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Company Overview

We’re on a mission Scalable Press is a technology company disrupting the printing industry. We're highly focused on efficiency and use technology to automate our production process. In the end, our goal is to modernize the antiquated printing industry and make it faster, simpler, and less expensive to order custom printed products. As Jeff Bezos, CEO & Founder of Amazon, once said: “There are two kinds of companies, those that work to try to charge more and those that work to charge less. We will be the second.�

Our grand vision Today, customers expect same-day shipping and 2-day delivery from the ecommerce industry. However, the printing industry is 10 to 20 years behind. Orders are shipped within 7 to 10 days — an eternity to wait for today’s restless customers. It shouldn’t be this way.

We want to revolutionize the printing industry and offer same-day shipping for our customers.

How we’re going to accomplish our grand vision Same-day shipping on all products. In 2018, we need to same-day ship more than half of our products. Each year, the goal is to ship more items same-day.

Staying committed to delivering on our promise of industrysetting low prices.

Delivering maximum service quality. Ordering from us should be a consistently reliable experience, and our customers should expect a high quality of service and a high quality product.

Our Cultural Values

Sense of urgency •

Have a bias for action

Fight for what’s right

Have a strong work ethic

Never be complacent

Frugality: Do more with less

Think big •



Continuous improvement

Customer centricity Customer Centricity is about building the ultimate alignment between the company and the customer. It starts with understanding, deeply, what the customer wants, then working backwards to figure out how to deliver the maximum benefit to the maximum number of customers.

Our Ethics Teamwork




Working together to deliver superior service to our customers. It is the spirit of cooperation that ensures our success

Establishing trust with others through building credibility and showing behavior that reflects courtesy and acknowledgement for their abilities

Acting with honesty, truthfulness, and sincerity

Accepting the responsibility to honor your commitments and ensuring that the job is done, the task completed, or the idea initiated

Our Story

It started with a tennis club. In the fall of 2006, a group of friends found themselves in need of custom-printed t-shirts for their high school tennis club. Their requirements seemed simple: the t-shirts should be high quality, attractive, and affordable. But there was an obstacle: the last requirement, affordability, could not be met. The price of the t-shirts greatly exceeded the club's budget. Raymond, the club's founder, couldn't believe that a tshirt could be so expensive. He conducted some research and discovered something incredible: t-shirt printing companies, even the online ones, operated with markups in the range of 50 to 60 percent! Raymond realized that at these prices, there was no way he could afford shirts for the tennis club.


An alternate solution Just before giving up on the shirts, Raymond came up with a seemingly absurd idea: if no one wanted to offer a fair price, he thought, perhaps he could offer one. Only in high school, he had no business experience, very little money, and no concept of where to start. But, the idea of reasonably priced shirts stuck with him. Raymond gathered up the $2000 he had saved in his lifetime, and with it, ooShirts was started. Raymond's plans were modest: he would print shirts and sell them to other clubs at his high school, relying on the "wow" factor of his company's low prices to spread the word. But just months after its formation, word of ooShirts' honest pricing spread beyond just his high school. As orders from farther and farther away started coming in, Raymond realized that ooShirts could be more than a high school side project — it could become a real business.

Present day Since its humble beginnings, ooShirts has more than doubled in size every year of its existence and has spurred new brands including Scalable Press and TeeChip. We now have four production facilities across the United States, thousands of unique products in our catalog, and the capacity to print millions of shirts, mugs, phone cases, and posters per year. Most importantly, even as the size of the company has changed, our company values have not. The reason we've had the privilege of growing so quickly is our dedication to giving our customers what they want — high quality, great service, and affordable custom merchandise.

Who We Are

Raymond Lei Founder & President Your Position I'm the founder and President at Scalable Press. I am responsible for creating and executing on the short and long-term goals of the company with a focus on product strategy and growth.

What drives you in your role? It's working with a smart, ambitious team to accomplish something others didn't know was possible.

Why Scalable Press? The printing industry is too old fashioned, stubborn, and inefficient -- ultimately, this hurts customers. I wholeheartedly stand by Scalable Press's core values and appreciate that Scalable Press is trying to make change in such an underserved industry.

Steve Ballard Vice President of Operations

Your Position I oversee the Operations Team and Production Facilities and am engaged in all areas of the production operations.

What drives you in your role? With over 35 years experience in screen print and embroidery production, what drives me is knowing that we as a team can do it even better than anyone else out there.

Why Scalable Press? I came to Scalable Press after leaving Fanatics Inc as their VP of On Demand Manufacturing. Prior to Fanatics, I was the CEO of Collegiate Marketing Services (CMS), which provided merchandise services to university athletics departments. What struck me about Scalable Press was our vision. Few companies in this industry have had the vision to innovate, let alone deliver on that. That is what allowed me to join the team.

Eric Zhang Vice President of Engineering

Your Position As head of the engineering team, I am responsible for ensuring our technology leads the industry. This includes all aspects of our consumer products, warehouse systems, and IT infrastructure so we can better redefine custom printing.

What drives you in your role? Working with a passionate team that always steps ups to the plate. Not just to create great technology, but also a high standard of performance.

Why Scalable Press? When I was in high school I was laughed out of a print shop for having a low budget and needing quick service. I ended up learning to screenprint myself. Though I was a terrible screenprinter, that experience was enough to show me why Scalable Press had to be.

Suhail Sehgal Vice President of Finance Your Position I'm currently the VP of Finance at Scalable Press. In addition to the Finance department, I oversee the Human Resources and Customer Service teams.

What drives you in your role? Scalable Press has the potential to revolutionize the custom printing and fulfillment market, just like Amazon did with the bookstore. Working towards that goal is exciting.

Why Scalable Press? Scalable Press is disrupting the incredibly antiquated printing industry - one that has seen limited efficiency enhancements from technology. I love being a part of a disruptive company, and working with the driven team here at SP.

Julia Li Vice President of Marketing

Your Position Director of Marketing. I’m in charge of building, strategizing, and orchestrating the marketing team. We execute marketing initiatives across print, trade shows & conferences, social media, PR, SEO/SEM, affiliate marketing, digital platforms, and marketing support of other departments while making data-led decisions that grow the size and speed of our growth as a company and across our brands.

What drives you in your role? People. Helping our marketing team thrive and fostering a culture of remarkably high performing individuals that delight in problem-solving and doing it creatively.

Why Scalable Press? Our scrappiness, speed, and exceptional ability to make impact.

Valerie Thompson Director of Customer Success Your Position I’m currently the Director of Customer Success, supporting all customer service teams.

What drives you in your role? Several things drive me in my role, but the best thing is working with customers. I’ve always enjoyed working in customer service. When you help a customer turn a negative experience into a positive experience, it’s rewarding.

Why Scalable Press? Scalable Press is a fast moving company and no two days are the same. I enjoy the people and work environment. I’m excited to see what the future holds for us.

Tu Le International Expansions Manager

Your Position I’m overseeing the international expansion and office operations. International expansion includes recruiting, events, and operations. On the other hand, I’m working with the office operations team to nurture the company culture and improve our employees’ happiness across all offices.

What drives you in your role? Being able to support our team growth & working with talented people from different locations.

Why Scalable Press? The opportunity for every employee to grow together with the company. Scalable Press is changing the outdated printing industry — there are a lot more milestones for us to achieve.

Emily Eversman Human Resources Manager Your Position As the head of Human Resources, I am responsible for implementing HR strategies across the organization. This includes talent acquisition, health and welfare benefits, training and development, performance planning, and employee relations.

What drives you in your role? Creating a workplace where employees feel empowered and feel they have an impact on the organizations’ growth.

Why Scalable Press? Scalable Press is a fantastic mixture of people from all over the world working together to be a changing force in an industry.

Our Brands & Business Model



How we’re different


The current printing industry


Achieve efficiency through automation

Create savings through technology, bulk purchase

Fanatical about quality control

We love new products One of the certainties of working here is the rapid growth of our catalog. We may have started with t-shirts, phone cases, posters, and mugs, but we’re constantly expanding. Last year alone we introduced leggings, totes, onesies, color changing mugs, and drawstring bags. This year we introduced two new print types — embroidery & all-over-sublimation. We’re excited to continue to offer products that deliver on our customers’ and our customers’ customers’ needs.

Innovative Technology We use only the best equipment to make sure its products meet quality standards across the board. Our machines are able to reproduce customized images via screen, digital, or sublimation printing.

Screen printing High volume, with our automation technology

Direct-to-garment Full color prints with no minimums

Sublimation Full wrap prints on drinkware and devices

Digital printing High resolution full color printing on posters and canvas

Embroidery We have 15 standard thread colors and 400+ specialty colors available. 31

A few of our many brands Although we house many entities under one roof, we strive to meet the same goals and stay true to what started it all!

Scalable Press Business to Business TeeChip Campaign-based fulfillment service

Fanmall Business to Consumer

ooShirts Business to Consumer

Scalable Press at a Glance •

Established in 2014

Primarily B2B

Core customers include: Small business owners, PPAI, and ASI trade association members (the middlemen between us and companies like Amazon), and small business owners who integrate through Shopify, WooCommerce, and our proprietary API

ooShirts at a Glance •

Established in 2007/ Incorporated in 2012


Core customers include: High school/college clubs, families, non-profits, etc. usually people who are using it for themselves.

TeeChip at a Glance •

Established in 2014

B2B and B2C: Campaign-based fulfillment

Core customers include: Sellers (who are younger, very international audience with large communities in Vietnam and Thailand); Buyers are more diverse and tend to visit through social media.

Fanmall at a Glance •

Established in 2018

B2C: Licensed apparel for fans

Core customers include: Fan of sports, entertainment, and pop culture, of all ages — primarily ages 16 and up.

More than 1,000 licenses across entertainment, colleges, and high schools.

With our service, we deliver:

Intelligent Simplicity

Great Value

Reliable Quality

We make it easy for people to create, order, and sell customer service.

We pride ourselves on delivering great value: high quality at low prices.

Dedication to a degree of excellence not usually seen in the custom printing industry.

Nationwide Facilities Our facilities are strategically placed across the country to ensure fast turnaround. Just another way we’re working towards our Grand Vision.

Employee Benefits Health & Welfare / Retirement / Paid Time Off / Holidays

Enrollment Requirements

From date of hire to enroll in benefits

Effective date of coverage following 30 days of hire Example: If you were hired on January 5th, the effective date of coverage would be, March 1st.

If not completed in the first 30 days, must wait until next Open Enrollment Period Annual Open Enrollment occurs at the end of the fiscal year.


Your Eligibility •

Coverage becomes effective on the first day of the month following 30 days after hire. Regular, full-time employee that normally works at least 30 hours per week.

Dependent Eligibility •

Your spouse

Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage for children younger than 27.

Qualified Medical Child Support Orders, legal guardianship in a regular parent-child relationship.

Physically or mentally disabled, eligible children of any age. Proof of disability is required. Age limits above do not apply in the event that proof of disability is provided and approved by carrier.

Benefits Package We offer you a comprehensive benefits package that includes the following:

Health Benefits

Dental Benefits

Vision Benefits

(ER/EE funded) Gold PPO Plan

(ER/EE funded)

(ER/EE funded)

Life/AD&D Insurance Policy

401K Retirement Savings Account

A little about Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield NATIONAL VENDOR


Over 680,000 physicians

Over 5,600 hospitals

Over 55,600 pharmacies

96% satisfaction with overall quality of care

90% satisfaction with their of health plans

87% satisfaction with overall value of health plans

Print or request a new ID card. If enrolling for the first time, ID cards will be mailed directly to your home.

Check your claims status

View your explanation of benefits (EOB)

Locate a doctor or hospital (no matter your location)

Pharmacy listings

Preferred drug guide

Rx mail-order refills

Here are all the things that you can do on the BCBS website.

Anthem Blue Extras Pet Insurance Discounts

Stress Reduction & Alternative Medicine Discount Program

Weight Management & Gym Membership Discount Programs More ways to save money: value-added health care products and services that help support healthy lifestyles. Smoking Cessation Program Discounts

For a full list of available discount programs, visit

Your Local BCBS Network





Blue Cross of California

Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield

Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania (Highmark)

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Guardian Dental Plan IN-NETWORK COVERAGE Deductible



100% Covered

Basic Services

100% Covered

Major Services

30% Covered

Annual Maximum


Note: Please check with your provider prior to service as the contracted rate for out of network is likely to be higher and result in increased costs to you.

Guardian Vision Plan Vision exam every 12 months

Lenses covered at 100% every 24 months

Toward the purchase of frames or contact lenses every 24 months Note: Please check with your provider prior to service as the contracted rate for out of network is likely to be higher and result in increased costs to you.

Your 401K Retirement Savings Account You are eligible to open a 401K from your first day of hire. There’s no waiting period.

They manage our 401Ks and offer a wide variety of financial products to choose from.

Save for retirement on a tax-deferred basis.

Your may defer 1% to 20% of compensation up to a maximum of $18,000 for 2018.

If 50 years of age or older, you may elect to contribute up to $6,000 for catch-up.

Guardian Life and AD&D Insurance We provide an employer-paid Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) benefit of $10,000. If you should die in an accident, the AD&D policy provides you with an additional benefit equal to your Life policy.

Paid Time Off You can breathe easy. Paid time off is available for regular, full-time employees. •

Earned paid time off cannot be taken before it is accrued and approved.

Please give your supervisor as much notice as possible when requesting time off.

Once approved, please send your supervisor a calendar invitation with “[Your name] — On Vacation/Doctor’s Appointment/etc.”

NOTE: Vacation and sick accruals will begin on your first day of work but cannot be utilized until after you have completed your first 90 days of employment. Please refer to the company handbook for the further details about the policy and accrual schedule

Paid Holidays

Payroll Information Payroll is paid biweekly and falls on every other Friday. •

If the regular payday falls on a holiday, paychecks are distributed on the closest business day.

We offer direct deposit. Automatically deposit your paycheck into your checking/savings accounts. •

Strongly Encouraged

No cost


NOTE: Payroll is processed through ADP and check stubs can be viewed by logging onto Please see your new hire packet for instructions on registering.

Please read our Employee Handbook carefully. In it, you will find our:

One Last Thing

Employment at Will Policy

Anti-harassment Policy

Standards of Conduct Policy

Communications Policy (phone, email, & internet)

Equal Opportunity Employment

Communication-Open Door Policy

Your Support Team

Your Contacts & Resources We are always available to assist you with any questions, concerns, or feedback that you may have. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your manager, HR, or your colleagues. We’re here to help! Be sure to also check out our company intranet at for more information.

Human Resources For answers regarding: Benefits, Employee Relations, Employment Opportunities Email: Payroll For answers regarding: Payroll, Taxes, Direct Deposit Email:,

IT Support For answers regarding: Equipment, Troubleshooting, Phones, and other IT needs, File a Ticket: Purchasing For answers regarding: Travel Arrangements Email:

What’s Next? You will continue the onboarding process on the Your First Day intranet page. Later in the day you will meet with your supervisor/manager to continue the on-boarding process. During this time you will review: •

The department structure and workflow

Your internal/external customers

Your job responsibilities and functions

Management performance expectations

Hours of work including lunch and breaks

Training schedule

Welcome aboard! For any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask your supervisor or email

SP New Hire Orientation  
SP New Hire Orientation