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I was wondering how the last 5 years of my service career passed away so quickly. In fact since joining the Bank I was not at all satisfied with my job. During late 90s when I started exploring the utilities of computer, I got something of my passion. In the initial stage I was not allowed to enter into the main stream of Bank’s IT arena. One of my good friends, whom I incidentally encouraged into this area, prevented me from entering into Bank’s main IT stream. I

Looking Backwards

was not also sitting idle. I went of developing

various utilities which gave me satisfaction and recognition as well. In fact my erstwhile CMD Mr. Sridar reposed confidence on me and I was inducted to CBS by him for looking after technical aspects. From the last lap of my service I was a bit hesitant as to how the post retired life would be. After such a hectic schedule, which I had been pursuing, simply sitting idle would really be a punishment. Of course, so long internet facility is there time pass is not an issue. Frankly speaking, besides time pass, I need money also to pull on. So I was seriously thinking of get myself employed somewhere. My






technology, be it implementation or facility management. Now that implementation has

Fear of Uncertainity

almost come to an end, the ultimate scope would be maintenance of implemented IT system. I did have developed certain alternate delivery channels to reach to the customers which I could not implement. I thought that I would try to pursue those in my second innings.