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Medieval Times

Published:230 AD

By:Isaac Baker #1

"A Day in the Life of a Peasant" By: Isaac Baker A day in the life of a peasant is hard.A peasant works from dawn to dusk.They work in their field to produce crops for their boss.A peasant could also be a black smith or cloth weaver. They eat barley bread.They go to church to get out of work. Their house is one room made of mud. Did you know wear long gowns,sleeveless tunics, and wimples to cover their hair? They work in the mud and rain. Being a peasant is a hard life. 1   

Crossword:Fine all the middle age words.

The Baker Sword I will sell this bejeweled and

gleaming sword for 100 pounds. 2

In the sun light it gleams so bright that it could blind a man in one look.

Sold by : the Baker's Company


King Arthur's Mystery of the Sword Hello, I am sir Isaac.I am going to try to be the king of Britain. This will be fun. The shapes that have two will pass the test the others will be my

quest .So now I have to add the faces and edges.So the cylinder and cone.I will look in the castle for a cylinder or a cone.Now I will look from the tower.I see cones! I will dig them out and look inside. It has to be as long as my shovel. I found one. Edgeculiber is in side I am the prince I am the prince. Isaac was a very thoughtful king an lived for many years. He ruled for a long time.

The end !!!!!!!!!! 4

Medieval Times