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Full name: Nikko Blue, Bigleaf Hydrangea Size: 4-5’ Form: small-medium sized shrub with pink flowers Light Requirements: Part Sun/Part Shade Blooms: July Foliage: Dark green Color: Blue or pinkish purple

Watering Misconceptions Using Rainfall as a Replacement

After all of the recent rainfall, we would like to make everyone aware of how your lawn watering could be affected. Many homeowners are under the impression that torrential rain can replace regular watering. This is not the case. Heavy rain tends to run off the property much too fast for the soil to absorb the moisture. It’s crucial for watering to remain consistent even after a great deal of rain. However, soaking rain, which generally takes place in about a day, can be absorbed and only then is it appropriate to reduce watering. An important thing to consider is whether or not the ground is saturated. Consecutive rain can also foster fungus growth, especially during high humidity. Temporarily reducing watering will allow it to subside.

Grub Control Taking the Right Precautions

These flowers remain full throughout the summer. They are also a very adaptable size for plant layouts and add a refreshing splash of color to any landscape.

Grubs are infant beetles that tend to feed on the roots of lawns from late June to early July. The most common grubs are Japanese beetles. It is important to eliminate grub populations in the soil and to stop their maturation so that the adult beetles do not damage the stalk and foliage. For more inspiration and seasonal tips for your landscape, Like us on Facebook:

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