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Middle Ages Interview A Day in the Life of a Noblewoman

A noblewoman's job is to teach her daughter(s) manners. She needs no kind of training for this. After this she would go to the marketplace or the trade fair.

A noblewoman's house is a big, clean castle full of tapestries. In the castle she would "relax and fulfill her duties as a noble woman." Then, in her spare time, she would either make medicine from plants or play croquet. She listens to orchestras play, and sometimes would play her own instrument. The noblewoman ate dishes like fish, vegetables, fruits, and desserts covered in honey.

She wears dresses that extend to her feet. A noblewoman wears this when she goes to church on a carriage. She has no real job.

How did she become a noblewoman you ask? Her father married a rich man. Even though she is rich, she still uses her hands as a tool.

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Middle Ages Newspaper  

Anoblewoman's job is to teach herdaughter(s) manners. She needs no kind of training for this. After this she would go to the marketplace or...

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