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Life as a Monk

In the Middle Ages

In 745

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• Monks have jobs like hand

By Nicole HUYNH

writing the Bible, reading the Bible, teaching boys to read and write, grow fruits and veggies, carpenter, book maker, and make stuff in workshops. Being a Monk is a pretty big deal like you don't train on what they do. They live with other Monks in a monastery. Their rooms have tables and counters in

them. For fun they go to mass. They don't do any sports and they listen to Cristian music. They eat bread herbs and goats. They wore long habits rope belts and hooded cloaks. They walk to transport to other places. They have tools and they go to church.

Citizens of

King Arthur's kingdom,king Arthur has decreed that he wants a new heir. He has hidden his sword Edgecalibur ,and a vary special knight will find it. King Arthur has made a quest for the knights. Form the solids and find their places. How many edges, points, and faces? The shapes that make two

will pass the test the one that dose not will be your quest. Three times as tall as the bace is wide, the true Kings future lies inside. May the best knight

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Use to be 6 chickens and 1 goat

Life as a Monk  

Monks have jobs like handwriting the Bible, readingthe Bible, teaching boys toread and write, grow fruitsand veggies, carpenter,book maker,...

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