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Do you know the relationship between one’s computer and his wife? In fact wife is always a virus to the computer. When you use your computer for a long time your wife gets hot along with your system also and that is the opportune time to shut down your machine. In my bad old days during 90’s when I was under the learning process I was very passionate. Let me give an sample dialogue between me and my wife on those days. Wife - Would you like to have some snacks? Me

- Hard disk full.

☺ - Have you brought the sharee. ☻ - Bad command or file name. ☺ - But I told you about it in morning ☻ - Erroneous syntax- abort/ retry/cancel. ☺ - Hai Bhagwan ! You forget it? Where's your salary packet? ☻ - File in use, read only, try after some time. ☺ - At least give me your Debit card, I can do some shopping.

90’s Diary

☻ - Sharing violation, access denied.

☺ - I made a mistake by marrying you. ☻ - Data type mismatch. ☺ - You are useless. ☻ - By default. ☺ - Who was there with you in the car last evening? ☻ - System unstable press ctrl, alt, del to Reboot. ☺ - What is the relation between you & your Receptionist? ☻ - The only user with write permission. ☺ - What is my value in your life? ☻ - Unknown virus detected. ☺ - Do you love me or your computer? ☻ - Too many parameters. ☺ - I will go to my dad's house. ☻ - Program performed illegal operation, it will close. ☺ - I will leave you forever. ☻ - Close all programs and log out immediately. ☺ - It is worthless talking to you. ☻- Shut down the computer.


☺ - At least give me your Debit card, I can do some shopping. ☻ - Sharing violation, access denied. ☺ - Hai Bhagwan ! You forget it? Where's...

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