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SC Exhibitions Magazine 2014

 Welcome! Editorial by Christoph Scholz, Director at SC Exhibitions



 A Lively Debate in a Quiet Place? Curators, journalists and critics currently discuss the progress of Museums and exhibitions in times of digitalization, globalization and social media. We have compiled controversial opinions and amusing trends from this ongoing dicussion.


 rom Picassos to Sarcophagi, Guided by Phone Apps: Edward Rothstein from F The New York Times criticizes the way Museums make use of smartphone apps.


 pen Letter to Traditionalists: Nina Simon, book author and Executive Director of O the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History confronts Mr Rothstein’s and Arianna Huffington’s criticism in an open letter.


 Why I Hate Museums: James Durston, Senior Producer at CNN Travel, has written several opinion articles, most of which seem to upset his readership. This one sparked a particularly controversial discussion.

Dear Reader,

“ I Was There” On the occasion of the #MuseumSelfie day Catrin Lorch, writer for the Süddeutsche Zeitung, casts a light on how we perceive Museums and the arts in the future.


 Come Together: Join the community at the Touring Exhibitions Meeting 2014 at the Olympic Park in Munich.


 Re-creating a Moment of Wonder: The Adventures of an exhibition from Ancient Egypt to Munich and via half of Europe to Kansas City and Baku.


 Zahi Hawass: The Egyptian archaeologist and former Minister of Antiquities enlarges on the discoveries in the Valley of Kings after Howard Carter in his latest book Discovering Tutankhamun.


 Let Us Edutain You: SC Exhibitions Director Christoph Scholz on the expertise required by private enterprises when they organize and market touring exhibitions.


 e Fascination in History: Guido Knopp, Germany’s best-known historian, author Th and producer of TV documentaries, examines why we are so intrigued by the past.


Art photography: Von Hagens by Sanges. Photography created by Marco Sanges will be exhibited alongside the “Body Worlds” exhibition in Munich.




 pening the Lionheart: Paleopathology Superstar Philippe Charlier on the essential O importance of cooperation with historians and curators for his work.



 From Titanic to Pompeii: A look at our esteemed partner Premier Exhibitions, Inc. and their current productions around the globe.


 Inside and Around SCE: Meet the people that make up the most ambitious producer of and local host for touring exhibitions in Central Europe.



Cover image “Do You See What I See?”– Photo of the Pellertorturm, Nuremberg, taken by photo blogger Sugar Ray Banister. Taken from the photo exhibition “Places of the Renaissance” that accompanies our local presentation of “DaVinci – The Genius” in Nuremberg running 12 April through 10 August 2014. See page 23.

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You hold in your hands the very first edition of the annual SC Exhibitions magazine. We would like to present our work to you on these pages. In 2008 we took our first step into the world of exhibitions when “Tutankhamun – His Tomb and His Treasures” celebrated its premiere in Zurich. The exhibition comprises a reproduction of the legendary burial chambers of the Egyptian pharaoh with over 1,000 replicas crafted with the utmost care and true to the originals. An extraordinary project, which was initially met with skepticism from experts and the exhibition industry. However, our venture suceeded. Today, three Tutankhamun exhibitions are on display around the world – it is THE relevant Tutankhamun exhibition, and has long since evolved into a melting pot of Egyptian culture. Our project is accompanied by extensive supporting programmes and book publications. We are proud to say that we are supporting a renovation project this year in the Tutankhamun galleries of the famous Egyptian Museum at Tahrir Square in Cairo, which will be presented to international media on 15 November 2014 – the Museum’s 112th anniversary. As local promoter in Germany and Austria, we set up distinct highlights: We kick off a new annual series “Exhibition Summer at the Olympic Park” in Munich this April with the probably most successful exhibition in the world: Gunther von Hagens’ “Body Worlds”. We are supporting the Touring Exhibitions Meeting as the main sponsor and organizer. The event takes the form of an industry conference for producers and promoters of touring exhibitions from the public and private sectors. At our second meeting in Berlin last year, we welcomed 140 delegates from 31 countries. Together with our partners and sponsors, we would like to invite you to our next meeting from 12–14 September in Munich’s Olympic Park. We are driven by the idea of enabling a broad audience to enjoy education and knowledge in the form of experiences and encounters. In the dual role of producer and local host for international exhibitions, we have a broad spectrum of means for realizing this goal. To tell you about our work we are publishing our annual SC Exhibitions magazine. You find our first edition

on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of the AAM in Seattle, the Annual Conference of ECSITE in The Hague, and the Touring Exhibitions Meeting (TEM) in Munich. We convinced several authors and companions to provide you with interesting and varied reading. Edward Rothstein, cultural critic-at-large for The New York Times, describes his experiences with Museum apps on page 10, and the Executive Director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, Nina Simon, responds to his criticism on page 12. Guido Knopp, Germany’s most famous historian, examines why we are so fascinated by history on page 23. Finally, CNN journalist and TEM 2014 Keynote Speaker James Durston even explains why he hates Museums on page 30. Who is behind SC Exhibitions? We are a division of the German culture and events promoter Semmel Concerts. We have been involved in live entertainment for over 20 years. Semmel Concerts is an affiliate of CTS Eventim AG, Europe’s leading ticketing and live entertainment corporation. We are one of the leading promoters and producers in Germany and we grow internationally. “Semmel” is the name of company founder and managing director Dieter Semmelmann. And “Concerts”? For some time now, “Concerts” means more to us than promoting concerts: today this means cultural experiences and get-togethers, including concerts, shows, ballet, lectures, media production, book publishing, merchandising, venue operation – and exhibitions indeed. Are you interested in our Tutankhamun exhibition? Do you want to bring your exhibition to the German-speaking territories? Do you have an idea for an exhibition we might produce? Then we look forward to talking with you. Please feel free to approach us at one of the conferences or write to us at director@sc-exhibitions. com.

Photo: Laurence Underhill


Welcoming international journalists in Cairo Christoph Scholz Director SC Exhibitions

Visit us for more information, opinions, photos and videos on and feel free to contact us there.


Christoph Scholz

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SC Exhibitions magazine 2014  

The very first edition of the annual SC Exhibitions magazine is out now. We are publishing it to tell you about our work and to connect wi...

SC Exhibitions magazine 2014  

The very first edition of the annual SC Exhibitions magazine is out now. We are publishing it to tell you about our work and to connect wi...