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I’ve been given a task to draw up a design. As you can see I have done the outline but it still needs curves and the details in place.

As you can see I have added the curves using the fillet tool. The radius of the curves is 525.

To create layers for my work, I clicked in layout properties, which allow me to create new layers and colour code them. This will allow me to differentiate them from one another.

As I stated before I create the three main layers which I have created, which are the outside edge which acts as a wall, the triangles and circles.

As you can see, I have colour coordinated them, which will make it easier for me to follow and differentiate, when I clicked on each individual layer.

I have copied the original image again to show you what the transformation looks like once my layers are applied.

As the outside edge acts as my wall I created another layer called wall and changed the thickness. So once I went to layer properties and changed the layer to wall the thickness of the outer edge changed.

Week 7 - EPP  
Week 7 - EPP