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Personal Growth

Enjoy the journey, n It’s about bein Logan Hall is the co-founder and CEO of Rebelhack Studios, a growth marketing agency working with some of the best young technology businesses in London. He is passionate about helping businesses grow, fine tuning their growth activities and implementing robust data strategies to enable businesses to visualise their sales and product funnels. In an exclusive email interview Logan talked about his life journey and the way he leads his life and business.

Tell us about your professional journey so far? It’s been an interesting journey with experience in a wide-ranging number of industries; from fashion to technology. This has given me a broad range of business experience, which I suppose makes me suited to the flux of building new businesses. I founded an extreme sports and art inspired lifestyle clothing brand called Avalaan when I was 20. We designed the products and manufactured in China, Portugal, and Turkey. It was eventually sold across Europe in 14 countries, and we ended up with our own flagship retail outlet. We secured investment and were in discussions with US distribution. It was a lot of fun, partying around the world with skaters, surfers, skiers, snowboarders, musicians, and artists. Eventually, we were forced out of business in 2008, as access to credit for manufacturing disappeared from banks for small businesses. That was a real learning curve! Then I worked as European Brand Manager for an amazing well known Californian watch brand called Vestal, where I learned to manage an international sales team, logistics, and large-scale wholesale management. I tried to buy the distribution rights from distribution company I worked for but ended up walking away as the price was not right. 11 | SCALEUP | ISSUE 10 11

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