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2019 Spring Edition

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How Can Your Airport Help Promote SC Aviation Week? See details inside.

Let me express what a privilege it is to be a part of SCAA. I joined the association many years ago so I could grow professionally. That has indeed happened, however, it was not as I expected. After joining SCAA, I quickly found that the aviation industry in South Carolina wasn’t as much an association of professionals, but more a family of friends committed to working together to aid their local communities through a kindred spirit that we call South Carolina Aviation Association. Therefore, the professional growth I expected became more personal in that I join you in a common effort to improve our great state through our collective efforts. For this opportunity, I offer to you my heart felt appreciation. As I now have the privilege of serving you on our SCAA Board, I hope to be able to share with you in our newsletters a few experiences in aviation that I have seen across the state. In this edition, I would like to highlight some observations from Charleston, specifically at Charleston International (CHS). On April 4, CHS began a new non-stop flight service to and from London, England via British Airways. Putting this flight in place was no small effort. As for my role, I was part of the massive team assigned the design and construction of a new International Flight Kitchen and improvements to the Federal Inspection Stations (ie: Customs and Border Protection). Each of these projects were commissioned by Charleston County Aviation Authority in Nov. 2018 and needed to be designed, constructed and placed in operation by March 2019. The Flight Kitchen project was a total renovation of an existing industrial building into a new 15,000-square-foot kitchen designed to prepare meals for the flights to London. The FIS project included renovation of the existing 19,000-square-foot FIS area that was built in 1985 to meet current standards. This included a very high level of security and technology improvements needed to meet modern-day threats to our country. Needless to say, these monumental tasks required innovative design, contracting and construction strategies. More importantly than these innovations was the teamwork between the staff and leadership at CHS, the design agents, the construction contractors, the Customs and Border Protection, British Airways and many others. Because these people joined together to achieve this task, we now have a regular, non-stop international flight service in our state. At a minimum, this service will open South Carolina to opportunities that we would otherwise not have, and we can attribute those potentials to the collective effort of South Carolinians pulling together to achieve an aviation goal. As I see it, these projects are representative of all the projects and goals of aviation in South Carolina. We have joined together as a collective aviation family, all committed to improving and expanding aviation in South Carolina for the overall betterment of the people of our state. None of us can do this alone, and because we are part of the SCAA family, none of us have to. God bless you all, Greg Jones

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SCAC Recently, I was reminded of the value of partnerships.


While at the 2019 FAA Southern Region Airports Conference, attendees heard from a congressman, the Associate Administrator of the FAA’s Office of Airports, the Southern Region Administrator and many other FAA personnel. The objective of the meetings was to communicate FAA policy, procedure and changes to each. However, what was conveyed was that the FAA Southern Region had a spirit of willingness to work with states and airport sponsors to ensure safety for those that operate aircraft and to communicate on the commitment to serve our individual airport systems. Not only were the attendees reminded of policy and procedure, but safety, finance, compliance, planning, construction and many other issues were discussed. While at the meetings, state directors and staff were able to meet with the Associate Administrator, the Southern Region Administrator and other key FAA staff to communicate our concerns, questions and issues. What resulted was an open dialogue that resulted from those FAA leaders listening to each of the states. Ultimately, it was communicated to us from the Associate Administrator that current FAA leadership felt that their role was one of partnership and teamwork. Closer to home, the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission, too, feels that we are in a partnership with our airports, their communities and their users. It is our desire to serve our customers in such a way that promotes safety, meets needs and, ultimately, increases the value of our local airports. One way that we are planning to highlight the partnership between the FAA, the state and our airports is by the discouragement of illegal aircraft chartering. Although this practice appears to meet the needs of those that are flown from point A to point B, it could inhibit the economic growth of an airport and should cause safety concerns to airport owners and those passengers who are flown. In June, the Aeronautics Commission, the local FAA Flight Standards District Office and the South Carolina Aviation Association are partnering to provide a Safety and Education seminar for airport sponsors, their commissions, fixed based operators and charter operators, so that we can collectively communicate the overall intent to promote safety and economic growth at airports across South Carolina. In the coming days, you will hear more of this initiative that began because of a partnership. Finally, I’d like to acknowledge Beacon Association Management as a new partner in our aviation endeavors. Although the company name might sound new, the leader behind the company has been involved with the SCAA for a long time. Welcome back, Katie Koon! If the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission can partner with you as an aviator, an airport or a community, please don’t hesitate to call upon us at any time. Blue skies, James Stephens

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SCAA Celebrates With Scholarship Recipient Larsen Fralix SMC Student Plans Career as Missionary Pilot (article courtesy of Spartanburg Methodist College) Most SMC students aim to fly high but freshman Larsen Fralix literally soars above it all. Not only is Fralix juggling her course load as an SMC business major, but she’s also attending flight school and is training to become a professional pilot at the same time.  Fralix, who turns 20 in June, hails from Summerton, South Carolina, where, during high school, she rose through the ranks to become the AFJROTC Group Commander of her unit at Manning High School. She went on to become one of the highest ranking cadets during a summer student leadership camp at the Citadel in Charleston, S. C. It was during junior year that she discovered what she now considers to be her life’s calling. A pilot visited her AFJROTC unit and discussed his passion for his work. “That sounds like so much fun,” Fralix recalls thinking. “I want to do that.” Following the pilot’s visit, Fralix picked up an internship at South Carolina’s Precision Air at the Santee Cooper Airport during her last two years in high school, where she observed and assisted the mechanics as they repaired damaged planes. One day, a local pilot invited her to join him for a test ride. “That’s when I realized I loved flying,” Fralix says. “I want to do this for a living.” She chose to attend SMC in part because it’s so close to a flight school and because of the generous academic scholarships she received. “As soon as I started classes here at SMC, I started flight school,” Fralix says. She’s finished eight weeks of ground school and is now taking flying lessons with Instructor Terry Connorton, Director of Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport. “When I’m in the air, I feel there’s no one in the air but me,” Fralix says. “You look down and you think, there’s so many people in the world. You just want to be free. That’s what I love about it so much.” Her love of flying led to what she describes as a moment from above. “God spoke to me,” Fralix says. “He said, ‘Share your testimony. This is what I call you to do.’ He spoke the words ‘missionary pilot.’ ” But the route to becoming a missionary pilot isn’t so simple, although the job combines Fralix’s multiple interests. A missionary pilot is tasked with dropping off and picking up people in a range of climates and terrains. Pilots have to have multiple certifications, including advanced maintenance ratings and CPR/first aid. “That’s exactly what I want to do,” Fralix says. “I’ve been a life guard for over three years. I have experience working on planes. I have experience flying. And I love the Word of God.” Missionary pilots don’t emerge overnight, however. They typically have to have over 1,000 hours in the air and several years of flight experience before being considered viable applicants. Fralix is planning on transferring to Middle Georgia State University School of Aviation to get her bachelor’s degree in aviation in the fall, and then follow up her post-college career with a part-time job in the Air Force Reserves while flying commercially for a cargo company like UPS. This way, she builds up flight experience as both a military and a private pilot, she reasons. Fralix’s career choice is already garnering her attention. This past spring, she was awarded a $5,000 scholarship from Women in Aviation International and a $1,000 scholarship from the South Carolina Aviation Association, which Fralix will use toward paying for her school and flight lessons in pursuit of her pilot’s license. She has around 15 hours of the 40 hours required. (Each flight lesson costs around $200 per hour.)

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Online Resources for Pilots

Save this Master Link to your Home Screen https://www.faasafety.gov/gslac/onlineresources.aspx?masterID=1 The following resources are available at the above web link. Categories: “Resources for Pilots”

Pilots - Private (26 resources) Sites of special interest to private pilots.

Aircraft & Airworthiness (14 resources) Links to FAA airworthiness info and industry safety postings

Pilots - Rotorcraft (22 resources) Sites of special interest to rotorcraft pilots.

Airspace (15 resources) Links to information on airspace

Pilots - Sport (23 resources) Sites of special interest to sport pilots.

Events (2 resources) Links to information about aviation events

Pilots - Student (29 resources) Sites of special interest to student pilots and prospective pilots.

Flying Lessons Newsletter (1 resource) Flying Lessons Weekly Newsletter for Pilots

Pilots - UAS (1 resource) Sites of special interest to UAS pilots

Forms (5 resources) Links to online forms.

Reference and Databases (34 resources) Links to aviation libraries, registries, and databases.

Guidance, Standards, Regulations (33 resources) Links to FAA guidance materials, including handbooks.

Safety Pamphlets (13 resources) Aviation Safety Program “P-Pamphlets” on a range of topics

IACRA (Integrated Airman Cetification and/or Rating Application) (1 resource) Online Application for Pilots and Mechanics

Tools (42 resources) Links to practical tools and information for GA pilots

Model Code of Conduct (4 resources) NASA(1 resource)

Training Courses (non-FAA) (14 resources) Links to online training courses developed by AOPA Air Safety Foundation and other aviation organizations.

Organizations / Associations (52 resources) Links to aviation organizations, including type clubs.

Upset Training Aids (2 resources) Although designed for airline pilots, this is excellent information for GA pilots.

Pilot Deviation Information: Flight & Ground (9 resources) Links to information intended to prevent deviations

Weather Information (27 resources) Weather information and tools for aviation

Pilots (49 resources) Links to FAA website section for pilots. Pilots - CFI (40 resources) Sites of special interest to flight instructors. Pilots - Commercial (26 resources) Sites of special interest to commercial pilots.

Safety Update

provided by: Leo Berube, CFI, CFII, MEI SCAA Director FAASTeam Representative

Pilots - Instrument (28 resources) Sites of special interest to instrument pilots

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7 a.m. Feb. 1, 2019 Skeets Cooper and Alan Woods begin a journey to fly to more than 50 airports in two days.

9:30 p.m. Cooper and Woods took a break after visiting 30 airports in 14.5 hours.

It Was More Than a Jacket economic development. Additionally, the program gave pilots and riders alike an opportunity to set and meet flying goals and sightsee while experiencing all South Carolina has to offer. After completing the program, pilots were awarded a leather flight jacket.

You’ve heard the story about a man and his dog. However, you may not have heard the story of two men, two days and two jackets. Two friends for more than 20 years decided to meet a challenge doing what they loved — flying. On Feb. 28, 2019, the Ambassadors Passport Program ended after six years. At closing, more than 800 pilots had participated in the program. The program was designed to encourage pilots to fly to all of the airports in South Carolina, to visit aviation seminars and to attend the Southeast Aviation Expo. Further intentions were to increase awareness of South Carolina’s aviation system and contributions to the state’s

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How do two pilots define fun? How many airports could be visited in two days? SCAA Members, Alan Woods, Champion Aerospace Manager – Quality Assurance, and Skeets Cooper, SCAC District 3 Commissioner, set out to do just that. Asking Woods how long he and Cooper had known each other, without hesitation he joked, “Oh, I guess since the 1920s.” Cooper has been a small business owner since 1981 and has been flying since October 1988. In addition, he and Woods co-own a 1966 Cherokee Six 260. Cooper became a private pilot in 1989, Instrument and Commercial certified in 1991, CFI and CFII in 1992, Multi Engine in 1996 and Sea Plane in 2015. He further served as Director of Pickens County Airport from October 2005 until October 2016.

by Jacqueline Adamson, SCAA Membership Director Woods began flying with his Dad at age 10 and logged his first flight lesson at 15 in a Piper Cherokee 140, receiving his pilot’s license in 1988. After graduating from Clemson University, he attended the US Navy Reserve Aviation Officer Candidate School. Woods served on the Pickens County Aeronautics Commission from 2001 to 2013, with five of those years as chairman. His 21 years at Champion Aerospace has afforded him the opportunity to fly numerous types of interesting aircraft such as the L-39 Albatross, the T-6 Texan, the P-51 Mustang, the B-25 Mitchell and the B-17 Flying Fortress. You may also find him as the “Air Boss” for numerous airshows in South Carolina. Upon learning the Passport program was concluding — and admitting they both had procrastinated in completing the program — and compelled by their love of flying, adventure and challenges, the friends decided to complete the program in just two days, Feb. 1 – 2. Cooper is always looking for experiences that make memories which last the rest of his life, and this undertaking fit that order. In asking what did they do to prepare for the adventure, Woods said he was

Feb. 2, 2019 at 6:40 p.m. they concluded their journey of visiting 53 airports.

9:30 a.m. Cooper and Woods took off from Orangeburg Airport.

responsible for the snacks, and he would be the crew chief, baggage handler, pilot and flight attendant as appointed by Cooper. Cooper took on the task of mapping out the flight plan using Foreflight and the Sectional Aeronautical Chart. With more than 50 airports to cover in two days, it was critical to ensure the routes were the quickest and shortest distance, with the least amount of back tracking. Prior to the trip, they contacted a few of the airports to determine their hours of operation and if closed at their intended arrival, where the stamps were kept. No way were they going to arrive at an airport and not be able to get their passports stamped. They set out from Pickens County Air-

port (LQK) at 7 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 1, fully fueled and loaded with snacks and excitement, ready to go. It was a beautiful day for flying, and if you hear Woods and Cooper talk about the trip, fun is an understatement. Due to the proximity of some of the airports from one another, they certainly could not gain any altitude. The journey from Charleston Executive Airport (JZI) to Charleston International (CHS) to Mt. Pleasant (LRO) saw some attention getting traffic patterns. This stage was covered in less than one hour (actually 59 minutes) from touchdown, going into the terminal, getting the passport stamped and getting back in flight. Other stops included a little more conversation at times, and it is possible Woods may have had to encourage Cooper to move along.

At 9:30 p.m. after visiting 30 airports in 14.5 hours, the pair was met by Cooper’s wife and son and taken to his deer camp in Orangeburg. They both admitted they were pretty tired, however a good night’s sleep saw them ready to continue their adventure. Both expressed the incredible amount of exhilaration and eagerness as they could not wait to see what the day would bring them. With their passports stamped at Orangeburg Municipal Airport (OGB), Cooper

Competing with C-17s, commercial aircraft and corporate jets from JZI to CHS was found to be a little harrowing. The mutual respect these men share allowed for complete confidence in one another as co-pilots. There was 100 percent trust in both sets of eyes and concentration. This is not a friendship to be taken lightly.

Palmetto Aviation Page 7

Thank you to the 2018 Sponsors of the Passport Program.

Berkeley County Airport

Dreams Take Flight, LLC It Was More Than A Jacket... continued from page 7 and Woods took off at 9:30 a.m. The pair was blessed with another beautiful day for flying. They reflected how perfect the day before had been and how they could not imagine a greater experience. By 6:40 p.m. that evening, they had received the last stamp from the last airport on their journey to complete their challenge. Saturday had seen them fly into 23 additional airports for a total of 53 airports visited in two days! They flew a total of 1018 miles and used 356 gallons of fuel. Despite a longstanding friendship, Woods and Cooper agreed they could not begin to describe the effect the trip had on them. To enjoy such an experience with a friend is what they feel society is missing these days. How wonderful it would be for young aviators to be able to sit on their porches later in life and tell of such an experience the same as Cooper and Woods will do. Alan Woods and Skeets Cooper show off their Passport Jackets.

They are starting to plan their next adventure with a group of five or six pilot friends. Oh, to be part of that group.

SCAA Celebrates With Scholarship Recipient Larsen Fralix...continued from page 4

Along with schoolwork and flight school, Fralix finds time to work as the social media officer for the Palmetto Pride Chapter of WAI, as an airport assistant at her local airport and as a resident assistant in one of the SMC residence halls. Her education at SMC is already helping her with her pilot’s work, she says. Classes like pre-calculus have come in handy when she needs to work out real world problems like estimating how much fuel will last over long distances. Additionally, she’s found the support of her SMC professors invaluable as she works toward what she considers her life goal.  “She’s a very conscientious student,” SMC professor and Fralix’s academic adviser Dr. Ben Sloop says. “She’s a joy to teach. To balance her studies here with afternoon responsibilities is quite impressive,” he adds. “She has to be incredibly organized.” As Fralix completes her second semester at SMC, she’s managing all of her many responsibilities. But one thing is clear: all her goals center around flying as often as she can, and one day, using her talent as a pilot to help others. 

Aviation Scholarships are available from SCAA. The deadline to submit is June 30, 2019. The scholarship application can be found on page 15. Page 8 Palmetto Aviation

Airport Member Benefits

South Carolina Aviation Association offers airport members benefits that may produce a cost savings for your airport. Check out the below programs and see if they can benefit your airport. Global Aerospace, Inc. partners with SCAA in its innovative Airport Safety Advocacy Program (ASAP). As a result of this partnering, exclusive benefits and products specifically designed for the airport segment are available to SCAA members. Global Aerospace is a world leading provider of insurance and risk management solutions for the aviation and aerospace industries. More than 90 years of experience enables the company to develop customized insurance programs structured around client needs. Recognized for its industry-leading customer service, Global Aerospace serves as a trusted partner to a diverse range of aviation businesses and their insurance brokers. What is ASAP? The ASAP program is a partnership between Global Aerospace, state level aviation associations and their member airports. ASAP provides members with access to online safety products as well as affordable comprehensive insurance. This program is not exclusive to specific brokers. Each airport can continue to use their current broker. “Safety is important to us all, and we recognize the important impact SCAA is making to the aviation community,” said Marilena Sharpell, Global Aerospace Underwriting Executive. “Through lobbying, conventions, forums and sharing information and best practices, associations are a vital link in the safety chain. Global Aerospace feels strongly about this link, and our ASAP program is designed to help support SCAA’s mission.” Every airport that becomes part of this program will have access to Global’s airport-specific training webinars. As an SCAA airport member, what do I need to do? When your next airport insurance renewal approaches, ask your insurance broker to obtain an airport liability quotation from Global Aerospace. If you bind your insurance with Global, not only are you supporting SCAA, but you will also qualify for the following: • Affordable, comprehensive coverage. • Convenient three-year policy term with guaranteed rates*. • Annual premium payments for easy budgeting. • Electronically issued policies. • Automatic eligibility for our Accident Forgiveness Program. • Global will reimburse your SCAA dues for one year, up to $250. • SM4 Safety Benefit - access to Global’s airport-specific safety webinars. * guaranteed rates do not apply if there is a change in exposure, coverage selection or limits. Part 139 airports and airports with limits above $20 million do not qualify for guaranteed rates. For More Information: Please contact your broker or Diana Bissinger (AVP, Underwriting General Aviation) dbissinger@global-aero.com or 404-364-2450

Unifirst Uniforms offers

SCAA members discounted rates on uniforms. If you use UniFirst Uniforms make sure you are receiving the best rate. If you are not taking advantage of this offer, see the below rates and contact UniFirst Uniforms if it can save your airport money. Garment Preparation Charge A one time charge applicable to each garment, no matter its size, at the time each such item is placed into service.............. $0.75 This charge is waived for initial installation of service at each location. Following is a sample of the rates provided to SCAA members: Weekly rental rate short sleeve work shirt: $0.1503 short sleeve oxford shirt: $0.2148 flat front pant: $0.2576 pleated pant: $0.3007 For a more detailed listing of the rates offered to SCAA members, email scaa@scaaonline.com. Ask your local provider to ensure you are receiving the best rates.

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Welcome! New SCAA Board Directors A native of Sanford, N.C., Denise Bryan has been a South Carolina resident since 1993. She comes from a family of aviation: Her father was an air traffic controller and her husband is an aircraft mechanic. She has a private pilot license and owns a Cessna 210. Bryan earned a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a minor in Airport Management. Her 13-year career in aviation includes a total of eight years between Columbia Metropolitan, Birmingham International and Augusta Regional Airports before accepting the Airport Director role at Fairfield County. Bryan holds membership in the Experimental Aircraft Association and holds a Certified Member (C.M.) designation from the American Association of Airport Executives. Her interest in serving on the board of directors is to provide her the opportunity to help promote general aviation around the state, specifically, its importance to economic and community development.

South Carolina Breakfast Club List of Airports on the 2019 Schedule

A native of England and a world traveler who worked for an Australia-based company in the tourism industry, Terry Connorton resided in Greece before coming to the United States in 1992. Connorton earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Technology in 1994, and has more than 20 years experience managing technology in developing IT systems for the hospitality industry. Connorton is a Certified Flight Instructor and a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain. Terry has been the Director of the Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport since December 2017.

June 9 Greenwood County June 23 Pickens County July 7 Holly Hill July 21 Triple Tree Aerodrome Aug. 4 Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Aug. 18 Berkeley County Sept. 8 Jim Hamilton/LB Owens Sept. 15 Laurens County Sept. 29 Anderson Regional

Developing a love for aviation at a young age, Michael McCurdy became a private pilot and recognized his passion for aviation instruction. Born in Indiana, he has lived in South Carolina since 1985. He worked for FEMA during the 2010 Tennessee floods and other natural disasters. McCurdy was a private pilot for then Congressman Tim Scott and state Attorney General Alan Wilson. He currently operates two flight schools in Charleston. McCurdy is a Boy Scout Explorer counselor, granting all Explorers access to the full motion simulator at his flight schools. The majority of troop members are minority youth, and his goal is to demonstrate being a pilot is within reach for all. McCurdy looks to grow membership during his tenure with the board. He currently supports this goal by sponsoring membership in the association for each of his flight students. Michael previously served on the FAASTeam.

Oct. 6 Kershaw County - Woodward Field Oct. 20 Sumter County Nov. 3 Orangeburg Municipal Nov. 17 Mid-Carolina Regional Airport Dec. 1 Fairfield County Dec. 15 Darlington County

If you are willing to have a FAAST Safety Team Seminar held at your airport following the Breakfast Club meeting, email scaa@scaaonline.com. SCAA will help coordinate the safety seminar for that day. Page 10 Palmetto Aviation

2019 SCAA Annual Conference – From Anywhere to Everywhere

(L to R: Diane Anderson and Roy Hollingsworth) We love seeing our airport members at the conference. Thank you Hampton County and Laurens County for your support.

Held at the Sonesta Resort in Hilton Head, The 2019 SCAA Annual Conference, From Anywhere to Everywhere, encompassed three days of learning, networking, camaraderie, recognition and celebration of aviation in South Carolina. Steven Gould, 2017 – 2018 association president, served as conference emcee. The Conference agenda brimmed with informative speakers and presentations covering two days of general sessions. Among attendees most valued sessions were a presentation from Greenville Downtown Airport’s Joe Frasher on putting an emergency response plan to the test during a real world crash incident, FAA Director of Airport Policy Elliot Black’s updates on the administration’s grant opportunities for regional airports, and an FAA regional report from Southern Region Administrator Michael O’Harra. Rounding out the most anticipated presentations was the SCAC update from Executive Director James Stephens and the small group breakouts with district commissioners.

Always a favorite, SCAC Executive Director James Stephens provided a statewide airport update.

Hampton County Council Member Barbara Clark’s grandson, Trenton, sang the national anthem to kick off the Annual Conference.

During the Hall of Fame Dinner attendees were treated to a riveting performance of Amelia Earhart portrayed by Leslie Goddard, who candidly portrayed Earhart’s introduction to aviation, her career triumphs and her ultimate disappearance. Following the lively portrayal, Gould presided over the biennial Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Walter Ingram “Walt” Johnson was inducted for his lifelong contributions to South Carolina aviation as well as his highly decorated military career. Wesley “Frank” Walker was recognized for his heroic actions during a rescue mission in Vietnam under duress of heavy fire. Both gentlemen humbly accepted their awards, returning the accolades to their family members and the individuals who worked and served with them.

Family members join inductee Walt Johnson (from left) son Brian, wife Janet, daughter Karen, and brother and sister-in-law, Wayne and Pam Brewer.

SCAA President Steve Gould recognized Frank Walker as one of the newest members of the SC Aviation Hall of Fame.

The evening concluded with an appeal to support the SCAA Scholarship Fund. For more information about the Scholarship Fund and an update on 2018 recipient Larsen Fralix, turn to page 4. The Conference also marked the close of the Ambassadors Passport Program, with the last public presentation of Gold Level jackets on Friday, March 1. In late 2018, the board of directors made the tough decision to discontinue the program on Feb. 28, 2019. When Skeets Cooper and Alan Woods heard the program was ending, they devised a plan to complete their passports in two days. You don’t want to miss this compelling story on page 6, a fine tribute to all those members who visited South Carolina airports through the Ambassadors Passport Program.

Members took time to visit with exhibitors throughout the conference.

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na Avi a t io n

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G et






South Carolina Aviation Week Get There Faster August 18 – 24, 2019

SCAA is encouraging all airports to participate in the 2019 South Carolina Aviation Week August 18 – 24 by holding some type of event during the week. The purpose of Aviation Week is to educate the public and our government officials on the importance of aviation and the role it plays in our state’s growing economy. See highlights below from the airports that participated in 2018. SCAA will help promote your events to the public and assist in coordinating media coverage. Please email scaa@scaaonline and let us know what plans you have for 2019, or let us know if you would like assistance coordinating an event. See a list of ideas of how your aiprort can be involved on the following page.

2018 Highlights

Georgetown County Airport held a Family Fun Event. Rock Hill-York County Airport hosted an Open House. Jim Hamilton LB Owen Airport hosted a Pancake Breakfast. Berkeley County Airport hosted the SC Breakfast Club. Aiken Regional Airport hosted an Open House.

Aiken Airport

Fairfield County Airport hosted a Ribbon Cutting and Senior Flight. Myrtle Beach International Airport hosted an Open House. Florence Regional Airport hosted a Family Fun Night. Lancaster County Airport hosted a Ribbon Cutting. Bojangles “Free Tea” cards were sent to AMT’s across the state in recognition of their roles in aviation.

Myrtle Beach International Airport

Air Traffic Control and Pilots Safety Forum was held at the TD Center in Greenville.

Email SCAA@scaaonline.com and let us know about your event for 2019. Fairfield Airport Page 12 Palmetto Aviation

Florence Regional Airport

S out

ek We



na Avi a t io n

ol i ar







G et






Aviation Week Event Ideas

South Carolina Aviation Week • August 18 – 24, 2019

Easy-to-implement/No Cost/Little-to-No Pre-Planning • Picture with pilot (post to various aviation social media sites) • Post on SCAA Facebook (story/picture)

• Host a Red Cross blood drive and feature a service that transports organs • Host a “pilots for paws” event with a local rescue

Involve Local Kids • Coloring contest • Paper airplane contest • Kite making contest (talk about why they fly) • Host a youth aviation event: feature Elizabeth McDaniel (college-aged, female pilot, who is also Miss N. Charleston and she makes her platform “aviation”) • Promote SCAA’s Scholarship Program • Chalk art contest • Scavenger hunt • Host a children’s fashion show on your runway • Cardboard cutout contest (build a plane; something to take picture in) • Download “Where is Orville” (similar to Flat Stanley)

Media Interest • Feature a unique/signature plane (see it, sit in it, watch it fly) • Fly a reporter • “Meet the military” event • Host your local county/city council meeting (share the latest economic impact study results)

Promote Careers Host career fair targeting high school students Love to Look at Airplanes • Host a “touch a plane” event Community Partnership Highlight • Static display of your airport tenants • Host first responder vehicles, similar to static display • Feature a unique/signature plane (see it, sit in it, watch it fly) • Organize a runway 5K • Show off a vintage plane • Scavenger hunt • Host a back-to-school bash (tie-in with local charity) • Host a local charity • Host a Rotary/chamber of commerce event • Host a FiA/F3 exercise workout at your airport • Host a yoga/Barre3 class at your airport • Adopt-an-airport; adopt-a-pilot (send care packages/cards)

Free/No Cost • Host a Hall of Famer for kids story time • Dog walk/FOD walk at airport • Host Carolyn Donelan, Ph.D., for summer learning ideas • Offer speakers (to local clubs/civic groups) • Submit a story/article/interview/picture to SC Aviation Association • Host a telescope club • Host a college flying club • Airplane wash Low Cost • Aviation bingo/trivia (offer a prize) • Picture with the pilot/plane (photo booth type) • Host a student government group (field trip) • Host a food truck rodeo • Host a Women in Aviation event • Hold an aviation-themed costume contest • Show an aviation-themed movie • Host a plane spotting picnic • Build an airplane (kit) • Host a pilot and AMT breakfast • Pie-a-pilot • Host a drone event (opportunity to teach about what can/ can’t be done) • Host RC demonstration

South Carolina Aviation Week is a coordination between the SC Aeronautics Commission and the SC Aviation Association. Palmetto Aviation Page 13

British Airways Offers Nonstop Flights Between Charleston and London

Thank you Associations Plus, Inc.

British Airways began its nonstop flight to London from Charleston International Airport in April. The twice-weekly service was announced last October.

SCAA would like to express its sincere appreciation to Leigh Faircloth Wickersham, CAE and the staff at Associations Plus, Inc. for their service to SCAA. For more than two decades, Leigh and her team have been an integral part of SCAA and can be directly attributed to the success of our association. As a consultant to SCAA, Associations Plus has provided leadership, management, administrative support and above all else, tireless commitment to ensuring our success. Most notable, Associations Plus has been the primary organizers of our annual conferences, which by every measure have been outstanding events.

The flight is projected to generate an estimated economic impact of $20.2 million annually through new spending, job creation and other associated activity in tourism. “Collaboration between local, regional and state entities makes accomplishments like the state’s first transatlantic flight possible. More flights to more destinations enhance the quality of life for citizens across the region and serve as a catalyst for new economic development,” said Helen Hill, CEO of Explore Charleston and Vice Chair of the Charleston County Aviation Authority.

SCAA Hall of Famer David Griffin Passed Away SCAA friend, aviation advocate and Hall of Famer David Henry Griffin, 81, passed away on Thursday, March 14, 2019.

Born in Lancashire, England, Griffin was the son of the late Ronald Henry Griffin and the late Marjorie Whitehead Griffin. David was a member of the South Carolina Aviation Association, the Young Eagles, the Experimental Aircraft Association, the Edisto Island Yacht Club and was inducted into the South Carolina Aviation Association Hall of Fame in 2014.

Page 14 Palmetto Aviation

Wright Brothers Master Pilot Awarded From left to right: Rick Hegenberger, Lanny Cline, and Jim Wilson.

The Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award was presented to Jim Wilson and Rick Hegenberger by Mr. Lanny Cline from the FAA on Feb. 5, 2019. The Master Pilot Award is the most prestigious award the FAA issues to pilots certified under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 61. This award is to recognize individuals who have exhibited professionalism, skill, and aviation expertise for at least 50 years while piloting aircraft as “Master Pilots.”

Naturally, as Leigh has helped SCAA to be successful, her skill is resulting in her own success, as is evidenced by her growth to opportunities beyond SCAA. To her new endeavors, we wish Leigh all the success in the world. For her commitment and service to SCAA, we extend our heartfelt thanks. SCAA welcomes Beacon Association Management, led by its founder, Katie Koon, CAE. Katie is no stranger to SCAA as she worked at Associations Plus where she served SCAA for 10 years. Katie’s experience in association management and her history with SCAA promises to ensure a recipe for continued success.

2019 SCAA Scholarship Application South Carolina Aviation Association’s scholarship program will provide limited assistance for South Carolina students who wish to pursue a career in the aviation industry. The objective of the scholarship fund is to promote the aviation industry in South Carolina. Scholarship funds will be provided up to a maximum of $500 for one semester of tuition and books. Funds will be paid to the institution for tuition and books only. I have read and understand the scholarship program description, I further state that all the information given below is accurate, to the best of my knowledge. Signed______________________________________________________ Date________________________ Your application must be accompanied by: (a) One (1) letter of recommendation from an SCAA member. (b) Your high school transcript (or GED equivalent), confirming your GPA and senior or graduate status. (c) Your college transcript (if already enrolled), confirming your GPA and full-time enrollment status. (d) A brief paragraph concerning your request for scholarship. (e) A brief paragraph that outlines your educational goals and career plans.

Please Print Last Name__________________________ First Name _________________________ Middle Initial______ Address____________________________________ City_____________________ State____ Zip_________ Telephone__________________________ E-mail Address _________________________________________ Legal Residence: State____ County__________________ High School _______________________________________________________________________________ *The below information is only needed if you have not yet graduated or you recently graduated highschool. *High School Class Rank______ *Grade Point Average _______ *Expected Graduation Date ________ College/Technical School Selection____________________________________________________________ Academic Discipline ________________________________________________________________ Address______________________________________________ Telephone____________________________ City __________________________________________ State___________________ Zip_______________ Financial Aid Department Contact___________________________________ Telephone__________________ Acceptance Date_____________ Semester Start Date______________ Est. Graduation Date______________ Referring Member ___________________________________ Phone________________________________ Please list any academic institutions you have attended or specialized aviation-oriented technical or military training you have received: Program or Institution Address Dates Attended ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ Return completed application to SCAA, PO Box 12067, Columbia, SC 29211 or email to scaa@scaaonline.com by June 30, 2019

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SCAA 2019 Spring Issue: Palmetto Aviation  

SCAA 2019 Spring Issue: Palmetto Aviation

SCAA 2019 Spring Issue: Palmetto Aviation  

SCAA 2019 Spring Issue: Palmetto Aviation

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