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The famous Mount Silver has been a place for the past many decades where trainers from all around the world go to challenge others and to test their skills and the strengths of their pokemon to the very limit. All the trainers whom have walked the same path of trainers from the past have felt the power and aura that Mount Silver gives off. The strongest of the strong have paved their way through this mountain and have left their mark for others to follow.

There are a few routes to get to our wonderful camp;

Mount S ilve r

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I challenge every trainer in the world who wants to be the best that they could ever be to come to this amazing camp. Our knowledgeable team and teachers will make you and your pokemon better then before you came here. That is a promise! ~ Red

to our training camp!

Mou n t S ilver

P ok emon T r ain in g C amp

From Johto Region; Head to New Bark Town and go through the Tohjo Falls. From there, take Route 27 and Route 28. From Kanto Region; Head to Virdian City and go through the Indigo Plateau (Route 22). From there, Take Route 28 and your here. *If you are handicap and can’t make the journey, you may contact us and we’ll fly you here in helicopter! *( extra charge )

Helping Trainers Become Grand Champions! Located in the beautiful M t. Silv er in the Johto Region in Japan! Contact or read about us by v isiting our camp website!

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Stanley Eugne Busby II, VC Program

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We are more then just a camp that is focused on making trainers champions, but we are also a place of refuge from the very tired trainer. Lets face it, being a pokemon trainer is more stressfull then the non-trainer thinks. Our camp is fully equpied to those trainers that need a break, from being trainers, but can still have that fellow companionship with others that are trainers as well. From pools to hot tubs, to daily games and events, you will find something to do here. Not only that, but we also have places where your pokemon can relax too!

Even pokemon can join in the relaxation from constant training. Here we having a Pichu learning to play the lute!

Education, Battles, and

our dedicated teachers

Let us not forget what a majority of you trainers want; the opportunity to be taught a new thing or two from our experienced and dedicated instructors, many who are world famous! We have classes for new comers to advanced trainers. Our learning curve is high and demanding. So be prepared to take notes a few times. Our instructors are trainers too and will prove you many chances to battle them. Fair warning, they won’t give up without a good fight! However, don’t be discouraged by this, for they are here to provide you with a proper educational experience that you can pass onto future battles that you will have.

F ood an d L odgin g

We are blessed to great chiefs as part of our staff members. They always are able to cook something amazing everyday, even during the middle of the night for those trainers that can’t sleep. Our main lead chief is the infamous pokemon breeder Brock Harrison. Our lodging is fantastic with two bunk beds per room to allow much conversation between trainers and pokemon. If sharing rooms with others isn’t your thing, let us know and we will set you up in one of our many single bed rooms.

Pokemon Brochure  

Something fun I did while having some free time. Enjoy!

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