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Inspiring coffee excellence Over 1600 members worldwide 17000 SCAE Coffee Diploma Certifications 150 Coffee Diplomas 460 Authorised SCAE Trainers worldwide

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Speciality Coffee Association of Europe

WE ARE SCAE We have been working to create a global coffee community for over 15 years

Our vision is to be the authority on delivering coffee excellence. Our mission is to create and inspire excellence in the coffee community through innovation, research, education and communication. Our values are excellence, knowledge, leadership, integrity, communication, competence, education and community. There has never been a better time to join SCAE. Membership will give you greater access to our world wide speciality coffee community, through our education programme, events and competitions. Membership will also add value to your business and give you a competitive edge through knowledge, education, research and networking. We will lobby on your behalf to make a better coffee world, be it on issues such as sustainability and social welfare in producing countries or economic issues closer to home. We will be your voice.

MEMBER BENEFITS We want to recognise you as part of our association, help you increase your coffee knowledge and provide you with member discounts for training, events and other services. Professional Individuals Definition: Individuals who service and maintain any coffee-related equipment, supply coffee to end users, provide coffee related training and other activities. This includes Authorised SCAE Trainers.

Company memberships Definition: This includes all companies such as Growers, Importers, Roasters, Coffee Bars, Charities, Training Schools, Distributors, Technical, Machine Manufactureres, Publishers, Consultancy etc

Benefits: Handmade wooden membership plaque, window sticker, use of SCAE logo, free electronic Barista or Roast magazine for 6 months, free Fresh Cup magazine for 12 months, SCAE Café Europa magazine (quarterly), SCAE monthly newsletter, SCAE badge/label, access to database, promotion of training courses on website, 10% discount off merchandise, discount to SCAE events, discount on Coffee Diploma System Certification, access to subsidised field trips and access to competitions and judging.

Companies’ whose current turnover is: • Less than 1 million Euros (plus 1 secondary member) • Medium business 1-3 million Euros (plus 2 secondary members and 2 wooden plaques) • Large business 3-10 million Euros (plus 4 secondary members and 3 wooden plaques) • Corporate more than 10 million Euros (plus 10 secondary members and 4 wooden plaques) Additional Benefits: includes a number of secondary memberships, please provide a list of names and addresses if they wish to receive publications. Listing in SCAE company directory on the website and at SCAE World of Coffee Exhibition.

Speciality Coffee Association of Europe

Baristas Definition: Individuals whose income is derived from making coffee. Benefits: Access to worldwide SCAE Barista directory, free electronic Barista magazine for 6 months, free Fresh Cup magazine for 12 months, SCAE CafĂŠ Europa magazine (quarterly), SCAE monthly newsletters, SCAE badge/label, 10% discount off merchandise, discount to SCAE events, discount on Coffee Diploma System Certification, compete or judge in local and world championships and access to subsidised field trips and SCAE Barista events.

Consumers Definition: Private individuals who are not commercially involved in the speciality coffee industry. Benefits: Includes 1 month free subscription of speciality coffee from different UK Roasters followed by a discounted subscription, SCAE CafĂŠ Europa magazine and newsletters, invitations to field trips and SCAE events. SCAE membership badge and certificate.

SCAE Education and the Coffee Diploma The SCAE Coffee Diploma is the most comprehensive coffee education system available. If you are a barista wanting to advance your skills, want to become a roaster, trade in green coffee, perfect your sensory skills or just brew great coffee then the diploma has a module applicable for you. The Diploma offers modules in six different areas: • Introduction to Coffee (10 points) • Roasting • Green Coffee • Brewing • Sensory Skills • Barista Skills Students will earn points for each module completed and candidates who achieve 100 points or more will automatically be awarded the Coffee Diploma.

In all of these areas, except Introduction to Coffee, you can achieve qualifications at three levels: • Foundation (5 points) • Intermediate (10 points) • Professional (25 points)

The Levels Foundation Suitable for beginners, Foundation level courses provide newcomers with basic skills in a particular coffee discipline. These courses require no previous experience and last for approximately half a day.

Intermediate The Intermediate modules are suitable for those already working in the industry who wishes to consolidate their key skills. The course lasts for one – two days.

Professional Suitable for those who have worked in coffee for some time, the Professional modules help students raise their knowledge and skills to a high level.

Speciality Coffee Association of Europe

The Modules Introduction to Coffee A great starting point for anyone wishing to obtain a basic knowledge of the coffee industry, this module brings students along the journey of coffee, from its origins on the farm through to its service to the consumer. The Introduction to Coffee is available at Foundation level only, offering students the opportunity to earn 10 credits towards their SCAE Coffee Diploma. Barista skills The Foundation level builds on the Introduction to Coffee module and is suitable for anyone starting work in a cafĂŠ, bar or restaurant, while the Intermediate course helps baristas to raise their skills. The Professional level has been developed for head baristas and managers and features financial management and coffee profiling. Green Coffee Available at Foundation, Intermediate and Professional levels, the Green Coffee module teaches basic botany and covers farming and processing methods, plus the supply chain. The module is helpful for green bean buyers and those planning to run their own roastery. Sensory Skills Sensory evaluation enables you to evoke, measure, analyse and interpret responses to products such as coffee through the senses. The Sensory Skills course, available at all three levels, helps students embark on the road to become a professional taster. Roasting This module provides students with all the tools needed to roast with skill and consistency. Spanning the Foundation, Intermediate and Professional levels, the modules offer a hands-on approach to learning, with practical and written assessments.

Green coffee knowledge is essential before taking the courses as the quality of green coffee influences roasting. Brewing The course details hand brewing methods from Chemex, v60 and pour over machines. It includes the science of these coffee methods and is available at all three levels. The Exams Assessments are given at the end of each course. When students have passed all the relevant exams and have achieved 100 credits, they will receive the SCAE Coffee Diploma. The Trainers The courses are conducted by Authorised SCAE trainers who have been licensed to deliver the courses and certifications in the coffee Diploma System modules. The written and practical examinations are audited by SCAE. The exam fees SCAE charges a fee for administering the exams and awarding the certificates. There are discounted rates for SCAE members for certification. Details of certification prices can be found on Authorised Trainer’s programme As a SCAE member, you can apply to become an Authorised Trainer once you have achieved qualifications in Foundation, Intermediate and Professional levels in at least one of the Coffee Diploma modules. Applications forms and further details can be found on Once qualified, SCAE will market your Coffee Diploma training courses on their web site and other media platforms.

Seven world class competitions World Barista Championship The WBC is the premier global coffee competition platform engaging a worldwide audience, promoting excellence in coffee and advancing the barista profession. The competition involves a 15-minute performance where four espressos, four cappuccinos and four signature beverages are served. World Brewers Cup This new exciting competition highlights the craft of filter coffee brewed by hand. The competition promotes manual brewing and service excellence. In the first round competitors all use the same coffee and prepare the brews in 7 minutes and are judged on taste alone. In the second round they use their own coffee and are judged by taste (70%) and presentation (30%). World Cezve/Ibrik Championship Using a pot specifically designed to make a particular style of coffee vastly consumed in parts of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, competitors have twelve minutes to serve two traditional coffees without additives of any kind, then two coffees with spice and sugar, and finally two signature beverages. In this competition the atmosphere and the visual effects are as important as the taste of the beverage. World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship Promoting innovative beverage recipes that showcase coffee, spirits, and unique ingredients, this competition highlights the mixology skills of baristas and barkeepers. Each competitor presents rounds of Irish coffee and signature cocktails to judges,

and drinks are judged for taste, aroma, visual qualities and overall presentation. World Cup Tasters Championship This competition awards the professional coffee cupper, who demonstrates speed, skill, and accuracy in distinguishing differences in specialty coffees. Competitors race against the clock in a timed competition where tasters have to pick out of eight sets of 3 cups in each set, which coffee is different. The competitor with the most correct answers and fastest time proceeds to the next round resulting in a World Cup Tasters Champion. World Latte Art Championship This competition highlights artistic expression in an on-demand barista performance. Baristas present two identical samples of “art in a cup� for three beverages; a latte, a macchiato and a signature beverage. The two first pairs are made only with a pitcher of milk. The signature beverage can be made with any surface aid. The beverages are judged for visual attributes, creativity, identical patterns, contrast and overall performance. World Roasting Championship The newest of our competitions, the World Coffee Roasting Championship, is designed to test roasters to their limit. Held over three days, competitors have to evaluate green coffee for moisture, density, screen size and defect and follow this with a sample roast. They then have to submit their roast profile, roast their coffee and submit for tasting by judges and competitors.

Speciality Coffee Association of Europe

What our members say Heinz Trachsel My ambition is to get more members throughout Europe by offering them benefits and possibilities for professional networking.  Member since 2005, co-organizer of 2006 “World of Coffee” in Berne, Swiss National Coordinator 2006-2011 (National coordinator of the year 2010), 2008-2011 member of the Education committee, since 2011 Regional coordinator for Germany, Austria & Switzerland, since 2012 SCAE Board member (Vice-chair Membership Committee).

Sonja Grant I’m a member of SCAE because I like to belong to a community where you can exchange stories and knowledge about Speciality coffee. The networking is one of the most important qualities. The new educational system is fantastic and is another reason for me to be involve with SCAE.

Tibor Hajcsunk I became a member of SCAE after visiting the barista championship in Trieste 2004. The people I met in SCAE gave me a great inspiration for learning about coffee and it completely changed my attitude towards roasting. Speciality coffee is and will be part of my life. Being an RC is a great honor for me, but the best thing about it is that I can meet people who are just or even more passionate about speciality coffee like myself.

Follow the World of Coffee as it travels Europe over the next 3 years...

Rimini 10 - 12 June 2014

Gothenburg 16 - 18 June 2015

Dublin 22 - 25 June 2016

Europe’s No. 1 annual coffee event showcasing coffee excellence, innovation and the passion involved in competing on a World stage.

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Speciality Coffee Association of Europe

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Inspiring coffee excellence Over 1600 members worldwide 17000 SCAE Coffee Diploma Certifications 150 Coffee Diplomas 460 Authorised SCAE Trainers worldwide

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Speciality Coffee Association of Europe

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