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LETTER FROM THE CEO’s Welcome to Pink Pearl Magazine L.L.C.


This is the place where the Sexy Business Woman on the Go can Flourish. She makes her mark. She leads the pack. She is a Pink Pearl! We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves. Laneeta Smith, Fashion Columnist, Fashion Designer, Hr Generalist and Nicole Rogers, Youth Mentor, Women’s Panelist, Patient Care Assistant have come together with the vision to empower women. We have connected with dynamic women that share the same vision and are excited to share with you, our readers what it takes to become that Pink pearl, the phenomenal woman. We believe that every woman has a story to tell; the single mother earning her degree, the abused woman that survived, the CEO, the small business owners, the list goes on and on. What are your goals and aspirations? What is your purpose in life? You may or may not know the answers to these questions. We want to help you find them. We feature women that inspire/motivate, teach and empower you. We would like you to use Pink Pearl Magazine as your vehicle or reference to guide you through your everyday lives as well as inspire you to develop your own business ventures. Our goal is to stimulate your mind from a global business perspective as well as you viewing us as your best friend. As a best friend we listen, we advise and often discuss our relationships. We have provided a channel for men and women to openly discuss a broad range of relationship topics @ You never know who may be going through the same situation as you and may have a different approach. That new outlook on the same scenario may just help you. We hope that something you read in this publication will inspire innovation or just make you smile. We appreciate your support and look forward to a long lasting relationship! Sincerely, PInk Pearl Mag




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FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS up comedy classes at the D.C. Improv Comedy School. I stumbled upon the comedy classes on the way back from my hairdresser. I knew that I made people laugh, but I didn’t know it would lead to my doing stand-up comedy. But as fate would have it, the comedy classes have proved to be invaluable. I am told that about 30% of actors are “discovered” doing stand-up comedy.

IN PURSUIT OF MY DREAM STACEY LYNN STACY A life without purpose is one I cannot imagine living. My purpose is still being defined in my view and a daily pursuit. All my life I knew that I would become an actress someday. In November, 2010 I left behind my law practice in Washington, D.C. and drove west to Hollywood, California to do just that. In preparation of this “sudden” change, I went to acting classes, and took improv and stand-

In LA I am backstage with comediennes like Tony Rock, Cocoa Brown, Kevin Hart at the local LA comedy clubs. I am gaining recognition as a local comedienne. It is incredibly exciting. I am challenging my fears on every level. I just completed my first screenplay, “A Time to Decide” along with a writing partner. Writing has always interested me and I have written short stories in the past. I hope that eventually I will be writing roles for me to star in. In Romans 14:23 and Habakkuk 2: 1-4, it states “The Just Shall Live by Faith”. That sums up my life in a sentence. Pursuing my dreams has been one faith filled step at a time. It is has been exciting, challenging and rewarding.




8 “Empowering youth is our mission� Our vision is to prepare at- risk teens for a more productive tomorrow as we increase personal awareness culturally and socially. By allowing youth to experience positive emotions while reinforcing commitment to family and community, we empower them to be uniquely dynamic as they gain confidence in themselves and in decision making among peers and adults. This will be accomplished by focusing on Self-Esteem, Social skills and Goal Setting. Children require attention, love and unconditional

support to assist them during the process of self-discovery. This is where they learn to value the truest essence of themselves and understand they can be very proficient in many areas that society could benefit from for years to come. Nicole Rogers Director

From Left to Right: Kim Martin, Laneeta Smith, Nicole Rogers, Prescilla WeeksSales, Ersula Haygood, Pink Pearl Guest


We would like to give a special Thanks to all of our guests that attended our Monthly Professionals Happy Hour at Sushi Rock. We look forward to networking with you all again next summer 2012!

From left to right: Dan Henderson & Santino Torres of H81 Studios & Design, Prescilla Weeks-Sales, Ersula Haygood, Kim Martin, Nicole Rogers, Laneeta Smith, & Kim Martin Again!



“Painting truly is my passion and purpose for being. I honor the process of being able to visualize

10 Lisa M. Cliff Blind Faith

of her life, she put her artistic career on hold to work with her mentor, the late William (Bill) Williams, co-founder of Glory Foods in the building of the company and the brand.

Lisa Cliff, Glory Foods Vice President of Sales has been the driving force behind the positioning and branding of Glory Foods seasoned canned vegetable and fresh produce, for more than 19 years. What is not generally known about Cliff, however, is that when she is not on the road with her sales team promoting Glory’s products; she is busy indulging in her favorite passion – painting. An accomplished artist who has been painting for most

Cliff has participated in the Columbus art scene for many years and has won numerous awards and received honorable mentions for her work. While she has cultivated her growth at Glory Foods, beginning as a sales representative before vaulting to National Sales Director and finally Vice President of Sales, Cliff continued to produce art quietly behind the scenes. “Now is the time to unfold my wings like a butterfly and fly free towards creative

pursuits,” said Cliff. “Painting truly is my passion and purpose for being. I honor the process of being able to visualize something in my head and then transform my thought into something profoundly unique, and; like Van Gogh, ‘I paint what I dream’. My work is a way of inviting you, the viewer into my dreams, to share in the journey, to participate and become engaged in it – even for a brief moment.” Lisa has begun exhibiting locally after a 15 year hiatus with her first major exhibition at Galleria Evangelia, (located at 4269 N. High), in an exhibition titled, Women of Color, Women of Power. Cliff’s new body of



ualize something in my head and then transform my thought into something profoundly unique.” work is deeply rooted in the culture of African tribes who believe in an intrinsic responsibility to their ancestors, as well as the creative use of talents to honor God and those who have come before. The show will run for six weeks beginning February 26th to April 11, 2011. In addition to painting Lisa also recently discovered her hidden talent of writing poetry that also celebrates the mind body and soul. Lisa intermixes her paintings and poems so that each supports the other. Lisa is also a member of Big brothers Big Sister program where she mentors a 14 year old,” Iyanna.” Lisa has been in program for 4 years and enjoys

spending time with and her little, I yanna going to cultural events, writing poetry and just spending time together. “My hope with my little is to help her navigate life and realize that she can do whatever she puts her mind to do.” Lisa is also a member of “Elite Bicycle and Adventure Club” which is an African American female bike riding club. The members ride bikes in the Spring/ Summer from 25 to 40+ miles and hike in the colder months. Lisa is also a graduate of Wilberforce University where she received a degree in Organizational Management.

Lisa’s Art website is:





Singer and songwriter ReneeDion’s sultry blend of jazz, R&B, hip hop and soul makes her a unique find in a sea of imitators. After sharpening her skills in Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta, the Ohio native is quickly becoming one of the most talked about new singers in alternative soul music.Having opened for artists Eric Roberson, N’Dambi, Jesse Boykins III and singing alongside Gordon Chambers, she has earned her nu-soul stripes. Renee Dion’s jazz and hip hop improve style was displayed in the summer of 2010 in her mixtape series. Her debut album, The Rhapsody Inn, is produced by BJazz and Rob Riley of The Liquid Crystal Project, and will be released in March of 2011. Known for her dynamic live shows and passionate vocals, it will only be a matter of time before ReneeDion is in a city near you. Run and tell that.... Q. Where were you Born? A. I was born in Youngstown Ohio Q. How old were you when you started singing? A. Let’s see. I actually started song writing first. It was like a musical journey for me. I really didn’t start singing until the age of twelve when I discovered an Artist by the name of Brandi. She was like my muse as a child. She got me started. Everything I started to write started to make since. I told myself that clearly these things that I am writing are songs. I need to be like


Brandi and start singing. Q. Did you take any singing lessons? A. Church. Yup. That was my beginning. Singing in choirs. Gospel choir at school. That was my formal training. Q. Were you raised in a musical household? Are you the only artist in the family? A. Yes. My dad was a jazz DJ. All my aunties can sing. My brother is a heavy music head. If it wasn’t coming from my dad’s Dj booth, or my brother playing music in his room, my mother playing music. My grandmother played the organ. As a child the only thing that would calm down was sitting being put on my grandmother’s lap while she played the organ. Music as always has been in my life daily. Q.When did you know that you were going to be an entertainer? A. Funny story. In church, at five years old. The pastor called all the kids up front and asked them what they will be when they grow up. Each child said, I want to be a doctor, I want to be a lawyer, I want to be a nurse…when the mic came to me, I said I want to be a comedian. Not really knowing what I am saying, but even at that age I knew I wanted to be an entertainer. I just wanted to be on the mic. I wanted to perform in front of a crowd. Q. When and where was your first major paid performance? My album release party.

08.11 A. At Vonn Jazz here in Columbus Ohio March 24, 2011. It was incredible. Eric Roberson hosted and Jessie Boykin performed. Eric took the time out of his busy schedule to host it. It wasn’t about the money it was about the love. I am still on a high from that show. Eric Roberson showed me love by hosting my show. That was major to me. That just spoke value to me. That meant the world to me. The love and the support shown to me that night meant so much. Q. What is the largest audience you performed in front of? A. 2008 Chicago, Michigan Ave. Manifest. It is a festival for all graduating seniors. I got a chance to perform with my band at the time Emancipated Soul. We did a 45 minute set. Hundreds of kids were there celebrating finally graduating from college. That was my biggest gig. It was amazing. Q. Who are your inspirations? If any? A. I have to start with God first. Without him we are nothing. My mom and dad. My grandmother. My home girl Lex out of New York from Golden eye entertainment. She shoots all my videos and makes sure I am together. She is a huge inspiration. Musically: Liquid Crystal project, Sade, Maxwell, Mello X , Eric Roberson, Brandi, Jay Z, Mobb Deep, Take six..The list goes on. I am, inspired by this interview right here. I have beautiful people in my life. Inspiration can hit you at any moment. Talking to someone, seeing something, reading a book etc. Q. What is your idea setting to perform? A. Imagine the most comfortable place in your house and me walking in singing with my band. Some place nice and cozy. Some place where all people can just let their guard down. And be real. Be ourselves. Something similar to your living room. Real deal I’m in your face. Q. What is your idea audience? A. Everyday people. The nine to fivers trying to survive out here in this crazy world…Like my song, when Monday come around” people looking for love or that have lost love. Everyday people, Blue collar, white collar, green, I don’t care what color. People that want an answer. I believe the audience that will show up to see me will get what they need. People that don’t believe there is still real music out there. People that want an answer. Q. Have you always incorporated poetry during performances? A. Yes. I studied poetry in college. Poetry is a huge influence in my song writing. I was writing before I sang. Ever since I was a child I was writing. What I wrote became poems, which became songs. I feel like all music is poetry. All of it. What rappers do, is poetry. What some of the R&B singers do is, even if it’s nonsense, its poetry. Poetry is definitely a backdrop to what I do. It is a free way to say what you want to say. You kind of chop it up a little bit, but people understand what you’re trying to say. Poetry is a big part of my music.

FEATURED Q. How long did it take to make your first video? A. Really not that long. It was cold. It was raining. We were in Chicago. We just went with it. It took literally three hours to get it done. I think the rain was part of the reason we got it done so fast. Q. What is it that makes a great show for you? A. Funny story. I went to the studio. I asked B Jazz what beat he had for me. He said he had one I wouldn’t like. He played for me that he was going to throw away. I listened to the beat and thought it was incredible. I asked what it was called, He said, “Nothing at all” because he was going to throw it away. I built from that. The song is simply that. Because it was a free style at the moment, I didn’t know where I was going with it. It is about a relationship where I gave my all I had but, he gave nothing at all. Q. When is the next video? A. The next Video was just shot here in Columbus. It is a new song called the Bridge. It’s going to be on my new project. Q. Describe “nothing at all” What is your message in this song? A. Funny story. I went to the studio. I asked B Jazz what beat he had for me. He said he had one I wouldn’t like. He played for me that he was going to throw away. I listened to the beat and thought it was incredible. I asked what it was called, He said, “Nothing at all” because he was going to throw it away. I built from that. The song is simply that. Because it was a free style at the moment, I didn’t know where I was going with it. It is about a relationship where I gave my all I had but, he gave nothing at all. Q. What type of advice can you give our readers and aspiring singers? A. Persistence and Perseverance are the two P’s you need to carry in your pocket no matter what your situation. Q. If you had the opportunity to start over from the beginning, is there anything you would change in regards to your career choices? A. Nothing. I would not change a thing. Q. Why? A. The good the bad, a lot of bad, all of it helped me create my album. I would change nothing. For more info: ReneeDion recently Featured on





Miki L. Gotoh Campaign Director 14

A first generation JapaneseAmerican and Columbus native, Miki has earned Bachelor’s Degrees from both the Ohio State University and the Columbus College of Art & Design. In 2009, she won the Scion Fashion Feud and the Highball Halloween Couture Costume Designer of the Year competition, then landed a job as an Assistant Technical Designer with Lane Bryant. This ambitious young woman has made quick strides to establish herself within the local fashion community. But when disaster struck her parents’ homeland in March, Miki felt inspired to make a different type of impact, and the “Ai for Fashion” campaign was

born. “Ai for Fashion” combines Miki’s love for fashion, unity, and love, seamlessly. It stands to remind us of those whose air and water have been compromised, and confronts us with the needs of the Japanese who have lost their homes, their families, and their loved ones. The “Ai for Fashion” campaign bolsters Miki’s belief that, even though her family in Japan has not been directly affected by the disasters, we should band together in a unified effort to help because essentially Japan and fashion go hand in hand; from its innovative runways to its trendsetting street-style, Japan is world renowned for its fashion flair. Unfortunately, because of the recent series of tragic events, the organizers of Japan Fashion Week were forced to cancel this year’s event. “Ai for Fashion - A Benefit for Japan Relief” will pay homage

to Japan and its Fashion Week. This fashionable affair will consist of an after-five cocktail mixer, art and fashion exhibit, and silent auction held with the objective to foster community and unify the local effort for Japan disaster relief. “Ai for Fashion” represents community, culture, and couture. All proceeds from this event will go to JACL.



FEATURED WOMEN Afaliah Singer/songwriter Afaliah’s EP “ Provocative Diaries” is due to drop this September. Her song “All Is Well” made a cameo on Fly Union’s Ladies Edition Value Pack 4. Since then, Afaliah has been getting attention from many bloggers and music listeners with a taste for new music. From performances across the globe to international tours with mega R&B artist, Joe, Afaliah has had her glimpses of the limelight in its many incandescent colors. A graduate of The Ohio State University with a B.F.A in Dance, Afaliah moved to New York City and began touring with Rennie Harris, Puremovement. She has also danced and performed with Andrea Woods/Soloworks, Bebe Miller, Philip Hamilton VOICES, and Forces of Nature Dance Theater. Also an accomplished singer and songwriter, Afaliah has penned songs for CBS soap opera “Guiding Light” and for several advertising campaigns. Afaliah is Artistic Director of SoulRebel Dance Inc, a contemporary modern dance company that infuses Hip Hop, House, and West African dance forms. Now the time has come for her to command a spotlight of her own. The singer/song-


writer has recently premiered her highly anticipated music video for her single, “Ms. U” The song has received thumbs ‘all the way up’ from industry heavies and is poised to spark a big buzz this summer. Ms. U was produced by Columbus Ohio’s up and coming producers, Monkey Wrench popularly known as Fly Union. Monkey Wrench has recently worked with the Curren$y, the newest addition to Kanye’s GOOD Music roster, Big Sean as well as Los Angeles’ burgeoning emcee, Dom Kennedy.





DeLores Pressley, Motivational Speaker and Personal Power Expert, is one of the most respected and sought-after experts on confidence, motivation and personal power. She is an international keynote speaker, author, coach and the Founder of the Born Successful Institute and the CEO of DeLores Pressley Worldwide. She helps individuals increase confidence and use personal power to activate their ideal life. Her mantra is “Be Undeniably Powerful.” DeLores’ client list range from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies, including Procter and Gamble (P&G), General Electric (GE), FedEx and Roche Pharmaceutical. Her story has been touted in Glamour, Washington Post, Black Enterprise, Success, Essence, Smart Business and Ebony. She is a frequent media guest and has been interviewed on every major network including America’s top rated

shows; OPRAH and Entertainment Tonight. DeLores is the author of Oh, Yes You Can, Clean Out the Closet of Your Life and Believe in the Power of You. She serves on many Boards and is the President of The ABCD, Inc. Board of Directors, Member of the O’Jays Scholarship Foundation Board and Director of Programs for the National Speakers Association Ohio Chapter. She is the Spokesperson for the Humanitarian

Hands Foundation and the Co-Host of the radio show; “Wriggling in the Middle” heard on WHBC 1480am. Her newest venture is an organization to empower women worldwide entitled The UP Woman Network – Be Undeniably Powerful.

08.11 Q. Who and/or what inspired you to become a motivational speaker? A. I always got in trouble at school for talking too much. I think I recognized my gift of voice as a young girl. In 1986, I started my first business; Dimensions Plus Size Model Agency. I was often invited to be a guest expert on shows like “Jerry Springer and Maury Povich” (this was before they changed their show format. So as a frequent media guest, I was speaking a lot about how women should love themselves no matter what. I was not an advocate of obesity, but I believe that we use our power to love ourselves at all times. Yes, we may need to make changes, but love yourself through the change. Q. We notice you speak about asking for what you want. Is there a particular situation where you felt you didn’t do so? A. I always ask for what I want. I believe there is power in asking. It is not a sign of weakness. When I wrote my second book, Clean Out the Closets of Your Life, I wanted Les Brown to write the foreword to my book. I was not afraid to ask him to write it. Then I thought that I would like to have a photo of both of us on the back of the book. For a quick moment I listened to the naysayers. Then I thought about what is the worst thing that could happen if he said, “no”.

FEATURED Nothing would happen. However, if I did not answer, I would not have our picture on the back of my book. Q. Was there a life changing event that helped you know what message you wanted to deliver your audience? A. There are two significant turning points in my life that gave me personal power and confidence, thus letting me know that I must help other achieve success. As a child, I had such a strong determination to be a ballerina that I dreamed about it every night. When I heard a dance troupe was coming to my school I begged my mother to sign me up for ballet lessons. Much to my surprise she returned to inform me she signed me up for tap dance instead of ballet. I was devastated and could not understand how she could do that to me. At that time she explained the dance instructor thought I was better suited for tap, not ballet. It wasn’t until later in life she revealed the truth that she spared me from the pain of the dance instructor telling her I was too big for ballet. My mother spoke confidence into me by constantly telling me how beautiful I was and how I could achieve anything. Once I found this out it was a turning point for me… I decided I would never allow anyone to rob me of my power.

As an adult I had a similar experience. I wanted to be a model, but every agency I turned to told me “you are too big, too fat.” It took me back to my childhood years and I could hear that dance instructor telling my mother the same thing.” This time I took action, bound and determined to prove them wrong. I mustarded my confidence and started the Dimensions Plus Model Agency. I had the agency for 18 years and our models worked for Glamour, Essence, Saks Fifth Avenue to name a few. Do not let others determine your self-worth. Your power to change your beliefs gives you the power to change your circumstances. Q. In your book, Oh yes you can! You address self confidence. At what point in your life do you feel you reached your full potential? When did you know? A. I think reaching my full potential is continuous. I have a Personal Power Box on my desk. When I have achieved one of my major goals or achieved success, I write what happened on card and put it in the box. It is an inspiration to me and whenever I may feel tired and wonder why I work hard, I pull a card out of the box. Sometimes, I write little achievements on sticky notes and place on my wall. Recently, I was selected as a cover story for a national



08.11 magazine. My photo will be on the cover. As soon as I heard the news, I was thankful and placed the sticky note right in front of me. It has not been published yet, so it must remain nameless. Check my website in a few months and you will see the cover. My website is Q. Where does your obvious passion to help others come from?


A. My passion comes from seeing others achieve success. I always knew I wanted to leave my mark on this earth--my legacy--as someone who was a personal power and confidence expert that helped individuals have the confidence to realize the life they love. Having gained more clarity in that part of my life over the past year, I am currently on a mission to create a world of confident women. I have set out to do just that with my new speaking topics AND my new organization--UP Woman—with UP standing for Undeniably Powerful. Information can be found at

great idea. Stand on your belief and make it happen. When you encounter a vision, be sure to put yourself inside the vision. For example… If you want a new car, you must see yourself inside the car, smell the new leather, feel your hair blowing in the wind. Don’t be on the outside looking inside your vision. Visions are powerful. Many have heard, “Where there is no vision, the people perish; Q. Did you put a timeline on your goals? Have you met the timeline?

Q. Are there personal goals in your life that you have not A. Yes, I always date my goals. met yet? If so, what are they? Several of my goals are to have a syndicated radio show A. Goals are a part of my viby January 7, 2012 and be a sion. My visions help me create host of a national television my goals. Goals should begin show by January 7,2013. Acas a thought, then spoken, tion is a critical component to followed by writing them and achieve goals. dating them. Don’t sit on your

Q. Where do you see yourself in five years? A. In five years I see myself traveling the world helping women grow in their professional and business lives. The UP Woman network will be operating in every state in the US and several other countries.

“Believe in the Power of You. Your gifts are already inside you. Cultivate your seeds of success.” ~ Delores Presley


Joia Mercedes is a Columbus, Ohio native, who went on to become a well-known Hair & Make-up Artist in Los Angeles and Atlanta. If being a celebrity stylist was considered a fine art, Joia Mercedes would be the “Picasso” of the business. With over 15 years of experience in the Beauty and Entertainment Industry, Joia Mercedes consistently brings the style of haute couture to the faces and coiffures of top celebrities and models. As a world renowned hair extensions specialist, national educator for global hair product companies and personal stylist for today’s hottest stars, Joia Mercedes is on the fast track to becoming internationally known as one of the industry’s best.


If you’ve ever watched the red carpet pre-show of the Oscar’s, the Grammy’s, or a Hollywood movie premiere, no doubt you’ve seen the flawless styling of Joia Mercedes. During her professional career, Joia has had the pleasure of working with many beautiful people in Hollywood, such as Shaun Robinson, Tatyana Ali, Vanessa Simmons, M.C. Lyte, Countess Vaughn, Teairra Mari, Hayden Panettiere, Maria Menounos, and Nancy O’Dell . Joia and her styling team have been requested by directors including Bryan Barber, Lil X, Dale “Rage” Resteghini and Phillip G. Atwell, to work on music videos for Lil’ Wayne, Kanye West, The Game, Rocko, Plies and Eminem. Joia also enjoyed working as a Key Television hairstylist on NBC’s “Access Hollywood” for many years.




Joia Mercedes has gained international exposure by styling for numerous commercials and films. In her quest for excellence, she has traveled coastto-coast to receive advanced training from major companies such as Mizani, Dudley’s, Clairol, Wella, Design Essentials, Kevin Aucoin, NARS and M.A.C. Cosmetics. She was also named “One of the Most Influential Female Power Players in the Beauty Industry” two years in a row. Her editorial work has been seen in many national magazine publications. This innovative image maker has coordinated numerous runway presentations and has received prestigious awards and accolades for her work. Joia’s love of education and helping others is what she credits for propelling her to the top of her field. Joia is most widely recognized as the Beauty Host of B.E.T. Network’s hit make-over show

“Remixed”, on which she served as a national television spokesperson for Proctor & Gamble’s Pantene and Cover Girl Cosmetics. While responding to countless letters from viewers requesting beauty advice, she realized that there was a genuine need for people who didn’t live in Beverly Hills -- to have access to the same premium quality hair and wigs as the Celebrities they look to for style inspiration. Thus, Joia launched, to offer clients worldwide elite access to the human hair wigs of their dreams. She offers stock and custom made lace wigs in an unlimited array of lengths, textures and colors. Clients love wearing her lace wigs for cosmetic reasons, to change their look or to give their natural hair a rest. In addition, many clients who suffer from permanent hair loss for medical reasons such as cancer and alopecia have truly benefited from the use of

these wigs. Joia emphasizes, “Even if you don’t live in Hollywood, you can still look and feel like a star by wearing my signature line of lace front wigs.” Joia Mercedes also offers custom-made Swarovski hoop earrings on and she has created exclusive pieces for celebrities such as Willow Smith, Keyshia Cole and Megan Good. Joia is a force to be reckoned with who looks at the world with an optimistic view and sees nothing but endless possibilities. This is only the beginning for this styling genius. For more information, please visit: www. and www.


What is Zumba? Zumba is a fitness program that initially combines Latin music and easy-to-follow dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training, alternating fast and slow rhythms and resistance training which is intended to tone and sculpt the body while burning fat. Zumba’s fans say it’s so popular because Zumba is a fun way to work out.

22 Some research indicates that dance-type aerobic workouts like Zumba can improve cardiopulmonary endurance when done at moderate intensity and duration. The bottom line is if you enjoy Zumba, you’re more likely to stick with it — and more likely to enjoy the benefits of aerobic exercise. As with any exercise, if a certain movement or position causes you pain, try to modify the workout to avoid the aggravating activities. And anytime you’re training with resistance, remember that proper technique is key — don’t get so caught up in the dance rhythm that you forget proper form.

HEALTH & BEAUTY Classes use music based on salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton, mambo, flamenco, chachacha, samba, belly dancing, bhangra, hip hop, axe, tango, country western and other international music styles and forms. Zumba was created by Colombian born Beto Perez during the 1990’s. The classes are offered through licensed instructors worldwide in over 125 countries. Zumba is recognized by the world’s leading fitness educators, including the AFAA (Aerobic Fitness Association of America), IDEA Health and Fitness and ACE (American Council on exercise) As Zumba continues to grow, other classes have been developed for various target groups as outlined below:

· Aqua Zumba—This workshop is an all ages class similar to water aerobics. It is designed to be safe, yet effective and challenging, integrating the Zumba formula and philosophy into traditional aqua fitness disciplines. · Zumbatomic—In September 2009, Zumba Fitness launched Zumbatomic, the first Zumba program for children. The original workout program is designed specifically for girls and boys ages 4-12 and incorporates urban dance styles like hip hop , reggaeton and pop with fundamental concepts such as coordination, discipline, confidence and teamwork.

· Zumba—The traditional Zumba class including basic rhythms like merengue, salsa, cumbia,reggaeton, belly dance, flamenco, tango, samba. · Zumba Gold—This workout is designed for adults and de-conditioned participants. It addresses the anatomical, physiological and psychological needs specific to these populations. · Zumba Toning—This class blends body-sculpting techniques and specific Zumba moves into one class focusing on calorie-burning and strength-training. Instructors use weighted, maracalike Zumba Toning Sticks to enhance rhythm and build strength.

Kelly Marie Burton Roberts a very active Zumba instructor in the Columbus, Ohio area flew to Chicago with major anticipation, did the required instruction...and came out as licensed instructors! Her Fitness Ministry has grown from being a group of “Guinea Pigs” to an intimate group of beautiful people getting in shape together without even knowing they are exercising.



The Purple Smokey Eye 1) Apply a light shade from inner corner through the brow 2) Add purple from lash to crease in the center of the eye 3) Finish with a black or dark gray on the outer corner 4) Apply two coats of a “darkest black” mascara


As a woman, there’s nothing better than a makeover. Here are two easy ways to completely overhaul your look. If you’re a natural beauty who favors a minimalist approach to eye shadow, try adding a little color to your palette. Dark or bright would work. The easiest way to work in these new additions is by incorporating them into your current collection. If you wear a lot of brown and bronze tones, try bright purples, true golds, and deep greens. If you’re a silver and soft white shadow girl, bright pinks, deep blues, and intense charcoal grays are more your speed.

Smokey Made Simple 1) Apply a flesh tone shadow from crease to brow 2) Follow with a black shadow from lash to crease, blend 3) Line the entire eye using a black kohl pencil 4) Finish with mascara on top & bottom lashes Placement is key when trying new looks. You’ll want to mix bright colors in the middle of your daily wearers. Blend the color in between the lighter and darker shades. Be sure not to do any eye full of shimmer, as not to make the eye look wet. Mixing textures allows you to keep the shape and definition intact. Implement darker colors on the outer corner of the eye. Small eyes look best with darker shades extended out to create the illusion of a longer, fuller eye. For all those lip gloss lovers, here’s a trick for you! Swap out your plain jane clear gloss, for a statement lip. This fall is all about going deep.

Purples and blues are all the rage, and they look great on EVERYONE! The key with working with darker lip colors is a nice clean line. A lip pencil is the integral element in creating the perfect fall lip. If you’re more adventurous, try to find a lip pencil that works with a variety of shades. This will allow you try many different colors without the worry of buying a new pencil for each one. A purple, blue, chocolate brown and natural lip color pencil will have you well on your way to being Fall Fabulous!



HEALTH & BEAUTY Obssesive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Rx Pair your new look with soft curls or a heavy bang, and you’re all set! Just watch the heads turn.


THINGS TO REMEMBER 1) The paler the skin, the bigger the pop! Go light on the eyes and blush, otherwise you’ll risk looking like a clown. 2) Line INSIDE as well as the outside of your lips. Darker lipsticks tend to bleed, so after lining your lips, fill them in as well. This also helps to give your lip color a longer wear. 3) Color is key… If your complexion is rosy, you’ll want to stick with the more blue undertones, while more golden tones look best in a warm colors. Colors To Try M.A.C Cosmetics Rebel Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture 18 Noir Lacque




Bringing the word of God alive thru poetry! Kim Aniece Martin, a native of Columbus, Ohio is an anointed woman of God that has been called for this season and this hour. As a woman who uniquely ministers through the vehicle of poetry, Kim carries a special love for young girls and women. Through her love for Christ and people, Kim desires to see the fullness of God manifested and is daily walking out her purpose. As she yields to her hearts desire, “to share God’s message of love and salvation to women and men through poetry,” God has been opening the doors that she is to walk through, and she is stepping through them, with each shoe she wears! Described by many as committed, blessed and outgoing, Kim has not only tapped into


her purpose, but is embracing what God desires to do through her. Depositing divine words of inspiration through the vehicle of poetry, God has given her a right now message that has been life-changing and transforming to all who hear. Addressing such issues as motherhood, dating, building self-esteem and embracing God’s purpose and plan for your life, individuals not only experience a portion of her testimony, but connect with the message of hope that God is releasing through her. Kim’s always had the gift of talking, teaching and mentoring, she can now add Author to her list of accomplishments Kim’s new book titled “Try On Theses Shoe’s” will take readers on an exciting walk as she discusses the many shoes and what happens while wearing them. Shoes like the Non-Functional Shoe, The Wonder Women Wedge, The Bridegroom Slipper and The Stop and Check It Out Stiletto. I’m sure you will find a shoe that is a perfect fit. Kim is also the featured Poet

on Pink Pearl Magazine www. Get your copy at The Book Suite 887 E Long Street Col, Oh or contact eastside.diva @ Follow Kim On FB or Twitter “tryontheseshoes” Now get to Steppin in the right direction




Yolanda PooleClarke I am every woman


The girl whose step grandfather restrained The preteen raped by the first boy she liked The daughter who filled in for mothers absence The sister who wouldn’t walk away from her sisters Daddy’s girl who learned to be handy Young mother who said yes to the life of her child Wife who made dreams come true and a house into a home Beautiful black sista on the blue point of the star Yes I am every woman For every woman there is a song A song with a tune not quite like the others A song only she can sing As her sisters harmonize to her melody She is a symphony Unashamed Proud, beautiful and strong I sing her song I am every woman By: Yolanda Daily Dose Poetry Poole 2011-08-04

Yolanda Poole-Clarke Born December 5, 1976 to Odell Poole and Lorene Spragling in Akron, Ohio. Yolanda started writing poetry in 1991 when her mother was incarcerated for defending herself during a robbery. Yolanda is the author of The Rights: A Rites of Passage for African American Families, which is a culture building tool kit created to help strengthen families and communities as they celebrate and help their children transition from childhood into adolescence. Currently she is working on creating a support group named The Sisters Keepers that will provide as an outlet for young people who have drug dependant or incarcerated parents. Yolanda has recently divorced and has three children, Donnie, Manning and Lorne. She currently resides in Columbus, Ohio where she continues to write poetry to stimulate the

souls of her readers. She believes in uplifting and empowering her community through education, culture strengthening, identity and love.


AUTHOR’S CORNER mother of four, and the grandmother of three. Visit her online at: Q. When did you first realize you wanted to write a novel and how did you do it?

Sheila PeeleMiller Born in Williamston , North Carolina , Sheila Peele-Miller has been writing for as long as she can remember. Although an art major in college, reading and writing has always been her passion. Her debut novel, Painted Picture was released in 2004. Her sophomore project, Daylight Coming was released in 2006 and her latest novel, Prey for the Wicked debuted in September, 2010. Sheila has also released a MEMOIR WRITING JOURNAL. She has contributed a short story titled, The Devil’s Poison to The Shattered Glass Effect, an anthology that depicts the lives of persons affected by AIDS and has written articles for Style-ology Magazine. In her spare time, she teaches fiction, poetry, and memoir writing as well as publishing workshops. Sheila currently resides in Chicago with her husband, is the

A. I have always loved to write and had plenty stories in the back of my mind, but it never dawned on me to actually write a book until I read, Waiting to Exhale. The second I finished it, I said to myself, “I can do this. I can write a book.” From there, I just started writing anywhere and anytime I could. The story just poured from me. Q. Where do you get your ideas for stories from and how long did it take you to write the first one? A. Everybody we meet and know has a story, good, bad, boring or interesting. As an author I like to delve into the wicked side of people and am always listening for things I can write about or use. With my first two novels, Painted Picture and Daylight Coming, I borrowed bits and pieces of people’s lives and personal traits in order to create the drama-filled tales. But with Prey for the Wicked, which is my first mystery, everything was created from scratch, so to speak. I wrote Painted Picture in less than a year, but once I was done I wasn’t sure what to do with it, so I sat on it for a couple of years longer before it went to print.

Q. Is there a ritual you go through before writing? A. Yes, there is. I jot down my thoughts and ideas on whatever it is I’m interested in writing so I will have a beginning point. Then just before I start typing it up, I always have to do something else to stimulate my mind like Solitaire, Sudoku, or crossword puzzles. Q. How has it changed your life? A. As mentioned before, I’ve always loved to write, but never dreamed of teaching creative writing workshops, having people ask me for my autograph, or attend an event whereas I’m treated like a celebrity. Since becoming a published author, I have met so many interesting people from different walks of life. I’ve traveled to cities I hadn’t really thought of going to and can honestly say, it has given me an all-new confidence. A focus. But it also keeps me grounded and humble because it is truly a blessing.



From a Man’s Perspective Donnell Hughes


What do men find attractive in a woman? This is a million dollar question that many can’t put a finger on. The answers vary. Some think it’s a no-brainer and others believe it has something to do with the alignment of the stars. If you go at this topic with high intellect, you are way behind the pack in coming up with the correct response. If you think about who and what you are discussing (The Man & his Needs), then this question is one that requires little energy and even less pondering. Factually speaking, men are and will forever be emotionally challenged when it comes to women! For many of us, we don’t communicate well… we are unreceptive… and lastly, we just aren’t sensitive enough! With that understood, in most cases, there is nothing intrinsic

(deep down) for men to draw from when it comes to what we are attracted to when it comes to a woman. The top three (3) aspects of a woman that attracts a man: #1 THE FACE: An attractive and friendly looking face has proven to be the number one attractant to men of all ages. If you have a friendly look, have a smile on your face - and radiate a positive attitude this will make you more attractive than anything else. (Noticed, makeup wasn’t mentioned) #2 YOUR HAIR: When it comes to hairstyle, men prefer long hair over short hair with a preference to straight hair over curly. What it means ladies: Don’t waste your money on fancy and expensive hairstyles - guys like it long and simple #3 YOUR SCENT: The use of fragrance is proven to improve your success rate with men. The sweeter the better tend to

do better than strong, smoky or musk-type ones. Use it modestly please!. Many women tend to ‘over spray’. Too heavy a scent and you will turn men off! Now you see! We are more unassuming than you think in the area of what we find attractive in women. No science labs, no crystal balls… Simple! Don’t forget it. Donnell Hughes Blue Enterprise Network

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