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Knights in the Middle Ages Hello, have you ever wondered what knights do in the Middle Ages? Well, then this is the right article for you, so sit back and relax and enjoy this article. The knight's job is to guard the castle walls so enemies don't attack. The knights also live with the king in his castle in a room with all the other knights. The knights eat roasted pig, fish, and other meats and are pretty rich. In the knights' spare time, they go to many jousting tournaments for fun. They also go to the tavern and drink beer with other fellow knights.

By: Laila West

All knights have very expensive armor that they use to protect themselves in battles. The weapons that they used are swords, battle axes, maces, and lances. Some knights go to church because they are Catholic but not all knights are Catholic and go to church. Did you know the word knight means boy, not night. So I hope you have just learned more about knights, because knights are very important in the Middle Ages.


Do kids pick on you? Is your dad a knight and everyone says his sword is lame? Well, I've got news for you! The King Arthur sword will help you out So much! Do you see 11 jewels on the bottom of the sword? They are actually cheat cheat buttons to help you and your family win all battles! One of the button is an invisible laser beam which causes a lot of pain without the enemy knowing you did it! Another button sprays invisible hot sauce in his eyes so he can't see and so you can easily defeat him! And for the other buttons, you have to find out! (The jewels are all real!) We are located at the M.A. Market (no

Math Citizens of King Arthur's kingdom! The king is getting quite old so he is going to replace someone for the heir! However, there is a little deal upon this... The is a royal mystery that involves geometry and shapes. Whoever solves this royal mystery is truly the next heir.

The mystery involves the Euler's Law. That is if you count the flat faces and corner points of a polyhedron then count the straight edges the minus the faces & points by the straight edges, you will always get 2 unless it is a cylinder or cone. Ex. Cube has 6 flat faces 8 corner points faces & points is 14 there are 12 straight edges and faces & points added minus straight edges is 2.

So, I hope you learned some new math facts. Maybe like the Euler's Law rule with the polyhedrons! Well, that's all for today! Good luck with the mystery!

Knights in the Middle Ages  

Hello, have you ever wondered what knights doin the Middle Ages? Well, then this is the rightarticle for you, so sit back and relax and enjo...

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