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April/May 2014


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Student Spotlight Movie Review: “The Lego Movie” Study Abroad in Madagascar Tips for Graduating Students Graduation Fair 2014

Campus Lifetime Events Festival of Colors Redshirt Apparel on Sale Textbook Buyback

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Student Spotlight Movie Review “The Lego Movie” Study Abroad in Madagascar Tips for Graduating Students Graduation Fair 2014

University Bookstore News for Students • April/May 2014

Student Staff Spotlight: Isha Sheth

Climbing the Ladder of Success It takes a special kind of person to turn a difficult situation into a positive experience. Graduate student Isha Sheth packed up her life in India a little over a year ago and traveled to the United States for the very first time. She enrolled in the College of Business at Stony Brook University, where she aspired to earn her master’s degree in Business Administration. Her beginning at Stony Brook was only the start of her uphill climb towards student success.

“Getting a chance to work hands-on

while pursuing my masters degree was a win-win situation.”

Only about a week into her stay, Isha was given the opportunity to work for the Faculty Student Association (FSA), an organization that works with students to improve the quality of campus life. She began as a staff assistant for the Provost’s Liaison’s Office and was then promoted to office manager a few months later. She is currently working as a research assistant for FSA’s Executive Director. “The project that Isha is involved in assists faculty with delivery of educational resources more proficiently. FSA provides a laboratory of sorts in adapting to the challenging issues, within a team environment, while availing access to an array of resources including staff mentoring, systems and peer assistance. This work-based learning enables the student to develop the core work skills that are driving the workplaces of today, while assisting the university to engender greater value to students as customers and to employers who can tap into a better prepared workforce,” explained Warren Wartell, FSA Director of Administrative Services and Human Resources. The experience has not only given Isha the opportunity to develop a unique set of skills at work and in school, but also the opportunity to grow and adapt as a person. Isha immediately recognized the unique chance that was presented to her working at the Provost’s Liaison’s Office. “The staff assistant role at the Provost’s Liaison’s Office allows you to be creative within the boundaries,” she said. “The multi-faceted 1

University Bookstore News for Students • April/May 2014

Student Staff Spotlight

job enabled me to work with faculty members to assist them with their course material requisitions and desk copies, write articles for the bookstore newsletters, use social media outreach to inform students about the bookstore and book buying options as well as taught me how to organize and execute successful campus lifetime events.” The staff assistant role gave Isha the freedom to utilize the skills she learned in school and apply them to her job. “I was given a chance to work on some interesting projects where I could exercise my knowledge from undergraduate studies, use my creative skills, and apply the professionalism I learned from corporate work experience,” she explained. She combined her business know-how with special work projects, which proved to be very positive for her. “Getting a chance to work hands-on while pursuing my masters degree was a win-win situation,” she said. The work that she did in a period of only two months impressed many of the managers at FSA. She was promoted to office manager shortly after, which turned out to be quite difficult for her in balancing both new responsibilities and being a graduate student. “It was a challenge!” she said. “Managing daily office activities, working on special projects at an individual level, taking a full load of graduate level courses, and trying deal with cultural changes tested my time management skills.” While challenging, the role was effective in pushing Isha towards the success that she eventually achieved. One of Isha’s biggest successes in her time as office manager includes a project that she created on her own. The SmmarTT Program emphasizes the importance of e-learning. “The goal is to provide faculty members and students aid in course learning through custom designed online applications,” she said. From its initiation, the SmmarTT program has undergone several improvements to make it easier and more efficient to use, including the integration of Blackboard into Google Drive. “We are also in the process of designing an electronic book by using interactive materials like videos and audio streams,” she commented. She was able to test this program in an undergraduate Market Research class, where it was well-received by students. In her new role as a research assistant, Isha focuses on substantial projects at the FSA such as training faculty members to use the new Course Material Requisition system and organizing cultural events such as Diwali and the Festival of Colors sponsored by the Center for India Studies, the FSA and Campus Dining Services. She believes her role over the last year has helped her to grow personally. “It keeps me motivated and energized,” she said. “It has given me great professional relationships, helped me understand and empathize with others, and tested my time management skills.” 2

University Bookstore News for Students • April/May 2014

Movie Review: “The Lego Movie”

The Lego Movie The world’s greatest superheroes have been “assembled” into one great movie! Newly released, The Lego Movie has the qualities that any great feature needs. It’s a story packed with comedy, romance, and action, all expressed through the lense of an animated 3D lego adventure. The main character, Emmett, is an average miniature figure identified as the key to saving the world. He is dragged into a league of strangers, who we know as our heroes, for his epic quest: a journey for which he is hopelessly and hilariously unprepared. This comedy stresses a brilliant and heartfelt message that makes it a must-see! The Lego Movie is suitable for all ages, so take a younger sibling or a grandparent along. You don’t want to miss out, so catch it before it’s gone!


University Bookstore News for Students • April/May 2014

Study Abroad in Madagascar

Study Abroad in Madagascar! Come and discover the rich biodiversity that Madagascar has to offer by going abroad for a semester! Professor Patricia Wright developed a program that aims to promote world-class research, encourage environmental conservation, and provide Madagascar’s native people with the proper tools to improve their quality of life. The study abroad program offers a series of courses in anthropology and biology, all of which explore the cultural and ecological diversity that is found throughout Madagascar. Students who participate may earn up to 15 undergraduate credits by doing extensive and independent research projects, all the while getting a crosscountry experience!

Watch a short glimpse of the adventure here!

For more information on dates and deadlines, please visit the study abroad program website or Contact Erin Achilles


University Bookstore News for Students • April/May 2014

Tips for Graduating Students

Before you start searching for an apartment, consider moving back in with your parents.

Tips for Graduating Students Moving Back Home – After being away from home for a few years, it may seem difficult to move back. While independence is usually more attractive than a place with rules, regulations and a watchful eye, it may be your best option. Moving back home may help alleviate some of the financial burden of supporting yourself, but make sure to openly discuss living arrangements with your parents first. Before you start apartment hunting, think about what is going to be best for you both personally and financially. Locate mentors who live your desired lifestyle – If you have an idea of where you want to be after graduation, then it would be nice to know in advance the mistakes you could avoid when heading towards that goal. Make sure when you are searching that you choose the right mentor, i.e. someone who can support you and has the time to support you. Choose someone who is living your dream and let them help in preparing you for your future. If you are in the need of assistance, you can find a mentor amongst your fellow Stony Brook Alumni in the Alumni Association. You never know, your meetings with them may solidify your aspirations or help you realize that the field is not for you. Don’t settle for a job that you’re not passionate about – Most people push college graduates to just find a job that pays the bills. While this advice seems practical, it isn’t the greatest because research shows that you won’t last very long in these jobs. When you are passionate about your job, the days don’t seem as long and you look forward to making accomplishments in the workplace. Life is too short to settle for a career that you hate! Think of your career as a series of experiences – The most important thing isn’t how long you stay with one employer, the amount of different employers you’ve had or that your focus is what you majored in at college. Your experiences should offer you quality rather than quantity. The experiences you have should illuminate that you are a life-long learner, are open to new perspectives, and are willing to expand your views. This will make you a far more interesting and successful person! 5

University Bookstore News for Students • April/May 2014

Tips for Graduating Students

“Everyone has a unique gift: find it, explore it, develop it and master it.”

Stand Out From The Crowd – If you have a good head on your shoulders, people will generally commend you for being original. Conforming to the norm can make you invisible. Everyone has a unique gift: find it, explore it, develop it and master it. Once you become an expert in the subject matter, build your personal brand and guard your reputation. Everything you do should enhance and reinforce your story. A Little Perspective Goes A Long Way – In life, you will face many setbacks, disappointments and challenges. The differences between the strong individuals who overcome and those who capitulate are their attitudes and perspectives. Life may get messy, but you have to embrace those moments. We learn, refine ourselves, and are better as a result. Our failures are what we learn from to earn our successes! Success vs. Significance – Success means different things to different people. Even as individuals our definition of success will change over time as we further experience life. But that is what is important: you need to experience life. As you continue your personal and professional growth beyond your college years, your passion for success will hopefully change to a passion for significance. Try to find something significant about which you are passionate. Make it more than just a hobby; be enthusiastic, become obsessed, and push boundaries. In turn, this positivity will flow into other aspects of your life, making your success even sweeter. Enjoy the time you have – While you should be extremely excited about getting ready to move on to new stages in life, make sure you are enjoying the time that you have left here. Hang out with old friends, participate in on-campus activities, take advantage of the many programs available, and just make the most out of the last few months you have as an undergraduate in college. Be sure to keep these tips in mind when you find yourself drifting into thoughts about your future!


University Bookstore News for Students • April/May 2014

Attention: Class of 2014 The Graduation Fair The May 2014 Commencement is getting closer, which means that graduation is right around the corner! The University Bookstore has all the best graduation supplies and memorabilia to commemorate this special event. The University Bookstore will be hosting the annual Graduation Fair on April 8th and 9th from 11:30 am to 8:00 pm. The event will provide information about participation in the Commencement ceremonies, services for graduation and planning for after graduation. You will find everything you need for graduation all in one place - caps and gowns, ceremony information, class rings, career services, diploma frames, Alumni Association, Senior Week activities and much more! Remember to check out the Bookstore’s graduation collection which includes keychains, license plate frames, pens, mugs and an assortment of apparel with the Stony Brook University logo. Buy something special for yourself or for your loved ones! On Wednesday, April 9th from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm, Wolfie will be visiting the bookstore to take pictures with this year’s graduates. You may be moving on to bigger things, but no matter where life takes you, you can take a piece of Stony Brook with you. Congratulations graduates! For more information on Commencement, visit the Stony Brook University Commencement Website or facebook page


News for Faculty & Staff • Faculty Spotlight on Dr. Patricia Wright • Feedback on the New Course Material Requisition System

University Bookstore News for Faculty & Staff • April/May 2014

Faculty Spotlight on Dr. Patricia Wright

“It feels really good to take the risk when it works out in the end...I went with my gut and it was very rewarding.”

Dr. Patricia Wright has faced a lot of challenges in her life, but was given a second chance to follow her dreams and do what she is truly passionate about. With a renewed sense of determination and perseverance, Professor Wright worked her way up to becoming one of the world’s foremost experts on primatology, anthropology, and conservation on the tropical island of Madagascar. In High Moon Over the Amazon, Dr. Wright tells readers about her story and how she was able to beat the odds stacked against her, as a single mother, researcher and scientist. Growing up with a love for animals, tropical areas, and diversity, Professor Wright pursued her interest and received a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Hood College in 1966. Instead of jumping right into the world of scientific study, she acknowledged that she had bills to pay and a family to support. For awhile, she set aside her passion and took a job as a social worker in Brooklyn. Science reentered her life when she bought an owl monkey named Herbie with her first husband James. The two stepped into a pet shop to get out of the rain and fell in love. Herbie lived in their apartment despite the fact that he refused sleep in his cage. It was when he needed a mate that Dr. Wright traveled to South America on her first of what would turn out to be numerous missions. For many years after that she researched primate behavior, owl monkeys in particular, in countries all across the South-American continent. “That was where it all started; walking into that pet shop was like fate,” she explained. Regardless of the many obstacles she faced, Professor Wright decided to continue her education over a decade after receiving her bachelor’s degree. Despite the people who told her she needed more money, more sponsors, and a Ph.D., she continued to work hard at her research. She faced numerous struggles in her personal life along the way, but eventually went on to publish her first paper. The decision to continue her education was not an easy one because she constantly thought about how it would affect her daughter. In the end, the decision seemed to be worth it. “It feels really good to take the risk when it works out in the end,” she accounted. “I went with my gut and it was very rewarding.” After many years of extensive research, hard work, and determination, Dr. Wright finally made it into graduate school and went on to receive her Ph.D. in Anthropology. Having been 8

University Bookstore News for Faculty & Staff • April/May 2014

Faculty Spotlight Continued out of study for over a decade, she received a fair share of critique from people along the way, including her academic advisor Warren Kinzey. Admittedly this was something she had trouble coping with, but she was actually able to appreciate it looking back. “It was very difficult to hear criticism at first,” she remarked. “My academic advisor was very critical for a long time but he was proud of me in the end.” In her most recent book, High Moon Over the Amazon, Professor Wright touches on very personal aspects of her life, including the struggles of marriage and motherhood. The inspiration to write about this journey came from simply writing notes and letters about her life. Because she had such an untraditional way of reaching her goals, it was important to her that she let people know what she had gone through. “I realized that the only way to inspire other people was to write about my own experiences,” she said. All of her previous publications were written about science and research, which covers much more objective material. The choice to include such personal hardships was difficult, but she believes it was the best way to share her story. “I couldn’t write about anything personal at first because it was so hard,” she commented. “But I understand now that it’s not always just roses.” Dr. Wright has been teaching at Stony Brook University for almost 23 years. She is currently a professor in the Department of Anthropology, where she teaches classes for both undergraduate and graduate students, a feature of her job that she enjoys immensely. The study abroad program that she created in Madagascar is available for all students in the Fall and Summer sessions. Beginning in 2015 it will also be available during the Spring session. For the future, she hopes to get at least a quarter of undergraduate students to study abroad. “They get to go out in the world and make things happen,” she said. “No matter what you learn out there, you can use it.” Professor Wright frequently emphasized the importance of doing what you love and following your dreams no matter what stage in life you are in. Her story of success is unusual and untraditional, as she puts it. There are people young and old who are unsure of their futures, but the key is to find what you love and stick with it. “Do what you really want to do and be passionate about it,” she expressed. “Don’t feel bad when you’re twenty years old and you don’t know what you want to do yet, because one day it will just click.” No matter who you are or where you are in life, it is important to do what you love. This is a testament that Patricia Wright lives by everyday. From social worker to housewife to award winning scientist, she rose above many obstacles and came out out on top. She even has a new movie coming out on April 4th: Island of Lemurs: Madagascar. And after everything was said and done, Dr. Wright said she wouldn’t go back and change a thing about her journey. “There are no do-overs in life,” she added. “I faced many challenges, but all of my disappointments turned into positive experiences.” 9

University Bookstore News for Faculty & Staff • April/May 2014 University Bookstore News Everyone Can Use • Spring 2013

Feedback from the Course Article Headline Goes HereMaterial Requisition Training

The new Course Material Requisition (CMR) System is finally here! Faculty members are now able to use this easy and efficient text ordering system to submit textbook information for upcoming semesters. Faculty Student Association employees Isha Sheth, Roneil Miller, and Alyssa Carroll coordinated training sessions for faculty members and department administrators who were interested in learning how to use the new system. Many of them filled out anonymous surveys about the training sessions and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. A majority of professors and administrators from different departments commented on its simplicity, ease of use and clarity. Almost all of them said they were very likely to use the new system. They were also extremely satisfied with the overall presentation and helpfulness of the trainers. Some of the new aspects of the system that professors are most excited about are the ability to search for new books, the option to view past course materials, and the new desk copy policy. For more information on our desk copy policy, please visit the Provost’s Liaison’s website Aside from the short survey questions that were answered, professors also had the option to make comments or suggestions for improving the system. Our department will continue to take note of this feedback in order to make course material requisitions an easy experience for everyone! FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE NEW CMR SYSTEM, VIEW THE FOLLOWING LINKS VIDEO


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Campus Lifetime Events Festival of Colors Redshirt Apparel on Sale Textbook Buyback

University Bookstore News Everyone Can Use • April/May Spring 2013 2014

Article Headline Campus Lifetime Goes EventsHere

Artistic Egg Coloring Event and Barbeque Cooking Demonstration Join us at the University Bookstore on April 16th and April 23rd at 1:00 pm for these fun and engaging Campus Lifetime Events! Show off your artistic talents on April 16th by coloring and designing your own unique eggs. The best designs will be eligible to win a $25 gift card from the Bookstore! All supplies will be provided. In addition, learn how to cook a delicious barbeque meal with Campus Dining Services’ Executive Chef John Hutchison on April 23rd. We will be hosting this event outside (depending on weather conditions) for those who enjoy fresh air and great food. We hope to see you there!

All campus lifetime events are free and anyone from the campus community may attend.


University Bookstore News Everyone Can Use • April/May 2014

Campus Lifetime Event: Festival of Colors

The Center for India Studies, the Faculty Student Association and Campus Dining Services will be hosting a special Campus Lifetime Event called Holi, the Festival of Colors on April 2nd at Jasmine, located in the Charles B. Wang Center. The Festival of Colors is an Indian festival where friends get together to celebrate and welcome the arrival of spring! This annual festival signifies newfound hope, love, and joy. The Festival of Colors is associated with a multitude of legends, including Shiva, Parvati and Kama and the Legend of Holika. The festivities begin with a bonfire on the night before Holi, where people gather together to sing and dance, and to forgive and forget as a means of renewal. The following morning is a carnival of colors, when everyone plays, chases and colors each other with dry powder and colored water. While some frolic and play in the haze of color, others carry musical instruments to sing and dance within the streets. In the evening, family and friends dress up and visit each other’s homes. Jasmine will host its own version of The Festival of Colors, complete with culturally-based entertainment, food, and decor. Enjoy performances by Stony Brook Yuva and Stony Brook Bhangra, henna tattoos and a color contest. Street food, including aloo tikki chaat, bhel puri, dahi wada and thandai will be served. Festival of Colors Street Food tickets can be purchased for $9.99 at any Campus Dining location. Wear your most vibrant colored outfit to the event and you could win a Wolfie Wallet gift card! For more information, visit



University Bookstore News Everyone Can Use • April/May Spring 2013 2014

Article Headline Textbook BuybackGoes Here

Return Sell your textbook rentals AND

back your textbooks

HOURS MAY MAAYY 12-18 12Mon.-Thurs. 8:30am-6:00pm . Fri. 8:30am-4:00pm Saturday 12:00pm - 4:00pm . Sunday CLOSED HOURS MA AYY 19-21 19MAY Mon.-W Mon.-Wed. ed. 8:30am-6:00pm THE LAST DAY DAAYY FOR F RENTAL RENTAL RETURNS ETURNS IS MAY MAAYY 21 r

Although The University Bookstore will buy back textbooks all year long, students will receive the best value from May 12th - May 21st. The University Bookstore will buy books back from anyone with a valid Stony Brook student ID, even if the textbooks are from another semester! Remember, books with a Guaranteed Buyback Sticker indicate that a faculty member has promised to reuse their textbook for future semesters. This means students will receive more money for their books during buyback! All rented textbooks should be returned to the bookstore in good condition by May 21st.

F OR MORE IN FORMAT ION ON TH E TE X TBO OK BU YBACK PR OGR AM, VI SI T ________________________________________________________________________



Textbook Buyback at The University Bookstore





University Bookstore News Everyone Can Use • April/May 2014

REDSHIRT Apparel Sale

Long and Short Sleeved Tees on Sale The University Bookstore is featuring REDSHIRT brand apparel tees on sale from April 21st-27th. This offer is available both in-store and online while supplies last.

F OR MORE INF ORMATION ON APPA RE L SAL E S , P L EA SE V IS IT ____________________________________________________________


University Bookstore News Everyone Can Use • Spring 2013

Article Headline Goes Here University Bookstore

Pictured top left to right: Kate Baroni, Thomas Dietz, Kristin Dischley, Carleen Rodriguez and Sue Jones. Pictured bottom left to right: Boon Teo, Jay Ahgharian

Boon Teo, Store Manager 631.632.6551 Jay Ahgharian, Assistant Store Manager 631.632.4890 Kristin Dischley, Textbook Manager 631.632.6614 Sue Jones, Merchandise Manager 631.632.4500 Kate Baroni, Trade Books Supervisor 631.632.9747

Provost Liaison’s Office Deborah DiFranco, Provost’s Liaison 631.632.9828 Sean Comstock, Newsletter Editor Alyssa Carroll, Newsletter Editor Jessica Williams, Staff Assistant Anique Lyne, Staff Assistant Pictured left to right: Sanjeev Ramaswamy, Gilmary George, Elizabeth Sobalvarro, Jessica Williams, Deborah DiFranco, Isha Sheth, Ieisha Hinson, Anique Lyne

Regular Hours Monday - Thursday 8:30am-6:00pm

Friday 8:30am-4:00pm

Saturday 12:00pm-4:00pm

Sunday Closed


April/May 2014 Newsletter  

April/May 2014 Newsletter

April/May 2014 Newsletter  

April/May 2014 Newsletter