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The MAN.

500 AD

The Middle Ages News


• Ye olde word search • A day in the life of a knight Lost Princess Snow White Skin:white as snow Hair:Jet black Eyes:powder blue If found please pigeon:281-973-0375.

• Market place ads • King Arthur's announcements

Lost dragon If found do not make eye contact if so please consult a

doctor immediately.Please return to the king.The dragon needs to be fed. 1

King Arthur's

announcement Please donate to give to a goblin foundation ,if you do you will receive a goblin.

Good citizens, King Arthur has decided to choose a new heir.If you want to be that lucky man.You will have to go on a complex quest to find King Arthur's sword usually known as,Edgecalibur. If you find it please return it for a reward.Once you fill out the chart and read the poem. You will understand.


The MAN  

A day in the life of a knight.

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