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The Middle Age Times 200 BC

B"A day in the life of a servant" By: Gracie Dejong I am about to tell you about a life of a servant. A servant's job is to serve kings, queens, and nobles. Their job is also to make beds for the nobles and dress I'm here with Carter Callaway a servant from the castle. She is telling me about what life is like as a servant for the king, queen, and the nobles.

and undress them. The home life of a servant is usually serving. A servant doesn't have a home so their home life is at the castle. So their home life is just sleeping on the floor of the great hall. Some interesting facts about servants are that the average upper class owns 200 servants per family. Another fact is that when the upper class travels with a

very small amount of servants. The day in a life of a servant sounds very harsh.


The Middle Age Times