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Contents Introduction • Inspirational Leadership Programme • Ultimate Leadership Programme • Leadership Development Programme • Masterclasses • Bespoke In-House Courses •

Introduction Ashleigh Signs have been using Quarterdeck for over a decade now. Initially I went through the Inspirational Leadership Programme and I found it incredibly beneficial both at home and in the office. As a consequence we now put all our Managers and rising stars through the programme. It is a fundamental aspect of our training and development. As a result of the programmes our people are much more motivated and engaged and business is great. I am also much happier at home and less stressed than I used to be. Everyone should do the Quarterdeck programme. Tony Sadler, Managing Director, Ashleigh Signs Ltd

Leadership is a keystone in your business. Good Leadership has a trickle down effect. Get Leadership right and everything starts falling into place. You take care of your people, your people take care of your business, your business takes care of your customers, your customers take care of your revenue. If you want to change a company, change the Leadership. Why Quarterdeck? It’s our mission to show that leadership is not just something used in extraordinary circumstances by exceptional people. Leadership is something that should happen everyday in ordinary situations. Any time people interact there is an opportunity for Leadership, whether you’re running errands or running a company. You are the only person who can decide if we can help you, however, the chances are good. We regularly help companies like yours deal with: • Improving productivity, in both sales and operations (the correlation between happiness and productivity is twice as strong as that of smoking and lung cancer). • Increasing the loyalty of the workforce (on average it costs over £30,000 to replace a staff member). • Ensuring that everyone is working together to achieve success.

A huge thank you to Laura, Steve & Sharon for supporting me through this life changing experience. Just like you, we are very focussed on the bottom line: • A tweak to communication style rescued a £72,000 a year customer. Morag Henderson, Regional Sales Manager for global medical group BBraun used our techniques to turn around a client who was about to leave them. • New team communication saved £96,000. Dylan Wilson, Operations Director for Yorkshire manufacturers MPM, reduced wastage by changing the way he communicates with his team.

Inspirational Leadership Programme As a leader, every aspect of your performance is in the spotlight. Through customised coaching the Inspirational Leadership Programme will help you to establish an even more professional image, which will achieve long lasting benefits for you and your organisation. Learn to take the extra step from Leading to Inspiring your people. You will learn how to: • Set the direction for the future • Create a culture of leadership and high performance • Align people, motivate them and enable them to make vision a reality • Learn how to change mindsets and behaviours • Have the courage to take on new business challenges • Prepare your organisation for change • Project a professional image and attitude at all times

I learnt a great deal about myself on the course. What’s included: • 360 degree assessment from a minimum of 12 people • In-depth and confidential personal interview before the programme starts • 7 sessions of 4 hours duration • 2 coaches per programme with a maximum of 12 participants • Personal coaching between sessions • Training manual • Certificate of completion • Follow up session 3 months later • Group dinner

I signed up for the Quarterdeck course after hearing great things from former colleagues. I soon found this was a very different course to what I was expecting. After a day of uncertainty as to what I had let myself in for, everything seemed to click into place. I got it! I learnt a great deal about myself on the course. I was alongside great people and passionate coaches were on hand to help. After the course, I received great comments on my attitude change. Sign up... it’s a fantastic course, unlike any other. Scott Glynn, Manufacturing Manager, Vickers Oil

Ultimate Leadership Programme Imagine how much people would admire, respect and look up to you if you could not only perfect your leadership skills but get fit, lose excess fat and have a mental resilience that few others ever achieve. Now, imagine not only ensuring the continuity of your leadership team but raising their performance to unprecedented levels. How would your results be affected if all your senior people has unlimited energy, incredible focus and determination? Based on the foundations of our Inspirational Leadership Programme we’ve added guest trainers who specialise in physical and mental fitness all wrapped up in a 7 month long programme designed using cutting edge psychology in habit development. The programme includes:

I feel incredibly privileged to take part in the first Ultimate Leadership Programme. The team provided the perfect combination of support, encouragement, knowledge and inspiration… I am fitter, stronger – both emotionally and physically, more controlled and above all happier. Alison Hunter, Financial Director, Ardent Fire Protection

• 360 Leadership Behaviours review from a minimum of 12 people • In-depth and confidential personal interview prior to the start of the programme • Fitness review including body statistics • Monthly body stat reviews • Mental Resilience review • Nutritional review • • • • • • • • •

12 half-day Leadership sessions 1 full day session with awards presentations 3 coaches per programme with a maximum of 14 participants Personal coaching between sessions 19 supervised training sessions with the fitness coach Fitness goals setting 10 hours with Mental Resilience coach Full-time on-line or phone support Menu choice support

• Training Manual • NutriBullet • Nike FuelBand or similar • Copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People • Copy of The 8 Secrets to a Successful and Happy Life • Prizes for achievement at each half-day session • Quarterdeck certificate of completion • Post course interview and follow up session 3 months later • Dinner and overnight stay at Rudding Park Hotel

Leadership Development Programme A course for Middle Management and New Managers. If you are new to a leadership position, then this is the programme for you. The Leadership Development Programme has been designed to improve individual performance within the workplace and enable your whole team to be highly effective in their roles. You will learn how to: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Set goals, plan effectively and deliver results Project a professional image and attitude at all times Work more effectively within a team Shape and develop your attitude, actions and mindset Communicate effectively at all levels Improve confidence and self esteem Create an environment that brings out the best in everyone Be inspirational and respected Build relationships and self awareness Manage your attitude Manage your stress Improve your presentation skills

... the Quarterdeck Leadership Development Programme has really opened my mind. What’s included: • • • • • • • • •

A 360 degree assessment from a minimum of 12 people Confidential, one to one interview before the programme starts 10 sessions of 3 hours duration Training manual 3 part evaluation document Certificate of completion Post course one to one interview Personal caching between sessions Open to all levels within an organisation

Throughout this current period of unprecedented changes and challenges in my life and business, the Quarterdeck Leadership Development Programme has really opened my mind. I will enthusiastically recommend you Laura and Quarterdeck, to anyone who needs to learn how to change their thinking and look to the future with confidence. Mark Chatwood, Director, Stripey Films

Masterclasses Our Masterclasses consist of half-day workshops that focus on a single aspect of leadership. New topics are always being added but examples of subjects are:

Communication Do you struggle to communicate with those around you? Is it a challenge to provide constructive criticism or clear instruction that results in a mutual understanding? Perhaps you have concerns regarding your ability to control your nerves, or even patience. The Inspirational Masterclass delivered by Laura works. The communication wall exercise has taken my conversation skills to a whole new level! Laura delivers the content of the workshop in a way that sets you up to succeed. There are plenty of useful nuggets for you to take away from 3 hours with Laura – all applicable and relevant to both your work and personal life. I left the workshop feeling energised, animated and empowered.

Our Communication Workshop deals with our ability to communicate clearly, communicating in emotional situations and having challenging conversations. By the time you leave you will be able to say anything to anyone without causing offence.

Louise Daly, Commercial Manager, York Racecourse

Understanding Leadership

Laura delivers the content of the workshop in a way that sets you up to succeed.

Time Management Do you ever find that you get to the end of the day, the week, month or even a year and think ‘what have I actually achieved’? Our Time Management Workshop gives you the necessary tools to achieve those out of reach goals. You will be able to get the important stuff done, have time with your family and pursue hobbies. You can achieve more than you thought possible.

Are you facing issues within your business? This Masterclass will show you how to use Leadership skills to begin solving it. 84% of leaders are considered un-inspirational. Most never take the time to understand why we aren’t motivated and aren’t motivating others. Most will not make the immediate improvement to achieve results. This Masterclass will show you why and how you can be different.

Bespoke In-House Courses The Inspirational leadership Programme and the Leadership Development Programme can both be delivered in-house. Imagine the cultural ‘hit’ that occurs when teams of your managers go through these life changing courses at the same time. If you are having cultural or motivation issues then these programmes will quickly change the dynamic of the team from negative or cynical to one with a positive can-do attitude. The flexibility of running an in-house programme means you can choose times and dates to suit your own requirements and put larger numbers of your team through more quickly. Quarterdeck can incorporate your company Values and any language or messages that tie in with your branding and culture.

Funny how an almost throw-away comment can be so powerful. You are full of wisdom. Quarterdeck also run shorter programmes. Courses can be tailored to your specific requirements from our tried and tested principles into a bespoke in-house programme unique to your requirements. Examples of such are below. • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Challenging our memory to achieve our full potential The power of first impressions Converting the benefits into a sale Setting and achieving goals Understanding how to become and stay motivated The importance of praise Good work habits More effective communication Understanding the power of recognition and appreciation Controlling our attitude to stress Concentrating on the business not the busyness Accepting change Developing understanding and co-operation between teams

Thanks to you and David for a great session yesterday. Truly inspirational! The words Just Do It!! are ringing in my ears – must be an important message for me there! I am on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. I had a negative attitude about some of my key relationships – as I touched on with you yesterday – however a comment you made to Camilla when she was referring to something her parents had kept saying to her – about how she is a grown up now and can make a choice – really resonated with me – so I am working on that!! Funny how an almost throwaway comment can be so powerful. You are full of wisdom. Shirley Silvester, Head of Leadership & OD, Harrogate & District Foundation Trust, NHS

Case Study

Esselte I have been impressed by Quarterdeck’s passion and dedication. The entire Team has dealt with every aspect of our training in a highly professional and efficient manner, and we have been extremely happy.

In a recession most businesses respond by battening down the hatches

Innovation projects were run by each delegate during the programme, by utilising the techniques and skills learnt we are expecting a generation/cost saving of €5m from just the first group of 15 managers.

Exceptional Times Call for Exceptional Measures

Nigel Gunn, Senior Vice President

To Esselte, a company used to massive success and growth, a recession is a big problem. Keeping the momentum going is an incredibly hard thing to do when the economy is shrinking and all your customers are cutting costs all over the place. Most company’s management teams would shrug their shoulders and make excuses: “There’s a recession on don’t you know!”

Esselte had a different idea, they realised that if their managers could perform beyond all expectations they could continue their trajectory of steady growth, even during a worldwide financial crisis. The solution came in the form of a special project. The “Leadership and Management Development Project” was to deliver a leadership team across Europe that could continue the success and growth. A team that could see the recession as an opportunity. A team of individuals that respected each other, communicated effectively and always took time to understand each other’s attitudes even though they may not agree. How Quarterdeck Helped Based on feedback from confidential telephone interviews with the Esselte Leadership Team and 360° surveys of colleagues and of every course delegate a programme was developed to train: The European Leadership Team, 45 European Senior Managers and 100 2nd Tier Managers. All coordinated for delivery in Frankfurt with delegates from all over Europe.

Case Study

ASDA Stores ltd 18 million customers – 175,000 employees – 578 stores ASDA employ 175,000 people and have 578 stores and 26 depots across the UK. Since 1999 Asda have been part of Walmart, the world’s number one retailer. Size brings problems as well as benefits. Asda have a strong UK identity and culture. Being part of Walmart can be challenging at times, especially when it comes to globalising their training and development procedures. In October 2014 Quarterdeck began work on designing a programme that would upskill 11,000 of Asda’s Section Leaders, the largest group of managers in the company. We designed training that would be rapidly deliverable across the nation, to a population of varied educational abilities. Mark Ibbotson, then Chief Operating Officer of Asda, now Head of Innovation with Walmart US, wanted the training to be practical above all else. He wanted the Section Leaders to be able to hit the ground running, to be able to use their new skills as soon as they got back to store. The training was designed to be modular, to allow the Academy Managers, who would be responsible for the roll out of the training, to plan their own timetable. Quarterdeck delivered the modules to the 16 Academy Managers in a ‘train the trainer’ format and then provided ongoing support as the training was rolled out across the UK.

Great content and pace. Powerful and thought-provoking for the audience it will be delivered to, but great clarity and simplicity throughout. Challenging activities but also good repetition of some activities to help reinforce the learning.

Case Study

Pendragon Plc The business is growing at in excess of 10% per annum, team member turnover rates have reduced, the majority of the team attending the training have been promoted.

Before you got involved with Quarterdeck, what were some of the problems you were facing that you thought we might be able to help with? We identified that over the coming 3-5 years in order to help our grow our contract hire business we needed to develop and grow both our present and potential leaders of the future as we have historically found that internal promotions create better career paths and motivation for our people. What are the leadership challenges your industry, in particular, faces? We are a smaller business in terms of people employed so either our Leaders are either responsible at present for smaller teams or have yet to have had exposure to people leadership. What are the differences in your organisation after going through Quarterdeck courses? The team who went through the courses became more self-confident, their communication skills improved dramatically, they raised their energy levels and the Quarterdeck process helped engender a broader team spirit across a wider number of people, whilst taking away the fear of failure by adopting the Just Do It mentality. What single feature of the training did you find most benefitted you and your people? The awareness that by either just doing things you know you should do, and equally doing things you previously wouldn’t do make your performance improve dramatically both within and outside the workplace.

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