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WELCOME! SCAFFAD NEWS: SPRING 2009 With so much activity over the past few months, the team thought it appropriate to get a newsletter underway. To be released every 3 months, the SCAFFAD newsletter hopes to provide a brief insight into the companies ever-growing list of products and services, further illustrating our commitment to innovative signage solutions and ideas. Issue one focuses upon some of the highlights from the past few months, introducing innovative concepts/ ideas from within the industry, as well as provides a few helpful hints on how to get your products and services in front of consumers - without spending an arm and a leg.

Needles in a Haystack

Lachlan Bell - Creative Opinion: Spring 2009 It’s pretty clear that in troubled times we all need to step back and assess the situation at hand. Achieving a unique position and competitive advantage undoubtedly becomes harder and harder, ultimately consuming both time and money that, at any given time, are scarce at best.

Scaffad News: Issue 01 Spring 2009

“So how can one stand out in a crowd and be noticed, with limited funds and resources available? ”


Ironically, marketing budgets are among the first to feel the sting of an economic downturn. With limited opportunities at hand, combined with an increased competitive environment, a savvy marketing approach, cost and return on investment (ROI) can’t help but place front of mind. Many marketers will argue that tough times are in fact the time to step up marketing initiatives, hopefully increasing brand awareness, and in turn, credibility. I tend to lean toward simply adapting our communications in a more direct fashion, focusing upon whom best to target, delivering a more succinct message, as well as the points of

difference that set us apart from competitors. Whilst many of the big corporates will achieve a greater cut-through, due to larger advertising budgets, it’s the smaller organisations that tend to pounce creatively on similar opportunities, shaping unique identities and positions for their products and services – ultimately building strong perceptions in the minds of consumers. Surely there are lessons to be learnt from well-known brands like Apple’s ipod, Microsoft and Disney – all of whom were launched in a recession, embracing the opportunity to take a leadership position.

Construction Zone Beautification

David Montgomery - Technical Opinion: Spring 2009 SCAFFADs Vision has always supported innovative and creative designs when it comes to urban or construction zone beautification. So when the Scaffolding & Hoarding policy came up for review, in February 09, the team jumped at the opportunity to make some of our own submissions. Based on our existing knowledge of City of Sydney Council (Signage & advertising DCP 2005) & Department of Planning (SEPP64) policies, the team advised upon both safety considerations and minimum standards, as well as project feasibility and zoning restrictions. Delivered on the highest quality material, displaying the best quality graphics - ultimately giving the end user a safe system with huge marketing potential - the SCAFFAD team have spent Scaffad News: Issue 01 Spring 2009

years developing the perfect systems and products to drive a revolution in ‘Urban Beautification’. Given that there are so many variables that need to be considered - from safety and installation techniques, to costing and advertising - it is no wonder the council are taking their time to decide upon the best approach. So taking into account the different users (Building Owners, Developers, Councils, Advertisers & Marketing Companies), we are able to offer a comprehensive service to accommodate any and all needs - whether you’re looking for containment or simply the WOW factor. Be sure to ask about the SCAFFAD building wrap systems and technology - without a doubt they are unlike anything seen in Australia before.. 02

New additions to the team

One man’s trash..

Scaffad News: Spring 2009 The SCAFFAD team is excited to introduce new CEO, Stephen McMurray. Steve comes from a strong sales and business development background, having owned and managed a number successful organisation’s across the Asia-pacific. Steve hopes provide strategic direction for the SCAFFAD business model, as well as product research and development, driving the company with a contemporary direction in terms of innovative communication solutions. Steve approaches every opportunity with uncompromising standards, believing the customers needs and satisfaction to be paramount.

Green Ideas: Spring 2009 Similar to many organisations across the globe, SCAFFAD recognises the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) when looking at long-term business growth and sustainability. That said; the company is focused upon implementing responsible business practices, continuously looking for new ways to minimise the impact our products have on the environment. With a view to recycle and re-use all materials where possible, SCAFFAD now offer a range of products made from recycled vinyl and mesh banners. With every product being one of a kind and completely unique – be sure to ask a SCAFFAD customer service representative about this exciting new eco-friendly range.

OH & S Signage Solutions

Innovation: Spring 2009 In response to growing financial concerns, SCAFFAD looked to develop a product that could not only help our clients to build a visual identity, but also provide a saving upon existing expenses. Taking a mandatory OH&S obligation and marrying it with SCAFFAD’S Flagship material (Vinyl Crest Mesh), SCAFFAD’s custom OH&S safety panels were born. Optimised for the Construction industry, SCAFFAD’s OH&S Safety panels are a new and innovative concept that not only Scaffad News: Issue 01 Spring 2009


improves upon the look for current corflute safety signs, but also improves upon value! Our custom designed safety panels come with our renowned 2-year guarantee against both fade, as well as wear & tear – specially adapted for easy installation onto fencing and/or scaffolding, with steel eyelets uniformly placed around the

reinforced edging - allowing you to re-use signage again and again, from site to site. Why buy endless disposable corflute signs for each job, when you can incorporate all OH&S safety notifications and company information on a reusable banner?

‘Concrete Communication’ Stickers

Custom Billboards

Innovation: Spring 2009 Recently launched in Australia, ‘Concrete Communication’ stickers are a revolutionary new adhesive medium, currently being used for events, directional signs, safety signs, warning signs as well as advertising and promotions. The first real floor graphic designed for long term use on concrete and asphalt (both outdoors and indoors) ‘Concrete Communication’ stickers form into the grooves and crevasses of the applied surface, giving the appearance of a painted on graphic. The product’s unique anti-skid surface, aluminium foil backing (allowing it to mould to any surface), and in-built glass beads (providing extra strength and night time reflection), set the product apart from all other alternatives.

Scaffad News: Spring 2009 A mainstay for all property developers, SCAFFAD Sign & V-Boards provide clients with a blank canvas through which to advertise their property and products on - effectively providing custom designed commercial billboards. Dependant on the location, sign/ V-boards guarantee maximum exposure to targeted audiences. SCAFFAD Australia manufacture, supply and install sign and vboards across the country – tailoring each board to client specifications, creating engaging visual experiences, whilst ensuring each campaign communicates effectively with the chosen audience. Container wraps and mounted wall skins also available...

Scaffad News: Issue 01 Spring 2009


What’s On (A heads-up on events that simply can’t be missed..) What’s On: Spring 2009 Bimbadgen Blues Festival - Saturday 12th September 2009 Sydney International Food Festival - October 2009

Darling Harbour Fiesta - October Long Weekend 2009 Harbour_Fiesta

World Masters Games - 10th to 18th October 2009

Stevens Group Case Study

Case Study: Spring 2009 The ‘Stevens Group’ approached Scaffad Australia hoping to identify options to enhance the company’s local presence, by branding the temporary fencing at their Tuggerah site on the Central Coast. The company hoped to develop a profile that customers could identify with, assisting sales, whilst shielding construction works from the local community. The Scaffad solution emphasized their end-to-end service capabilities, incorporating Consultation, Graphic Design, Digital Print, Delivery, as well as Installation. Providing a one-stopshop, Scaffad Australia managed every aspect of the job from concept to completion.

Scaffad News: Issue 01 Spring 2009

As with any temporary structure, wind loading was a crucial consideration that needed to be addressed, before the structure could be deemed safe for the local community. Scaffad made sure all temporary fences were adequately braced/ pinned to the ground, ensuring both stability as well as durability. Before the installation there was no way of knowing whose development the site was; after the installation there could be no mistake. By incorporating clear and consistent messaging, the ‘Stevens Group’ now has a platform on which to engage with the community, reinforcing their sterling reputation as quality developers, setting a benchmark for excellence.


Minimalist Communication

Lachlan Bell - Creative Opinion: Spring 2009 In my view, it’s the simple things in life that are often the best, particularly when looking at the outdoor environment. Contrary to what many marketers may believe, the human mind is unfortunately limited by the amount of information it can process at any given time – so why overcomplicate things? Historically, some of the best marketing campaigns have focused upon a single word or phrase, avoiding confusion by stripping the message down to its most fundamental features.

Scaffad News: Issue 01 Spring 2009

Think: Nike – ‘Just do it’, Commonwealth Bank – ‘Which bank’, NRMA – ‘H.E.L.P’ (or more recently ‘unworry’), Volvo - ‘Safety’… The list goes on.. The age old adage that ‘less is more’. A simple differentiating phrase or idea that sets your brand apart from the masses, prompting your audience to assimilate with your brands vision and values. Inspire people to find out more, rather than attempt to tell an entire story.

“Creative simplicity.. ”


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“So why not drop us a line and find out how we can help YOU!”

Scaffad News: Issue 01 Spring 2009


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A brief insight into SCAFFAD Australia's ever-growing list of products and services, further illustrating our commitment to innovative signa...