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I just started passing time by sleeping. Do you know that sleeping is a good exercise? During sleep you can come across yourself and you can visualize many unknown things which you normally overlook. Can you tell what are the differences among the words SEE, LOOK and VISUALIZE? See

: the happenings around as seen.


: your perception on the scene.

Visualize : the inner meaning and cause. During sleep you may not always be able to visualize, but you would definitely look as you perceive. Visualization may have a point of debate, but look as you perceive leaves no


scope of doubt.

So, I started day dreaming which I narrate. You may believe it or not. These are like TV serials, where resemblances with any character or happening are just coincidental. One day in my dream Dada came. In Bengali, Dada is big brother who supports you in every sort of your difficulties and keeps mum in your good time (just opposite to a friend). It may be called a derivative of English word Daddy. However, Dada came and enquired from me about my problems. After giving a very patient hearing he asked

Did you use a mask in public or show your Original face to them I am not very sure. To my understanding I used to show the original face to public. Dada Then you change your habit, dear. Never show you as you feel yourself to be, but pretend yourself as the others like you to be. In that case Dada, I have to carry so many faces with me. Different person want me to see differently.