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EDITOR’S NOTE Welcome to the Fall ‘17 issue of Stony Brook Circle K’s Semesterly newsletter! The publication of this newsletter is quite a bittersweet moment as it will be my last semesterly newsletter as SBU’s Circle K editor. However, I’m also extremely excited to graduate and overjoyed at the prospects of mentoring our next editor for the upcoming months. I greatly look forward to seeing how our club grows after my time here has come. For this newsletter, I went with a fashion magazine-esque theme. I wanted to show off my personal favorite tenant of Circle K: Fellowship. This issue is a little less text heavy compared to

previous issues because I wanted our photos of us to speak for themselves. This theme puts our members at the forefront and allows us to show you all that we’ve done and accomplished over the semester rather than simply tell. Most importantly, it shows the bond that we have formed together as a club which drives us to put in so much effort into making sure our club and our service projects and events are a huge success.

Thank you everyone, for allowing me the honor of being your editor for the 2017-18 service year!

Angela Lu SBU Circle K Editor 5

Hobbs Farm I volunteered at the Bethel Hobbs Farm, and when on arrival we were greeted by a cute dog named Lady, we knew it was going to be a good experience. Everyone was welcoming, and the whole farm was excited for a diversity festival they had planned for later on in the day. To help out, we weeded and harvested plants from rhubarb to kale. We learned more about each other as we tried to figure out whether what we pulled out was weed or not. We also pushed each other around in wheelbarrows. Despite the labor and hours of squatting, it was a lot of fun and good bonding time. Richelle Chen 6

Giving Back To The Local Community





DLSSP was the highlight of my fall semester. Going up to Kamp Kiwanis for a weekend was an incredible experience. Helping clean and organize the facilities was a heartwarming service opportunity, but the real highlight of the trip was the amazing friends I made from all over the state and the chance to bond with and get to know Stony Brook Circle K members better. They’re all fantastic people that I became really close to over the course of the weekend under the beautiful starry skies upstate. Going to DLSSP was incredibly fun and I can’t wait to go back next fall. Ekta Rana




During the fall semester, I attended several baking socials where we baked cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and other baked goods in order to sell and raise money for Circle K International. It was always great to meet up with all the amazing people who are a part of Circle K and spend a night baking with them. We always had fun and spent even more time laughing than we spent baking. In the end, we always turned out with delicious products and an even better profit. The hard work that we put into baking and selling our goods was always for a good cause. Whether they were donated to an organization or put towards funding an event for our members, every dollar made was put to good use. A lot of the great experiences from the fall semester could not have been possible without the hard work and dedication shown by myself and the rest of the members of Circle K International. Alexis Rosas .



Beauty Bar

Beauty Bar is our semesterly event focused on improving and raising awareness about mental health. As university students, the days leading up to finals week can be stressful and damaging to one’s mental health. With this event, Stony Brook Circle K aims to support our fellow colleges by hosting a night to pamper oneself as well as educate others about mental health statistics and resources available. We provide stations with flyers about mental health where students can paint their nails, drink mocktails, apply face masks, decorate tote bags, and more! Angela Lu 16

I was a volunteer at Beauty Bar showing people how to make scent bags. It was a really relaxing experience being able to use the scent bags as a way to break the ice with a lot of different people and get to know them while promoting awareness of mental health. It had a very chill vibe to it and was, in general, a nice place to hang out, especially right before finals. Sean Guiao





New York Speaking was a wonderful event where I got to meet and bond with a lot of Circle K members from all over the state. It was all about fellowship so we got to play fun games and hang out in a more casual setting. Fellowship is a very important tenant that we often oversee. If it wasn't for NYS, then I wouldn't be as eager to do service or leadership projects with other college clubs. Jessica Samuel




Service Day

L i v e

t o

On 11/19/17, we held our semesterly event, Service Day. For those who might not know, Service Day is an event that allows students to give back to the community and contribute to various causes right here on campus. Finished service projects are sent off to charities, spreading support and putting a smile on someone’s face!

S e r v e

down messages of support and love, and we put them together and delivered it to CAPs. Another project was making advocacy bracelets where students weaved them out of thread in support of a certain cause. Students had the choice to keep them or leave them with us to donate. Next, we made bookmarks for children in hospitals. These Here’s an update on all the came out great and will be great work we were able to delivered soon! accomplish. Our next service project One of our projects was to was writing letters to veterans. make a poster board of happy These have been shipped to notes for CAPs. Students wrote Operation Gratitude, where they 24

L o v e

t o

will deliver the letters directly to veterans for us. Another service project was making cards in support of breast cancer patients. These were delivered to an organization called Lump to Laughter. This organization was founded by amazing women who overcame breast cancer themselves. After their experience, they decided to create this organization that has the main goal of supporting other breast cancer patients. Finally, we made snack packages for Pax Christi, a local men’s shelter in Port Jefferson.

S e r v e

We decorated the paper bags and put in apples, granola bars, and juice. We also slipped little information cards with useful numbers in them, such as hotlines and other local shelters. Shout out to 3diatrics and Moment of Magic for joining us! Thank you to everyone who took the time to come out and help us create all these amazing service projects. We hope you enjoyed giving back to the community, so please be sure to come out to the next one! Winnie Qi 25



Autumn This past November, I had the pleasure of being able to attend the Autumn Banquet with fellow members of Circle K, Culinary Club, and others who decided to drop by. It gave everyone the opportunity to dress up and destress before finals came around. We were able to enjoy some ice breakers, performances by High C’s, raffles, and an amazing dinner catered by Pollo Rico. After a while, you begin to forget that you’re still at school. Autumn Banquet was the perfect night for everyone to get together and enjoy themselves before going home for Thanksgiving weekend. ~Joyce Che






Divisional & Coffeehouse The Long Island Divisional was a division wide event in which we had all Circle K clubs in attendance. Over 40 Circle k members were in attendance which included members from Adelphi University, Hofstra University, Molloy College, Stony Brook University, City College of New York, and Queens College! During the divisional, we had ice breakers and leadership presentations led by Asad Moughal, Lieutenant Governor of Long Island Circle K. The ice breaker was a major hit and included 32

team sabotage and revenge. The main point that was mentioned at the divisional was the vacancy for the LTG spot for next year. If you are interested and motivated to pursue this position, please reach out to us. After the divisional meeting was over, it was time to enjoy live performances and donuts! The SBU Jazz club delivered an exceptional performance and kept many of the members engaged. Finally the day ended with a blast to the past karaoke mixer. Asad Mougal





SBU CKI Fall Issue 2017  
SBU CKI Fall Issue 2017