading home to Oslo, she took with her a degree in graphic design and heaps of unrelevant work experience. This fall she has come back to visit the city again, just in time for Scanart. She too has been involved in ANSA Melbourne as a quizmaster. Design and art is a huge interest, and also her job, so to promote up and coming scandinavian artists and be part of planning an exhibition was an easy call - both for the experience and for the cause.

Per Ramsö is a filmmaker from Jönköping, Sweden. He has been interested in film ever since he was a little kid. In January 2006 he moved to Chicago to study Scriptwriting, Acting and Public Speaking, but it was not until 2007 when he started studying media and communication, and become the head of the university TV station, that he fully realised that film making was his call. Per moved to Melbourne in 2010 to finish his studies. Three and a half years later he is still here, working as an Editor and Digital Media Manager at 50 Kaliber Films.

Oda Høieggen Steensæth is a 22 years old girl from Norway, currently living in Melbourne, where she’s studying to become a clinical psychologist at La Trobe University. She has been living in Australia for the past 2 years, and will be going back to Europe after finishing her bachelor degree. She is also a member of ANSA Melbourne´s board where she among other things, is responsible for the Thailand Project, which she is very passionate about. Oda liked the concept of scanart, and felt like she could contribute with her sales and service experience.

Janne Bjørnsen is a 26 year old musician from Stavanger, Norway. She is currently working full time as a Business Analyst at Swinburne University of Technology where she also graduated with a Masters Degree in Information Technology in 2011. Janne first heard about ScanArt through her involvement in ANSA Melbourne’s board where she was a member for three years, first as Webmaster and then Chairman. She is really excited to be a part of this year’s ScanArt exhibition.

ScanArt’s main sponsor for many years - ANSA - Association of Norwegian Students Abroad is a non-profit and independent organisation voicing the interests of Norwegian students who study abroad. Our aim is to maintain and promote the educational, cultural, political and economic interests of Norwegian students abroad. Currently nearly 21 300 Norwegian students are studying abroad in over 90 countries at over 1200 educational institutions worldwide. Norway has a long tradition of funding higher education for Norwegian students abroad. The Norwegian government established the loan and grant agency, The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen), for students in 1946. For over 60 years Lånekassen has provided students with both loans and grants to pursue higher education abroad. ANSA was founded by Norwegian students in 1956. Through the years ANSA has worked to improve and change the countless rules and regulations governing student grants and loans. ANSA believes that all students should have the right to study any subject in any country they wish.

The Thailand Project was initially started to make norwegian students in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand get together for a common charity-cause. This charity was not supposed to be linked to any specific religion, philosophy or big organisation. This way all ANSA students, regardless of background could get involved. The foundation BaanChivitMai was chosen as the organisation the Thailand Project would support. BaanChivitMai was originally founded in 1989 to prevent trafficking of children to drugs and prostitution. Children who are in a difficult situation are given a better life through this organisation. They are offered a place to stay, care and also education if they are motivated for it. ANSA Australia’s contribution is helping to support the budget for BaanChivitMai’s orphanages, as well as helping to finance sanitary products, medicines etc. to a mountain village outside Chiang Rai. ANSA’s contribution is very important for the children of Baan Chivit Mai. Throughout the 11 years ANSA has run the Thailand Project we have helped many children, and this is something we wish to continue doing in the future.


MARTINE COMTE Former Dean of Education at RMIT Martin Comte is an Emeritus Professor and music teacher, and has extensive experience teaching children and adults as well as training music teachers. He has been a member of the ScanArt jury for a couple of years and we are pleased to announce that he will be a part of the jury once again.

Award: Besides chosing who will get to exhibit, the jury have selected awards in two categories that celebrate creativity & passion for art. - Most Creative: Ann Kristin Flaaten Ulrichsen - Most Distinct Message: Kine Marie Kapaasen Madsen Congratulations!

cing the

CAMILLE MOIR-SMITH Graphic Designer Based in Collingwood, Melbourne, Camille is specialising in multidisciplinary design, encompassing brand development, illustration, publication and interior direction. With her work reaching all corners of production, Camille works closely alongside architects, printers and inventive manufacturers to ensure the outcome is harmonious. Visit cafes such as Rita’s, Tomboy or Bebida to view some of her identity design.

JAWS Painter and Graffiti Artist Jaw became a key member of Europe’s premier street art crews, Da Mental Vaporz, in 2003.He has toured extensively ever since, and exhibited in major shows and high profile international graffiti jams with some of the best street artists in the world. Jaw has also managed to successfully design creative campaigns for many commercial clients such as Nike and Universal Music

DIDA SUNDET Visual Artist & Lightpainter Unn-Therese Dida Sundet is a Norwegian artist currently living in Melbourne, Australia. Dida works with a number of techniques to create her work, ranging from staged photography to sculpture and installation, but considers herself mainly to be a Lightpainter. Her constructed and meticulously staged photographs explore displacement, storytelling and the politics of horror. Dida has exhibited widely in both Norway and Australia.


BIO Artists, Textile Designer & Culture enthusiast Ann Kristin F. Ulrichsen spends half the year in Australia doing DD-painting and Textile Art and the other 6 months in Norway doing creative & fun Art projects at Oslo Old Airport Arts & Culture Community. She have a multitude of skills to play on within the fields of Arts, Textile Design, Culture & Music and have also been on stage with several Australian Artists over the years. ARTIST STATEMENT The series are made with Acrylics, charcoal, oilsticks, and ink. The imagery is powerful and undeniable. The work has emerged as an exploration into Ann Kristins spiritual heritage and experience. Her dreamlike divinations are crystalline and poetic, her landscapes are visionary.

Ann Kristin Flaaten Ulrichsen From Norway Lives in Byron Bay Gicleè Art Prints of Original Paintings

BIO Illustrator Henriette, a 22 year old illustration design student from a small town in Norway. Currently taken the last of three years of the degree at Curtin University in Perth. ARTIST STATEMENT Artist statement: Two quirky illustrations of animals doing something that they usually can’t do. But anything is possible if you try hard enough elephants can ride bikes, deer can fly.

Henriette Osnes From Norway Lives in Perth Pen, Watercolour & Digital Painting

BIO Graphic designer Wannita does ink illustrations, digital illustrations and paintings. Her work focuses on beautiful forms, defined lines and clever use of colour. Female forms, abstract patterns and fluid shapes are often featured in her work and Wannita defines her style as “imaginative realism”. ARTIST STATEMENT Wannita has a background in Scandinavian fashion and graphic design, she’s naturally fascinated by clean lines and curves, which you can see from her work. Her most recent influence is Danish folklore art, which continues to fascinate, and is an ongoing artistic influence.

Wannita Phanchana From Denmark Lives in Melbourne Painting & Digital Illustration

BIO Wood worker Paul has been a hobbyist wood worker for a few years, crafting small items from locally sourced and recycled wood. ARTIST STATEMENT Woodn’t you keep it Natural!

Paul Frisk From Sweden Lives in Melbourne Woodcarving

BIO Graphic Designer, illustrator Simen is a 25 year old graphic design student from BĂŚrum, Norway, doing his bachelors degree at Deakin University. Drawing quirky stuff by hand has always been a passion, but when he opened PS and AI for the first time, about three years ago, he got hooked. ARTIST STATEMENT Living in Australia has made me think a lot about Norway and how different it is. One of my works is part of an ongoing personal project I am doing about stereotypical nordic activities, like icefishing and hunting woodsmen.

Simen Wahlqvist from Norway Lives in Melbourne Digital Illustration

BIO Photographer Kine is a postgraduate student at COFA (College of Fine Arts) in Sydney, Majoring in design. She’s done a variety of work that spans from wedding photography to visual identity over the last six years. She frequently helds lectures withing creative fields at a several schools in Norway. She has a love for traditional methods like bookbinding and darkroom photography but appreciate the modern world we live in as well. ARTIST STATEMENT Black and white photography is the one and only true love for Kine. It captures the beaty of objects, places and stories like nothing else. In this particular work it emphasizes the sadness, beauty and reality of a life coming to an end. - “It gives a certain calmness and comfort in knowing that eventually it will be my turn - and it will be beautiful”.

Kine Marie Kapaasen Madsen from Norway Lives in Sydney Photography

BIO Graphic Designer, Webdesigner Stine is a 23 year old Norwegian living in Melbourne, Australia, currently doing her Master of Communication Design at RMIT University. She’s had a passion for the esthetics since she was little and always tries to be more that just a designer, to also be a thinker, an explorer, and a creator. She explores a wide range of different techniques to create innovative and memorable designs. ARTIST STATEMENT The universe has been a daunting concept to Stine, but at the same time she finds it’s incredibly beautiful. Nebula’s, stars and moons weigh up for the agoraphobic infinite empty space. In these pieces she’s combined the two and made something beautiful out of the beauty and the frightening.

Stine Busch From Norway Lives in Melbourne Digital Art

BIO Traditional Painter I am half Norwegian, half Polish and full Aussie. In 2009 I cam back to Australia and completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree majoring in Printmaking after living in both Hong Kong and 1 year in Norway. I am currently a student at Australian Catholic University completing my Graduate Diploma in Education as an art teacher. And I have just started my own art school called Miss Freya’s Art School. ARTIST STATEMENT St Lady Winter is a celebration of winter. Without the gray shady skies the colorful springs would not be so vibrant. As Nature does, so does humans need this time to look inwardly and admire our strengths and weaknesses as individuals. This picture has saturated the dullness and exuberated the subtly of quiet contemplation.

Freya Baska from Norway Lives in Sydney Paint on Canvas

BIO Photographer Mari is a hobby photographer, her photos come from an impulsive action, where the ideas are developing while she’s in the situation. As a photographer she’s often attracting to black/white colours, with minimum photo editing. Some inspirational people are Mary Anna McCartney, but also her brothers with artistic personalities. ARTIST STATEMENT These photos have been taken with Olympus Pen E-PL1, and with its effects. ‘Miniature figure’ & ‘The little man’ photos were taken when Maris brother graduated as an Architect, in Bergen, Norway. These miniature figures are from his master project in 2011. Mari got inspired from how accurate and beautiful these figures were made. How much work the students put into the small details.

Mari Solem Akhuus From Norway Lives in Melbourne Photography

BIO Graphic Designer, illustrator Kine was Born in Kristiansand, Norway. With a skill set from analogue illustration and painting, these techniques are often incorporated in her designs. Kine has a great interest in photography and has sold several photo prints, as well as using her own photos and textures in her illustrations. She now works as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. ARTIST STATEMENT Wtih “Chimerical” Kine creates new images out of magazine cut-outs and scans of various objects with textures applied. The idea is to create characters that evoke an unsettling feeling in the viewer. The project “More or less fun facts, illustrated” started with Kines interest in facts (funny or not) and illustration. She use peculiar facts that are universal, and may appeal to anybody.

Kine Halland From Norway Lives in Melbourne Illustration & Collage

BIO Journalist Miriam was born in peaceful Norway and thus has access to good public school, free universities and government assistance as a student. Living in Argentina and Cameroon, and now Australia, she is fascinated how others born in another country will have such a different outcome because of it. She’s currently doing her Master’s degree in Journalism at University of Technology in Sydney. ARTIST STATEMENT From January till March 2012, Miriam lived in the West-African country Cameroon. Working as a teacher and living with a local student, Ishe gained insight into a country that for many is mostly known for their talented football players. Even though it is a mostly peaceful country, Cameroon has its problems,and is largely being ignored by the international media and the Western world.

Miriam Alveberg From Norway Lives in Sydney Photo Essay

BIO Working with different medias and platforms Linda Boodh is a graphic design and art student currently studying at Deakin University in Melbourne. She has a University Diploma from 2 years graphic design studies at Jönköpings University, Sweden. ARTIST STATEMENT “Dundunk” (picture) is a typographic interpretation of a sound. A heartbeat is never the same, life is unpredictable and a little crooked, smooth but a bit difficult. “Dundunk” is how the artist perceive the sound of her own heartbeat. “Looking down” is that she want the viewer to step inside the drawing and feel the space in it. The building together with the thick dark sky is looking down on us.

Linda Boodh From Sweden Lives in Melbourne Pen / Clay & Photography



BIO Graphic Designer Roy Halvor Frimanslund is 30 years old, come from the southern parts of Norway. He studied 2 years at Noroff in Kristiansand, Norway before finishing his final bachelor year at Deakin University last year. Now he is continuing studying at RMIT to finalize his Masters of Communication Design degree. ARTIST STATEMENT The work is a personal statement on how the society does not see the person behind a psychological or physical sickness. The viewers can draw their own conclusions and connections from the work. Based on his own personal experiences from the past, the poster was made as a response to a assignment at RMIT.

Roy Frimanslund From Norway Lives in Melbourne Printed Poster

BIO Photographer Ragnhild Utne is a Norwegian photography student based in Melbourne. Her interest in photography began at the age of 14 and escalated when she got her first system camera at the age of 16. She’s mostly shooting portraits but she’s also photographing when traveling. Ragnhild believes hard work brings out the best results. ARTIST STATEMENT In this series of photos Ragnhild has experimented with use of flash, since she’s normally prefer natural light. Fashion photography caught Ragnhilds interest and is something that she often try to bring into her work.

Ragnhild Utne From Norway Lives in Melbourne Photography

BIO Traditinal Painter Therese is a swedish Painter with a love for nature. She has a wide education within arts after studiyng at several art schools in both Sweden and Australia. She has also exhibited at the Swedish House in Toorak. ARTIST STATEMENT Thereses art work heavily focuses on nature and specifically trees. She see patterns in nature and figures in trees. The trees are graceful in their movement. Some trees build a bond and harmonies in calmness and others are dancing to the sound of the wind when she imagine the trees come alive at night.

Therese Forsberg From Sweden Lives in Melbourne Acrylic, Gouache & Pen on Canvas

BIO Graphic Designer Ida is a graphic designer with a degree from both Norway and Australia. She spent two years in Melbourne before she had to leave a city that had a huge impact on her, but it only took six months before her return. Her design is a good mix between clean and detailed, thought provoking and odd. ARTIST STATEMENT The execution of “Equilibrize” is simple with same-wieght lines, while the details are in the motive. The sci-fi inspired crystall mass floating around in the middle sort of holds the pieces together. The expression is surreal and the idea is a never ending frame that you can read and interpret as you like. Each little section tells a story of something impossible and its all balanced and depending on each other.

Ida Louise Wæraas From Norway Lives in Melbourne Digital Illustration

BIO Painter (Acrylics, watercolor, inc) Pernille Horgen Boe has practiced art frequently since she was 13 years old and has held several exhibitions in Norway, and one in Melbourne. She specializes in various Visual arts forms, mostly illustration and painting fine art. She enjoys a challenge as murals. Pernille has developed her own unique style through her broad education of studying other artists. Now she is finishing her final studies at Deakin University. ARTIST STATEMENT The painting is deeper than any description, What is a true constant in her pictures are the color choices. She often portray her life, and surroundings of her life. She makes her best works when in a spontaneous mood. She works in a classical way of figurative painting, with a twist of applying with texture and color and draws inspiration from multimedia and memories. Mainly she works with watercolor pencils, inc. and acrylic paint.

Pernille Horgen Boe From Norway Lives in Melbourne Paint on Canvas


Exhibition runs from 27th September to 10th of October (Tues-Sat - 10am - 8pm sun 10am - 6pm) at Brunswick Street Gallery 322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Victoria 3055 Australia













If you wish to be part of next years comittee, exhibit your art or become a sponsor don’t hesitate to contact us at

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ScanArt 2013 is the 8th annual group art exhibition showcasing art and design by emerging Scandinavian artists residing in Australia and New...