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September 27-28, 2013

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Lt. Commander Scott “Yogi” Beare, US Navy (Retired), former pilot for the “Blue Angels”

2013 Sponsors:

2013 Exhibitors:


National Business Aviation Association President Ed Bolen

Exhibitor Listing

Advocate Consulting Legal Gp. Scott Battle 239-213-0066 Airwolf Aviation Services Michele Rash 864-224-7440 Angel Flight Soars Bo Bowman 864-227-6651 AOPA Bob Minter 865-908-9372 Aviation Tax Consultants Daniel Cheung 812-342-9589

AvServe Pete Giegerich 864-299-5084 BMW Performance Driving Ctr Doug McGrath 864-968-3017

Century BMW Will Parker 864-335-3721

Cessna Aircraft Co. Kelly Spaulding 727-858-7898 Champion Aerospace Shane Rampy 864-843-5301 Cirrus Aircraft Corp. Mike Matthews 571-345-5875 Continental Motors Neal George 251-436-8278 CTS International Inc. Chelsea Shamsedin 843-300-4037

Creek Cubs/Legend Alan Norris 386-690-0081

Davis & Floyd, Inc. Dan Chism 864-908-3480 Drumm Health Services Tom Drumm 864-232-5295

DTC DUAT Service Doug Priestley 800-243-3828 Eagle Aviation Ralph Lacomba 803-822-5578 Eastern Aviation Fuels, Inc. Eddie Babb 864-423-0130

Eclipse Aerospace Emily Oilquist 843-284-1164 Embry Riddle University Margaret Evans 864-233-5288 Enterprise Holdings Brent Hawthorne 864-233-8182 EPIC Aviation Don Moss 864-921-2864 Flight Standards District Office Gary Pendleton 803-451-2667 Garrett’s Discount Golf Cars Hal Garrett 864-862-7709 Greenville Jet Center, Inc. Hank Brown 864-235-6383 Greenville Downtown Airport Lara Kaufmann 864-270-6660 Heaven’s Landing Mike Ciochetti 706-212-0017

Preflight Inspection Challenge Airwolf Aviation has assisted hundreds of students in obtaining their pilot certificates and advanced ratings in the past six years. With thousands of hours of flight training, we have accumulated many parts that can’t be repaired. We have taken some of those parts and put them onto one airplane for you to find. An Airwolf instructor will provide a preflight checklist for you to use during your inspection. Come see if you can find all 20 discrepancies on our Cessna 172.

Hope Aviation Insurance, Inc. Eric Barfield 803-771-7766 James A Gardner Co. Jim Gardner 678-383-6092 Just Aircraft LLC Harry Berndt 864-718-0320 Land Rover Carolinas Tori Marshall 864-232-7493 Louis Berger Services Jeff Snyder 864-546-3603 Lycoming Engines Jeff Schans 570-327-7224 Michelin Aircraft Tires Eldon Anderson 877-503-8071 Mountain Air Becky Stiles 828-682-3600 NationAir Aviation Insurance Jason Little 770-235-0397 National Weather Service Andrew Kimball 864-848-9970 PF Flyers Inc John Pruden 864-360-0378 Pilots N Paws Kathleen Quinn 202-642-3608 Pipistrel-USA Dealer Salsa, Inc. Rand Vollmer 813-774-2127 Premier Aircraft Sales Inc Travis Pfeffer 404-406-0706

Aviation Ambassador Passport Program Stop by the South Carolina Aviation Association Booth #13 and have your passport stamped. If you are unfamiliar with the program come by the booth and learn about the program and you can sign up on-site.

Recreational Aviation Fdtn. Kathy Hegenberger 843-557-1740 Runway Cafe Mike Bliss 864-991-8488 SC Aviation Association Katie Koon 877-359-7222 SC Aviation Safety Council Chris Eversmann 803-767-1789 SC Aeronautics Commission Paul G. Werts 803-896-6273 SC Historic Aviation Fdtn. Ron Shelton 803-609-1115 Skytech Rob Sammartino 803-366-5108 Skyquest International Greg Melang 336-722-1616 SouthWings David Moore 828-330-4330 Special Services Corporation Doug Goldstrom 864-242-3383 Stevens Aviation JB Brown 864-678-6000 x174 SWT Aviation Inc/CubCrafters Chip Allen 770-364-1556 Tempest Vince Bechtel 843-991-1199 Trade A Plane Rachel Hill 800-337-5263 USAeroTech Institute Mark Spang 864-987-9332 Women In Aviation Kathy Hegenberger 843-557-1740

$35 Plane Ride

Tickets sold at Airwolf Aviation. A 15-20 minute ride around the City of Greenville and Paris Mountain.

Inside Booth Displays and Diagram Booth 1 Garrett’s Discount Golf Cars Booth 2 Mountain Air Booth 3 Advocate Consulting Legal Group Booth 4 SkyQuest International Booth 5 Greenville Downtown Airport/Civil Air Patrol Booth 6 Greenville Jet Center Booth 7 Eastern Aviation Fuels, Inc., Shell Booth 8 DTC DUAT Service Booth 9 PF Flyers Inc. Booth 10 Special Services Corporation Booth 11 Tempest Booth 12 James A. Gardner Company Booth 13 SC Aviation Association Booth 14 Heaven’s Landing Booth 15 Michelin Aircraft Tires Booth 16 USAeroTech Institute Booth 17 Runway Cafe Booth 18 Drumm Health Services/Exam One Booth 19 Continental Motors Booth 20 Champion Aerospace Booth 21 Hope Aviation Insurance


Booth 22 Eagle Aviation, Inc. Airwolf Aviation Booth 23 SC Aviation Safety Council BMW Performance Driving Center/ Booth 24 Enterprise Holdings Century BMW Booth 25 EPIC Aviation Cessna Booth 26 AOPA Cirrus Aircraft Corp. Booth 27 Stevens Aviation, Inc. Creek Cubs/Legend Booth 28 Louis Berger Services Eclipse Aerospace Booth 29 Lycoming Engines Just Aircraft, LLC Booth 30 Trade-A-Plane Land Rover Carolinas Booth 31 CTS International, Inc. Pipistrel USA Booth 32 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc./Diamond Booth 33 Aviation Tax Consultants Skytech Booth 34 Flight Standards District Office Booth 35 Davis and Floyd Skyquest International/Kodiak Booth 36 SC Aeronautics Commission SWT Aviation Inc./CubCrafters Booth 37 NationAir Aviation Insurance Booth 38 Pilots N Paws / Angel Flight Soars Booth 39 SC Historic Aviation Foundation Booth 40 Recreational Av. Fdtn. /Women in Aviation Booth 41 National Weather Service/ SouthWings Booth 42 AvServe

Inside Booth Diagram

Additional Parking

Outside Diagram 38 39

Static Displays

40 41


Airport Terminal Building

Tower Drive

Education SSC Hangar

A few education sessions will be in the Special Services Corporation (SSC) conference room. Enter the building from the side door and walk up stairs to the room. All other sessions will be held in the education hangar.


Exhibit Hangar

Additional Parking

Outside Static Displays


Southeast Aviation Expo Schedule of Events

Friday, September 27 1:00 pm Trade Show opens 1:00 – 1:05 pm One Tank Trip Ignite Session Hangar This five minute session will quickly tell you about destinations for lunch & weekend getaways all accessible on one-tank. Learn about how to find events, seminars and fun places to fly in your area. 1:05 – 1:10 pm Restoring the Curtiss Wright Hangar Ignite Session Hangar 1:10 – 1:30 pm Live Advertisements Hangar 1:30 – 2:30 pm Business Aviation Industry Update – NBAA President Ed Bolen Hangar Hear from a national perspective on the state of business aviation and what changes are on the horizon. Sponsored by Hope Aviation Insurance 2:30 – 2:50 pm Live Advertisements 3:00 – 4:30 pm Light Business Aircraft (LBA) Safety Management – SCASC Hangar The South Carolina Aviation Safety Council (SCASC) will compare the safety record of LBA/Single Pilot Operations to Part 91 Corporate and Part 121 Airline operations, and then show how single pilot and LBA operators can better manage their safety system by utilizing hazard and risk analysis to achieve similar results as the 91/121 operators. 4:45 – 5:15 pm Tax Planning For Business Aircraft Owners – Aviation Tax Consultants Hangar Find out what income tax incentives are available for business aircraft owners in 2013 and who can take advantage of these incentives. 5:30 – 6:00 pm Aircraft Ignition Systems – Champion Aerospace Hangar This session will provide a brief look at piston and turbine ignition systems and give an overview of the products manufactured at the Champion Aerospace’s Liberty, SC facility.

Saturday, September 28 9:00 am Trade Show opens 9:00 am - 3 pm 9:25 am 9:30 – 10:00 am

Special Services Corporation New Cirrus Training Center Open House Outside Hangar Vision Jet SF50 Mockup and The Vision Inspired SR22T Aircraft will be on display. Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIP) and Cirrus Aircraft representatives will show guests around and answer any questions.

10:15 – 10:45 am

Aviation Insurance Lessons: The School of Hard Knocks - Hope Aviation Board Room Learn from actual accident case studies how important it is to know your aviation insurance policy.

9:30 – 10:00 am 10:15 – 10:45 am 11:00 – 11:30 am

One Tank Trip Ignite Session Hangar This five minute session will quickly tell you about destinations for lunch & weekend getaways all accessible on one-tank. Learn about how to find events, seminars and fun places to fly in your area. Tire Care Service – Michelin Aircraft Tires Board Room Airplane tires are not car tires. The differences are interesting and so is the care and feeding.

Piston Transition to a Very Light Jet – Eclipse Aerospace Hangar Learn about the training and experience requirements needed for pilots to fly a Very Light Jet. Hear examples of how owners of piston airplanes have learned how to safely fly at different flight levels. iPads and General Aviation – Airwolf Aviation Hangar Bring your iPad! During this interactive seminar, learn the pro’s and con’s of the electronic flight bag. Learn about iPad settings, using the ForeFlight program and advanced features of ForeFlight. Spark Plug Design & Maintenance – Tempest Hangar Learn the basic design changes of the spark plug over the years as well as proper maintenance practices. We will go into detail about spark plug resistance and the effects it can have on your engine such as hard starting, misfiring or a rough running engine.

11:00 am – Noon ForeFlight In The Cockpit– Jason Miller, co-founder of ForeFlight Board Room Presentation focuses on using iPads with ForeFlight Mobile in preflight and in the cockpit. Topics include the basics of iPad use, the important checks to make before each flight, and general tips and tricks. Sponsored by Cirrus Owner’s & Pilots Association (COPA) 11:45 – 12:15 pm

Training, Soaring, and Touring in a modern Motor Glider – Pipistrel Hangar Many pilots are unaware of the advantageous rules unique to gliders – especially motor gliders. Hear the story of Rand’s non-stop 1,250 mile flight from Oshkosh to Tampa – at an average speed of 125 mph with fuel economy of 51 mpg! Rand will share his passion for flight and why we all should consider the motor glider for training, fun, and very efficient travel.


Runway Cafe at booth 17 will provide lunches $5, Drinks $1

1:45 – 1:55 pm

FAA Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award Presentation Hangar The FAA Wright Brothers’ Master Pilot Award is awarded to pilots who follow the precaution and awareness of safe flight operations. Pilots who achieve this award have exhibited professionalism, skill, and aviation expertise for 50 or more consecutive years of piloting aircraft. Join us in recognizing Thomas Allen Burke of Greenville .

Noon – 12:45 pm COPA Member Only Lunch and Education Session Board Room Advanced Engine Management for Cirrus Aircraft – Continental Motors Discussion to include oil change requirements, fuel system adjustments, cylinder inspections and engine operations. 12:45 – 1:45 pm Sponsored by

Booth 17

Lessons Learned from a Blue Angels Pilot - Scott “Yogi” Beare Hangar The fastest he got was 1.78 Mach, which is 1.78 times the speed of sound, which equals about 1300 miles per hour. Hear about his fast flying experiences since not many pilots ever get to go that fast or fly those type planes!

2:00 – 2:30 pm 2013 Tax Incentives For Aircraft Used Primarily for Business Board Room Advocate Consulting Legal Group If you are considering the incorporation of a jet, turboprop or piston aircraft in your business or practice, please join Scott Battle in the board room to learn how you can take advantage of 2013’s substantial tax incentives for new or used planes. These incentives are expected to be reduced significantly in 2014. 2:45 – 3:15 pm 2:45 – 3:15 pm


All you need to know about ADSB – PF Flyers Hangar ADSB what is it? Must I have it? Will I benefit from it? What are my options?

Aviation Insurance Claims – The James Gardner Co. Board Room Claims – The reason you buy insurance and how to make it go smoothly and in your favor!

At the conclusion of the last education session a drawing will be held in the education hangar for four tickets to the October 19 Clemson vs Florida State football game with a reserved parking pass, sponsored by the Greenville Jet Center. You must be present to win.

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