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Questions WITH Dennis Rainey President of FamilyLife and host of the FamilyLife Today daily radio program

What inspired you to focus your career on marriage and family?

How do you see FamilyLife fitting in with local churches and how are churches able to use the ministry?

Working with high school kids in Dallas, Denver, Seattle and Boston, I noticed that family was not being talked about among the Christian community. I was seeing the breakdown of families and the influence of the church to change that so I felt a better use of my life would be to go up the stream to where families begin — in the marriage union. And I wanted to equip couples with the biblical blueprints to make their marriages last and instruct the next generation.

The church was designed by God to be the equipping center of life with marriage and family at the core. So few seminaries, when I was in school, were equipping future pastors to prepare for this growing issue in the Christian community. So I thought, “What better opportunity to focus on strengthening the three most important relationships in my life: with God, my spouse and my kids.” Honestly, I think a ministry like ours was designed to come alongside as a parachurch ministry and help the church be able to do that by showing them how and giving them tools so that they can take the gospel to their neighborhoods and businesses.

If you didn’t have your current job in ministry, what is it that you would want to do?

I would love to have my own hunting and fishing TV show, because I love the outdoors and the relationships it builds with my grandchildren.

Towers - October 2012  

A Publication of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Towers - October 2012  

A Publication of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary