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Growing Your Educational Fund South Carolina Association of CPAs Educational Fund

Investing in the Future

South Carolina


2008 Scholarship Recipients

MISSION To further accounting education and to promote high standards in the study of accounting.


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Angela W. Hamilton, CPA Lee, Broome, MacBay & Associates, Spartanburg

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Donald H. Burkett, CPA Burkett, Burkett, Burkett, CPA PA, West Columbia

Investing in the Future

Jeffrey L. Deason, CPA Jeffrey L. Deason, CPA, LLC, Rock Hill


William C. Robinson, CPA Robinson Grant & Company, PA, Beaufort Charles L. Talbert, III, CPA McAbee Talbert Halliday & Company, Spartanburg

The SCACPA EDUCATIONAL FUND 570 Chris Drive West Columbia, SC 29169 (803) 791-4181 • toll free in SC (888) 557-4814 fax (803) 791-4196

“The SCACPA scholarship has


provided me a wonderful opportunity to be a member of

Dear Colleagues,

SCACPA and the membership

The SCACPA Educational Fund exists to advance and promote accounting education. Each year scholarships are given to well-deserving students from across the state. The funds we give are a result of established endowments as well as annual donations from members of SCACPA. Many thanks to the hundreds of CPAs from across South Carolina who give annually through their membership renewal contribution check-off. This brochure is designed to inform members of SCACPA about your Educational Fund, what it does and who supports our efforts. It is no secret that costs for everything are on the rise and college tuition and related expenses have not been immune to these increases. The current economic downturn is also not helping matters. Many students are finding it challenging to meet the financial obligation that achieving higher education creates. As we all have seen, investments have taken quite a hit in the last six months leaving many students without enough funds to pursue their education. Our Educational Fund’s work becomes all the more critical in times like these.

Angela W. Hamilton Angela W Hamilton, CPA Chairperson, SCACPA Educational Fund

th Carolin Sou a


n of CP As iatio oc •E s s

ional Fund cat du


I ask you to consider making a contribution to the SCACPA Educational Fund. Join your colleagues in supporting this important and worthy effort! It is in the best interest of us all to continue to help these bright students pursue their accounting education and make our profession the best it can be. Please remember your donation will make a difference!

Investing in the Future

has opened so many doors for my own insight with newsletters, and also opportunities to meet different people in the field of accounting. Because of this scholarship and free membership, I plan to be a lifelong member of SCACPA.” – Brittany Miles Francis Marion University

“Earning the Joe Jackson Scholarship was a milestone in my academic career. Certainly it eased my financial burden, but more importantly, it exposed me to the real world of accounting. Having access to a professional organization of accountants has given me the resources and connections to begin my career with a head start.” - Tyler Courtright Coastal Carolina University

2008-2009 Scholarship Recipients The SCACPA Educational Fund scholarship recipients are students with tremendous intellectual talent, who are attending college to enter the accounting profession. They just need a little financial assistance. That’s where you come in! Scholarships are awarded to college students who are South Carolina residents and are a rising junior, senior or Master’s Degree student majoring in accounting at a South Carolina college or university. Scholarship recipients must have a minimum GPA of 3.25 overall and 3.50 in accounting.

Raymond Mark Perry, Jr., Adams Run Robinson Grant & Company Scholarship Clemson University Clark M. Avery, Greer Brigman Holcomb Weeks Scholarship

Columbia College Lauren Causey, Cayce SCACPA Scholarship Francis Marion University Brittany Miles, Florence Burch Oxner Seale Scholarship

Jessica Mosley, Pauline SCACPA Scholarship

Lander University Amanda Ruth deVroomen, Greenwood Past Presidents Scholarship

Coastal Carolina University Tyler H. Courtright, Loris Joe Jackson Scholarship

Presbyterian College Brent Hamilton Arant, Bowman Piedmont CPA Chapter Scholarship

College of Charleston Anna V. Cannon, Charleston WebsterRogers & Company Scholarship

University of South Carolina Robert E. Deuel, Columbia Central CPA Chapter Scholarship

Craig Engle, Aiken Coastal CPA Chapter Scholarship

Brittany Fleenor, Columbia SCACPA Scholarship

Sarah Lindsay Maxon, Charleston SCACPA in memory of Francis Humphries

Lauren Renee Floyd, Charleston SCACPA Scholarship

Akiesha Worley, Charleston SCACPA Scholarship

Katherine Elizabeth Harsey, West Columbia Lollie Harper Scholarship

Many contributors have established and funded endowments that help secure the Fund’s future. We thank you! Contributions may be directed to these endowment funds at any time, or new endowment funds may be established ($10,000 minimum).

2008 SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS BY SCHOOL Charleston Southern University Sally Moak, Blythewood SCACPA Scholarship

Endowment Funds

University of South Carolina Michael Langley, Union SCACPA Scholarship Philip Mescher, Goose Creek SCACPA Scholarship Jessica Mingus, Irmo SCACPA Scholarship Elizabeth Monteith, Charleston SCACPA Scholarship Joel A. Owens, Columbia Sheehan Hancock & Godwin Scholarship Margaret Shirk Felkel, Columbia Ray Waters Scholarship

ESTABLISHED FUNDS Brigman, Holcomb and Weeks Scholarship Burch Oxner, Seale Scholarship Kaye Carter Scholarship Central Chapter Scholarship Lollie B. Harper Scholarship Joe Jackson Scholarship CC McGregor Scholarship Piedmont Chapter Scholarship

Thomas Keith Williams, Columbia C. C. McGregor Scholarship

Robinson Grant & Company Scholarship

Winthrop University Lauren Andrews, Rock Hill SCACPA Scholarship

Sheheen Hancock & Godwin Scholarship

Cindyann F. Hunnicutt, Clover Kaye Carter Scholarship Lashanda Monique Robinson, Irmo Edgar Vaughn Scholarship

Edgar Vaughn Scholarship Ray Waters Scholarship WebsterRogers & Company Scholarship

2008 Educational Fund Donors *Names in dark green note members who have donted $100 or more to the Educational Fund.

A William E. Abernethy Jr., CPA John S. Adkins, CPA Paul K. Aikman, CPA T. D. Ainsworth, CPA Deborah H. Armstrong, CPA Shellie S. Arnold, CPA William Arnott IV, CPA B Michael G. Barb, CPA John P. Barber, CPA Henry D. Barnett Jr., CPA S. C. Beckwith, CPA Randy J. Bell, CPA Jennifer M. Bernard, CPA Robert F. Berry, CPA J. Randall Bishop, CPA Katie A. Bishop, CPA Lois R. Blanco, CPA Allan G. Bolden, CPA Nancy H. Boozer, CPA Brian J. Brady, CPA, CFE K. Brodie Brigman Jr., CPA Alicia B. Brooks, CPA Charles E. Brown, CPA Christopher A. Brown, CPA William W. Brown, CPA Thomas J. Bryson, CPA Orvis B. Buie, CPA Anne P. Bunton, CPA, CGFO John C. Butler, CPA William L. Byrd, CPA C John F. Camp, CPA Anne M. Campbell, CPA Pierce W. Cantey, CPA Patrick P. Carey Jr., CPA Sheila L. Cash, CPA

Christine E. Cassidy, CPA William H. Cochrane, CPA, MBA Frank J. Cole Jr., CPA Clarence Coleman Jr., CPA, Ph.D. Christopher J. Controne, CPA Carole S. Cooley, CPA Michael J. Costigan Sr., CPA Constance J. Couch, CPA Jerry D. Coutant, CPA Martha C. Craft-Essig, CPA R. D. Crowley, CPA, CVA D Stephanie G. David, CPA John A. Davis, CPA Michael E. Davis, CPA Jeffrey L. Deason, CPA Allyson T. DeHart Henry A. Dorn, CPA George W. DuRant, CPA, ABV, ASA E Donald L. Ellis, CPA, MBA Barry A. Emerson, CPA Mary L. Enright, CPA Richard Ett, CPA, CFM, CFP Barbara J. Evans, CPA, MBA Michael R. Evans, CPA F A. L. Fee, CPA John B. Fennell, CPA Willie E. Fergusson, CPA James A. Finklea, CPA Ryan F. Finklea, CPA Charles R. Fliflet, CPA Garrell H. Freeman Jr., CPA G Ransom H. Gibson III, CPA Ben M. Goldson, CPA Dennis L. Gore, CPA Janice C. Gray, CPA





Henry D. Green III, CPA Mary E. Green, CPA Glenn A. Hair, CPA John F. Hamilton, CPA David J. Haney, CPA Erin P. Hardwick, CAE Martha M. Hartley, CPA Larry W. Hartsell, CPA Alice B. Hazel, CPA Robert M. Heil, CPA Linda H. Helms, CPA Douglas W. Henderson, CPA Ronald I. Hendrix, CPA Kenneth S. Higgenbotham, CPA Jamie D. Hill, CPA Mark T. Hobbs, CPA Elizabeth A. Hoffman, CPA Kenneth H. Holcomb, CPA Samuel G. Holtzclaw, CPA M. Timothy Hucks, CPA Donna K. Hudson, CPA Donald L. Hunter, CPA Richard A. Hutto, CPA Leona L. Hydrick, CPA Robert M. Jones, CPA Channing S. Joye, CPA Mark N. June, CPA Michael J. Kerscher, CPA James D. Kidd, CPA Robert D. Kinard, CPA, CFE Joycelynn S. Knight, CPA Harold J. Kornblut, CPA Carl F. Kuhn Jr., CPA Cheryl O. Lang, CPA Joseph J. LaNunziata Continued next page...

“Thank you so much for selecting me as the SCACPA Central Chapter Scholarship recipient. I am excited about continuing my accounting education at USC and this scholarship is a huge help in defraying the costs of my education.” - Laura Studstill University of South Carolina

“The SCACPA Educational Fund is a tremendous way to support our profession. It provides financial assistance to many deserving students each year who will continue to be the ‘most trusted advisors’ for the future.” - John Camp, CPA Educational Fund Donor

2008 Educational Fund Donors

*Names in dark green note members who have donted $100 or more to the Educational Fund.

Renita M. Owens, CPA Paula J. Lawrence, CPA Robert A. Leichtle II P Gregory D. Padgett, CPA Philip G. Palmer, CPA Elizabeth I. Leitner, CPA Suzanne H. Palmer, CPA Paul V. Lewis, CPA Allison B. Pena Penny A. Lewis, CPA Sara B. Penn, CPA Carol M. Libby, CPA Barbara G. Pierce, CPA, Ph.D. Roy G. Lindburg Janet M. Pierce, CPA Cliff C. Lindsay, CPA Jeffery S. Powell, CPA Daniel E. Livengood, CPA Robert B. Privette, CPA, MBA Patrick M. Luciano, CPA R Ernest W. Rabon, CPA Roger F. Luttrell, CPA, MBA Kelly S. Ramirez, CPA Mary Beth B. Lyles, CPA Michael P. Ravan, CPA M Sharon E. Mann, CPA Charles M. Redfern III, CPA Emily K. May, CPA Alan M. Robinson, CPA Chris A. McCraw, CPA Ms. Pamela K. Roe, CPA J. P. McDermott, CPA Beverly W. Rogers Jr., CPA C. Stephen McDonald, CPA Deborah M. Rose, CPA Ann A. McDuff, CPA Del A. Rosebrock, CPA Sheila C. McKinney, CPA Robert N. Ross, CPA Dr. Charles L. McLafferty, CPA, PhD Amy H. Rubin Amy E. Mezger, CPA Linda B. Russ, CPA Mark A. Milnac, CPA S David W. Sage, CPA, CFP, PFS David H. Mims, CPA E. W. Sanders III, CPA, AIFA Helen M. Molten, CPA Marc L. Saunders, CPA Thomas P. Monahan, CPA Michael W. Saunders, CPA Kenda L. Monroe, CPA Douglas P. Schmieding, CPA Rosalia M. Moore, CPA Terry K. Schmoyer Jr., CPA Michael P. Morris Paul A. Semones Jr., CPA Jeanne F. Morrisette, CPA Ernest M. Sewell III, CPA Michael E. Munafo, CPA David W. Siddons, CPA Barbara R. Munden, CPA Helen Z. Sieger, CPA, JD Albert A. Munn IV, CPA Teodor D. Simeonov, CPA N James R. Newell, CPA Nancy F. Simonetti, CPA Gina S. Noble, CPA Clifford C. Simunek, CPA O James M. O'Cain, CPA, CFP,CLU,ChFC James B. Snoddy, CPA Dianne P. Odom, CPA

Douglas A. Sparacino, CPA William Stancil, CPA Donald R. Stephens, CPA Curtis C. Stewart, CPA, JD Heidi H. Strenck, CPA Eugene F. Svatek, CPA T Traci M. Tasca, CPA Robert T. Theodore, CPA Porter L. Thompkins Jr., CPA Andrew C. Thompson, CPA Richard C. Tiller, CPA William W. Traynham, CPA Bruce E. Truesdale, CPA, MBA O. L. Turner, CPA V Hendrikus E. Van Bulck, CPA, ABF Edgar A. Vaughn, CPA David R. Veldman, CPA W Mark W. Webster, CPA William C. Weeks, CPA Susan O. Weesner, CPA John H. White, CPA David L. Whitehead, CPA Walda C. Wildman, CPA Kathy B. Wine, CPA Jacqueline C. Wirszyla, CPA Amy L. Wood, CPA Y Yulien Yuan, CPA Z Beth T. Zamorski, CPA FRANCIS HUMPHRIES MEMORIAL J. P. McDermott, CPA Melissa Nelson FIRM CONTRIBUTIONS Dixon Hughes List of contributors as of 05/07/2009

“Our firm (Burkett, Burkett & Burkett) is working toward creating a named scholarship for the Educational Fund because we believe that SCACPA is a great professional organization, and that supporting the future of our profession is essential to protecting the reputation of the most trusted profession.” – Donnie Burkett, CPA Educational Fund Donor

“I was honored to be recognize by SCACPA because I am planning to be a CPA in the future. In addition, the scholarship helped with continuing my education.” - Lauren Causey Columbia College

Share Our Vision – Contribute Today! Yes, I want to support the future of the CPA profession with a tax-deductible donation to the SCACPA Educational Fund, Inc. Contributors will be recognized multiple times in SCACPA’s bi-monthly journal, The CPA Report and honored at the Annual Summit and Member Meeting held in November each year.

FIrst Name

Last Name

Middle Name

Company Name Mailing address city/state/zip

phone no. (Please include area code)


Individuals may donate an amount toward current year scholarships based on the Fund’s suggested categories: r Summa Cum Laude ($1,000 < ) r Magna Cum Laude ($500-$999) r Cum Laude ($100-$499) r Dean’s List ($50-$99) r Honor Roll ($25-$49)


Businesses may donate toward current year scholarships based on the Fund’s suggested categories: r Gold Partner ($5,000 or above) r Silver Partner ($2,500-$4,999) r Bronze Partner ($1,000-$2,499) r Benefactor (Up to $999)

Email address


Named scholarships are considered endowed funds. A minimum donation in the amount of $10,000 funds a $500 scholarship (or 5% of your contribution) in the name of an individual or business every year. Name of this contribution in honor/memory of:


Check - I have enclosed a check payable to SCACPA in the amount of $_____________________


Credit Card - m VISA

m MasterCard


m Discover

I authorize SCACPA to charge $ ___________________ to my credit card below.

Credit Card Number

CCV# (3-4 Digits)

Expiration Date


For more information on planned giving options or about establishing a $10,000 named scholarship, please contact Glenna Minor, Member Services and Peer Review Manager, gminor@scacpa. org, 803-791-4181 ext. 107.




Invest in the future of the CPA profession with a gift to the South Carolina Association of CPAs Educational Fund to inspire the best and brightest students to pursue a career as a CPA.

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n of CP As iatio oc â&#x20AC;˘E ss

ional Fund cat du


The SCACPA Educational Fund is a philanthropic organization affiliated with the South Carolina Association of CPAs.

Investing in the Future

The SCACPA Educational Fund 570 Chris Drive West Columbia, SC 29169


Education Fund Brochure  

Education Fund Brochure

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