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The hirer Name Organisation (if appropriate) Address

Daytime telephone number Mobile telephone number Email address

The event Date required Time from Time to Details of event Number of attendees expected Please note that you will be able to enter the Hall 30 minutes before your booking, and must vacate within 30 minutes of the end of your booking, taking ALL waste with you If children under 18 are to be in attendance please read notes 4 and 11 overleaf

Please note that a deposit payment of £30 is required at the time of booking to secure your booking – please make cheques payable to 'PCC of St. Aidan's' or ‘PCC of St. George’s’ (as appropriate). It is the responsibility of the hirer to make arrangements to indemnify the relevant Church Council (PCC) against any third party insurance claims during the period of hire I agree to be bound by the Conditions of Hire of the Church Hall as detailed overleaf Signed Name Date

ST. AIDAN'S AND ST. GEORGE’S CHURCH HALLS CONDITIONS OF HIRE The hirer’s signature overleaf indicates acceptance of the following terms and conditions. All enquiries, bookings and matters relating to existing bookings are to be made through the Hall Booking Secretary for the relevant Hall. 1.

No booking can be made for later than 10.30pm (hall vacated by 11pm)


The hire charges are in accordance with the schedule approved by the Parochial Church Council (PCC)


Should a request be made by an alternative user for the same date/time, the Hall Booking Secretary will notify the hirer of this request – should the hirer subsequently cancel the booking for that date/time, the PCC reserve the right to charge the standard rate of hire for the cancelled date/time.


Hire includes use of kitchen, although the kitchen at St. Aidan’s is not suitable for the preparation of substantial meals. Children under 14 years of age are not allowed in the kitchen under any circumstances


The hirer is responsible for the safekeeping and insurance of their goods and equipment


There is a NO SMOKING rule in either Hall (and Car Park at St. Aidan’s).


The hirer (who has signed this form), shall remain in the Hall for the duration of the hire, is responsible for the maintenance of good order in the Hall and surrounding grounds, and for ensuring that the Hall is left clean and tidy and that all electrical appliances are switched off


The PCC nor any of its officers may be held liable for any loss or damage to property or persons entering the Hall premises or the surrounding site or any part, thereof however caused. It is the responsibility of the hirer to take out suitable indemnity insurance and carry out any risk assessments in relation to the hire.


A deposit is required (indicated overleaf) at the time of booking, which will be returned following the Hall being left in a satisfactory condition. This should be made by cheque – the cheque will NOT be banked, and will be returned to the hirer upon leaving the hall in satisfactory order. Full payment of the hire charge (indicated overleaf) should be made no later than the commencement of the Hall hire.


The PCC reserves the right to cancel any booking with fourteen days' notice.


You are required to ensure that children are protected and supervised at all times, and that (where appropriate) responsible adults have the necessary checks (CRB etc.) in place.

Should there be a breach of the conditions as determined by the Hall Booking Secretary, then an amount equal to the cost of remedy will be deducted from the deposit. Where the deposit is insufficient to cover loss or damage, the hirer will be required to pay full remedial costs to the Hall Booking Secretary within 7 days of such request being made.

Hall Booking Form  
Hall Booking Form  

Hall Booking Form for St. Aidan's and St. George's Halls