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Our Goals for the Training • • • • •

Define: podcast, podcasting, and podcaster Learn to use podcasting software Work as a team to develop school podcasting presence Create a school podcasting website Learn new stuff, ask questions, and have fun

What is a Podcast? Definition from Wikipedia • A series of digital media files distributed over the Internet • Distribution is done by subscription using RSS • Podcasts may be listened to on computers or portable MP3 players • The hosts or authors of a podcast are referred to as podcasters.

What is a Podcast?

What is a Podcast?

Podcast Uses Uses


Record and distribute news broadcasts

The entire campus community and general public

Recorded teacher’s notes

Student, teachers

Audio / video recruiting development

Prospective students and parents,

Recorded meeting and conference notes

Students, faculty, staff, admin

Oral history archiving and ondemand distribution

Students, faculty

Sport event distribution.

Students, alumni, and public

Tools Needed to Create Podcasts •Computer connected to the Internet •Microphone for audio podcasts •Headphones to hear you final product •Camera for video podcasts •Software is free: Audacity (audio), Movie Maker (video), and Koyote Video Converter (video)

Podcasts created by ULEAP Hosted by a server at: School address for podcasts are:

How do we start? P.D.I. •Plan •Design • Implement

Plan •Audience •Format •Schedule •Who Does What

Design •Consistent episode “teaser" and “tagline” •Episode artwork •Naming and description of each episode

Implement •Create a work area •Organize the work area •Develop a schedule for creating •Get the Word Out!!!

Steps to Podcasting • Choose a topic • Decide on a “teaser” with a “tagline” • Create the script outline • Record the podcast • Produce & Publish • Quality Control

Examples of Teasers and Taglines Coulee Kids Byck Elementary Willowweb School To hear more school podcasts go to

Steps to Podcasting • Choose a topic • Decide on a “teaser” with a “tagline” • Create the script outline • Record the podcast • Produce & Publish • Quality Control

Using Audacity •Audacity is a FREE sound editor •Audacity records your voice •Audacity imports music or sound files •Audacity edits your recording •Audacity exports your sound file to MP3 (Standard for sound files on Web and MP3 players) •Audacity uses LAME encoding

Record in Audacity • Start Audacity • Click on the Record button • Speak into the microphone • Click on the Stop button • Click on the Rewind button • Click on the Play button

Free Music Download Sites (Create Your Own)

Steps to “Export As Mp3” from Audacity for the First Time (UofL ONLY) Go to My Computer Go to C:/ Go to Programs Folder and Open Go to Common Files and Open Go to Ahead and Open Go to Audio Plugins and Open Select LAME.dll FINISHED!!!!!

Keyboard Shortcuts







Single topic Podcast Outline Podcast about a Specific Topic (1 topic of focus for show) 1. Show introduction as a ‘teaser’: 30-60 seconds long a. Who you are, b. What you're going to talk about:. c. Include your “tagline” (Your teaser intro should get listeners interested and wanting to hear more)

Using the JCPS Media Server

How Do You Subscribing Subscribeto toiTunes Your Podcast

Subscribing to your podcast is easy. To subscribe to iTunes click here. In the iTunes software on your computer in the Podcast section your podcast will appear. Every new episode that is added will appear automatically to your iTunes.

This is how your podcast subscription appears in iTunes. Every episode is added here.

Subscribing Using an RSS Feed

In Internet Explorer click on the RSS Feed icon

Subscribing Using an RSS Feed

Click here to subscribe to the Podcast

Subscribing Using an RSS Feed

Click “Subscribe” to save your Podcast subscription

Subscribing Using an RSS Feed

All of your Podcast subscriptions are In your Feeds menu All of the episodes of your podcast appear here.

CONGRATULATIONS •You have created a podcast •Develop a schedule for recording new episodes. STICK TO IT •Contact Mike Broderick to make your podcast available for everyone to see


Training on ULEAP

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