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Barcode Equipment Service: ScanAgain Inc We offer barcode equipment service in US and Canada. We understand your barcode scanners and barcode printer needs. With all the necessary experience and expertise to develop low cost, reliable solutions that meet your specific needs you can rely on us for barcode equipment service.

Why our consultative selling of barcode equipment works    

The large variety of ADC equipment and the range of different applications mean that a one size fits all approach will not work According to VDC Research Group, it is not uncommon for the annual mobile computer failure rates to exceed 30% Picking non-rugged devices for use in environments that are more suitable for rugged solutions will lead to costly failure rates Our sales team takes the time to fully evaluate operating environments and equipment needs. After fully understanding each client’s situation and clarifying ADC system objectives, our sales people work with our technicians to determine the best repair plans that will maximize ROI and minimize downtime

Visit for Quote on POS equipment. North Central USA Repair Depot P.O. Box 304 880SW 15th Street Forest Lake, MN tel: 651-982-6533, fax: 651-982-6536. Contact Person: Wayne Witherow (Depot Manager) Email:

Why our consultative selling of barcode equipment works