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The Medieval Times Published in 800 b.c.

"A Day in the Life of a Noble Woman" Imagine being in the life of a real noble women for whole day!!!! Their job was to take care of children and sometimes order the servants around. They even had to take care of the WHOLE household by themselves when their husbands were away!! Are you tired of your house and want a new one? Well guess what? You can buy yourself a castle for only a tiny bit of money! Come on over to Want a Castle? Now and get yours free! The castle company

Can you believe the noble women lived in castles? For home life they liked to help the sick and the poor. Their favorite things to do at their their house was to do embroidery and tapestry making. They would wear clothes like the queen! Well , except the golden crown. They would eat five course meals, such as fish,veggies, fruit, and dessert, plus they would sweeten some foods with honey. That's a lot of food three times a day! Noble women actually played sports. They did archery and went to sport tournaments.

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Guess what? Did you know that noble women only became noble by receiving status from their family's linage? They also have no rights because they are their husband's property. Noble women also love and enjoy gifts or presents. I hope you enjoyed reading my article about today's noble women!!!

Try and figure this word search by finding the words on the list and looking for them in the mixed up letters. Have fun!!!!!

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Are you tired of hard,long hours of cooking your own food? Well, I've news for you! If you come on down to Midevil Sandwich and we'll cook FOR YOU. We don't care how you get here, horse,chariot, or donkey, just come! Whoops! I forgot to tell you what a sandwich is! A sandwich is a two pieces of bread (ones at the top and ones at the bottom) and food is actually in the middle. For example, if you asked for more bread in the middle, or cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and bacon, we would give it to you exactly how you want it. So don't forget to come today! It only costs 2 denarius for the whole family!

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Have you heard the news about King Arthur's kingdom? The king has decreed that somebody will replace him on his throne. However, it won't be an easy task. Only the smartest of all can figure out this puzzle. Do you think that you are up to the challenge to get the throne? Remember, only one person will win. If you want to win, try and figure out these clues about shapes and remember to cross your fingers!!! All you have to do is find the solid in its place. It's edges, vertices, and faces all have to add up to 4 by 3. In the solid will be the king's sword. If you find it, (and you're a boy!) you will be the rightful king!!!


The Medieval Times