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The Middle Ages Times Publication : Ethan co written by Ethan Parkhurst printed April 23, 0075 A.D. 1

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Find five things different things about these two pictures.


I will tell you about a day in the life of a serf.

Serfs work at the banner. The way serfs train is to work. Your house is small and dark it had a small window. It didn't have a chimney and there wasn't even a door. They even had to build it. Later we built our houses out of stones,bricks and wood.

A serf's house appeared on the outside as sort of straw hut.Later on the outside there houses looked much more civil. They were brick or stone; they even had a chimney! A serf did not play any games or sports.

Serfs don't go to church.Serfs aren't slaves but you work voluntarily for banner and can't be sold.This is what a serf life was like in the Middle Ages.




Square pyramids

Triangular prism

Rectangul ar prism

Flat faces.

Corner points


Faces and points 8

Straight edges


Faces points edges 12

Triangular prism


People of the kingdom, our king has thought and he is going to choose his heir to replace him.But his heir has to figure out the mystery he has made.Maybe you could be the smart person to solve his puzzle.See if you could be the one to find the clues and find the hidden sword, Edgecaliber. All the clues are found by using the solid shapes above. Read the passage to solve this intricate riddle. Euler's Law has something to do with this riddle brought for you. You add the flat faces to the corner points to get the faces and points. Then subtract the straight edges to find faces points and edges. Remember twos in the faces points and edges will pass but other numbers won't. The shapes that don't pass is your quest. And remember whoever finds the sword first is the rightful heir to the kings kingdom.

Author:Ethan Parkhurst


The Middle Ages Times  

Serfs work at the banner. The way serfs train is to work.Your house is small and dark it had a small window. It didn't have achimney and the...

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