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Featured Plant

Full name: English Primrose Size: 2-2.5’ Form: small/medium flower Light Requirements: Part Sun, Part Shade Blooms: Spring Foliage: medium green Color: pale yellow, pink, white Primroses are perennial plants that bloom in the Spring. In addition to attracting butterflies, they also have very attractive foliage and are resistant to deer. They are very low maintence plants and tolerate wet soil well.

Snow Covers Protecting for the Winter

By introducing snow covers into your landscape preparation process, you are ensuring that those plants are protected and ready for next year’s bloom. Snow covers combined with snowfall insulates the soil and prevent transpiration of leafy plants such as Cherry Laurel or Rhododendron. It also slows down the abuse of geese and deer, as they plants are not visible to these animals when covered.

Beet Juice Rock Salt Maximizing Efficiency in Snow Removal

Our crew is using rock salt that has been treated with beet juice. The compounds in the beet juice prevent clogging in the spreading mechanisms, keeping the grains separated and ensuring that the salt covers more ground. The recent humidity can cause the salt to build layers upon itself, caking together. However, the beet juice keeps the salt loose and perfect for spreading. For more weather specific treatment solutions, Like us on Facebook:

Scalora December Update  

Snow Covers, Beet Juice Rock Salt, and Featured Plant