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WEEK 4 – AutoCAD 2013

To set up AutoCAD drawing, I use the template Acadiso.

If you press down L, a drop down menu will give you options. You can either click on (L) line or press down the space bar using your thumb.

This will then display a measurement tool, which you can use to get exact measurements for your work.

If you press down on to the scroll it will allow you to pan and move and zoom in on your work.

As you can see I am practicing getting used to the Line option whilst using the space bar to create objects and shapes.

To get different settings of snap, press down ctrl and right click on the mouse. A list should pop up where you can pick what snap setting you want. Here you can see I have clicked on Osnap.

Once you clicked on Osnap settings, it brings you this box where you click clear all to get rid of the other options.

Ctrl. Right click, select Osnap settings, click on select all and unselect Nearest.

As you can see, I am drawing up a floor plan of a building, using the line tool.

Week 4 - AutoCAD