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Year 7/8 German Term 2 - first half

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unit is about… Talking about brothers and sisters Talking about pets Describing yourself and family Talking about personality By the end of this unit I will have the opportunity to reach Level 3 by giving a short presentation about my family and pets, including different opinions and adjectives.

My name: Tutor Group: At the start of this my levels are: L:




My overall target level for the end of this unit is: The topics in this unit are: • Members of the family • Descriptions • Pets

Grammar: I will be able to • Apply correct verb endings for ‘er’ and ‘sie’ • Use ‘mein’ and ‘dein’ to show possession • Use plural forms of pets words

Skills: I will be able to – • Work well with a partner • Write a letter/email

How did I learn best? What did I enjoy the most? What am I proud of? For the assessment: I will need to understand the main points in listening and reading texts which describe someone else. I will have to write 5/6 sentences about myself and be ready to answer questions about my personal details.



My levels at the end of this unit are: R: W: Average:

Level 2: I can understand classroom instructions about what to do, longer sentences and questions which I may need to hear more than once. I can name and describe people, places and things. I can ask for help. People usually understand me. I can read and understand short sentences. I can read aloud words and phrases. I can find the meaning of a work at the back of my textbook. I can copy short sentences correctly. I try to write words from memory but I sometimes make mistakes.

Level 3: I can understand and make notes on short passages of words which I should know. I can understand people’s likes/dislikes and feelings. I may need to listen to some bits again. I can say 2 or 3 things in a short conversation with a partner. I can say what I like or dislike and how I feel. I use the words that I have learnt. I can read and understand short printed passages made of words which I know. I can pick out the main points and understand what people like/dislike or how they feel. I can use a dictionary. I can write 2 or 3 short sentences on things I know with the help of my books and classroom display. I can write what I like, dislike and feel. I can write short sentences from memory accurately. Level 4: I can understand more details about longer passage. I may need to listen to some bits again. I can say 3 or 4 things in a longer conversation. I can change words to make new sentences I can read and understand short stories which are printed or neatly written. I can pick out main points and some details. I can work out the meaning of some words.. My pronunciation is improving. I can write 3 or 4 sentences mostly from memory. I am starting to use a dictionary. I can change words to make a new sentence.

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