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Middle Age Times A Day in the Life of a Peasant A peasant's job is to work the land . They make goods in exchange for protection. At home peasants worked for the lord , and most peasants stayed in one place . They would also farm the lord's land for part of each year. A peasant would wear a woolen dress over a woolen undershirt with a woolen cowl and boots on feet. A peasant's house was made of sticks, straw, and mud. Peasants play chess, dice, and checkers. For sports they play wrestling, archery, and swimming. Sounds fun!

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AD! AD! Come buy a brand new jewel handled sword by the blacksmith for 50 shillings.

Attention citizens of King Arthur To find the answer use Euler's Law. Whoever finds the kidnapper of the queen will be the

heir to the throne and will replace King Arthur when he dies .

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Middle Age Times