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The Life of a Servant By:Michael DiCecco

Being a servant is tougher than you think. A servant goes around their boss's home doing household chores. There is no training necessary to become a servant as you just have to be desperate to be fed and have shelter. The home life of a servant is very dreadful. They live in a small room in their employer's home! I talked to servant Catherine Milner and she says that her home is a small, pitiful dorm. Poor servants didn't even have spare time for there own activities.

Instapult By: Michael DiCecco

Servants eat the same food as their boss. They wear itchy, dull colored wool for clothes. That's the life of a servant. By: Michael DiCecco

Tired of all that hard work to load a catapult? Well stop working so hard. Because now you just have to load and launch. This product is available only at the market in Rome.


The Way to Find Edgecalibur By: Michael DiCecco

Citizens of King Arthur's Kingdom, Your king (King Arthur) chose to hold a contest to see who can find his sword Edgecalibur. 5 heirs were competing to become the next king; one of the heirs competing was Vertex. The competition went on all around the town searching for Edgecalibur. The first step Vertex took during the competition was looking at the clue which said "Form the solids and find their places. How many edges, points, and faces? The shapes that make two will pass the test, but one that does not will be your quest. Three times as tall as its base is wide the kings future lies inside." Then Vertex went to the carpenter's workshop and asked the carpenters to make them some of the solid shapes. After that, Vertex and Radius charted out the faces and points and Vertex and Radius added up the faces and the points. Then they charted the edges and finally, they subtracted the edges from the faces and the points. Every single solid equaled 2 except the cylinder and the cone. Vertex made a model of the castle a saw three towers in the shape of a cone stacked on a cylinder so they searched the towers, but they found nothing. So, they went to the top, and looked out and saw that the stones in the walkway were shaped like the bottom of a cone.

They realized that the stones were above the tunnel. They went back into the tunnel, and saw the stones were actual stalagmites that look like upside down cones. So they dug them up until they found one that was 3 times as long as its width. They opened it up found Edgecalibur inside. So your next king will be Vertex. Maybe one day you will do something like this if you follow the clues carefully. Long live King Vertex!

The Life of a Servant  

Being a servant is tougher than you think. A servant goes around their boss'shome doing household chores. There is no training necessary to...

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