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I created a rectangle, 1200 x 400 and created two layers tables and chairs.

I then created circles and changed the diameter to 250.

I repeated the process around the table and trimmed any bits I didn’t want within the rectangle. I then realised that I forgot to colour code my layers. Once I did that the result is below.

I then took the Fillet tool and pressed space bar and wrote down 50.

I noticed that the alignment of my chairs were not equal. Therefore I clicked on the Array tool and selected my object.

As you can see I have highlighted the chair.

I then pressed down the space bar. A down bar popped up giving me a list of options I can choose from. I choose polar.

As you can see it has perfectly lined the chairs around the table. You can change the number of chairs being used, by going to the top left corner, and clicked on the item tool.

Key words AR – ARRAY WBLOCK – Write block, It’s a group of objects saved as a file. TR – Trim OFF – Offset

I then got asked to do a write block which will allow me to save a group of objects as a file. I wrote down WBLOCK.

I then saved this file in a new folder and choose the option convert to block, clicked ok. After that I highlighted my object and it saved.

Week 9 - EPP AutoCAD  
Week 9 - EPP AutoCAD