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Week 3 – Sketchup

From the previous lesson I had on sketchup, I created a tower using the basic tools on sketchup, such as cone, spherical shapes. Then I used the ‘follow’ tool to complete the rest of the tower.

I then decided to see if I can overlap objects and be able to create unusual spaces and shapes. Therefore I decided to start off with two cuboids which intersect each other.

Before I can edit and cut away the boxes. I have to make them as one. So I then highlighted both boxes and right clicked and selected ‘make a group’.

As you can, now that I have made the boxes a group. So when I click on them it selects them as one.

I then pulled apart the highlighted block, which will leave a certain section.

This is end result when the highlighted box is removed.

I decided to put a hole through the column, so that it makes a viewing port, therefore I created a long cylinder, which will be placed within the column.

I then dragged the cylinder shape that I made earlier and inserted it between the column. where I wanted the hole to be. I then erased any bits which were blocking the other side of the cylinder. So you can see through the column.

Semester 2 - Sketchup - week 3  
Semester 2 - Sketchup - week 3