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Crab Lover’s Dip Delicious served hot or cold! Just add cream cheese and bake or add to mayonnaise and sour cream. (2-28 g packets per box) Item #205 - $7.99 (two-pack)

Southwestern Dip & Cheese Ball Mix Spicy and flavourful, your taste buds will come alive. Wonderful as a dip or a cheese ball. (2-14 g packets per box) Item #207 - $7.99 (two-pack)

Cucumber Dill Dip Cool and refreshing. Delicious dip, appetizer, dressing and so much more. (2-26 g packets per box) Item #204 - $7.99 (two-pack)

Cheesy Bacon Cheddar Dip The combination of cheddar cheese and smoky bacon is a party favourite. Makes a great dip, cheese ball or hot appetizer. (2-26 g packets per box)

Creamy Parmesan Artichoke Dip Add mayonnaise and sour cream for a spectacular dip, potato topper or pasta sauce. (2-43 g packets per box)

Item #202 - $7.99 (two-pack)

Item #200 - $7.99 (two-pack)

Cheddar Roasted Garlic Dip

Creamy Garlic Hot Dip

A delicious combination of cheddar, garlic and red bell peppers. (2-26 g packets per box)

Add cream cheese and cheddar cheese, bake and enjoy the warm, gooey, delicious flavours. (2-21 g packets per box)

Item #203 - $7.99 (two-pack) Page 6

Item #206 - $7.99 (two-pack) Page 7


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