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C o n t emp o r a r y

Your desires fulfilled with simple and effective transformation

Be safe with Vetro. Acoustic modules complete with a glass ceiling Shut out the clamour with acoustic glass Blinds no longer required with click on /off Vetro electric glass. Revitalise your presentations with projections through privacy glass.

se e ki n g

Amaze all with Vetro chameleon free standing privacy ball and square

ele ga ef fect i ve

ance Reduce reflected sound with acoustic leather furniture blocks Stylish label for intelligent interiors. Privacy films, logos, advertisements etc Aluminium, stainless steel, brass, powder paint for light frameworks

Standard module sizes. Hundreds of variations.

the eco l o g i ca l

Compatibility assured for years to come. Recycle your space.

easy & fast

Easily moved to new office locations. Expand & evolve layouts with ultimate ease. It takes only few moments to create new spaces for work and leisure. Simply click together and tighten.

so l u t fl e x i bl e

Panel widths. 506, 806, 1006, 1206 mm Panel heights: std 2030, std 2400 or free up to 3000 mm Doors: 806..1206 mm No need for mechanical fixings in floor & ceilings


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