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Stoneleigh-Burnham School, 574 Bernardston Road Greenfield MA 01301 • (413) 774-2711 x 256

A WORD ABOUT STONELEIGH-BURNHAM SUMMERS Stoneleigh-Burnham is a college preparatory school serving girls in grades 7-12. We’re a unique school, with a history going back to 1869 and signature programs in riding, dance, debate & public speaking. We’re also the first and only girls secondary school in New England to offer the International Baccalaureate Program, a rigorous advanced course of study with an international perspective. Stoneleigh-Burnham’s mission is to inspire girls to pursue meaningful lives based on honor, respect, and intellectual curiosity. Each student is challenged to discover her best self and graduate with confidence to think independently and act ethically, secure in the knowledge that her voice will be heard. Each summer, we extend the reach of this mission by offering some of our signature programs to the public. Debaters, dancers, and riders from all over the nation and all over the globe come to advance their skills, develop new friendships and discover their best selves under the expert guidance of our caring faculty. Your daughter’s summer should be challenging and fun. A successful summer experience involves mutual understandings from parents, campers, and our school. Please take the time to read this packet, and review it with your daughter where appropriate. It contains packing list for camp, as well as many forms that should be completed and returned prior to your arrival. We hope this handbook makes our mutual expectations clear. Should you have questions, please be in touch!

PREPARING FOR CAMP Especially if this camp experience is a girl’s first time away from home, there is much to do to prepare for a successful stay. Here are some tips that may help ready your daughter for a better experience at camp: Return Forms by June 15! This packet contains several forms that should be filled out and returned to the Summer Programs office. We cannot accept care of a camper without a current medical form, permission to administer medications, and clear instructions about who is picking up your daughter. Returning forms by June 15 gives our nurse time to screen camper needs prior to the season! Make your daughter a part of the decision to be at camp this summer. Many kids need a “nudge” to try new things. Yet sending a daughter to camp against her wishes can result in mixed feelings, anxiety, and even “digging in” against a successful stay. If a camper is a part of the decision to attend, she is much more likely to make the most of the experience. Give your daughter practice spending time away from home. If your daughter will be new to being away from home and her parents, it’s often a good idea for for her to build some confidence spending some weekends away at a friend’s home or with a trusted relative. It’s important for girls to learn to be away from family, pets, siblings to develop independence, and to take charge of speaking up for their needs. A camper who can enjoy being away for a couple of days is usually ready for a week or two of camp. Help your daughter know what to expect. Girls who are anxious about being away may benefit from reviewing the camp web site at Girls can see photo galleries of camp in action during previous summers, learn about our school’s campus, and get a sense of our programs. The daily schedules in this handbook can also be good resources for girls who like to plan. For some girls, seeing our campus can help them get excited about the experience and resolve anxieties. Contact the Director of Summer Programs if you and your daughter would like to visit our site for a tour. Make sure your daughter is confident about her personal grooming habits, has enough clothes and linens, and knows how to take care of these things independently. Girls approaching adolescence should be familiar with using sanitary products and how to properly dispose of them. Girls at camp will live in close quarters with a roommate, share bathrooms with others, and confidence with grooming can make a big difference. Avoid the temptation to pack for your daughter. Instead, have her pack (you can look over things later), or pack together. Use the appropriate packing list in this handbook to allow your daughter to decide what she needs to bring, what she should leave behind, and work with her on making good decisions. Deciding what to bring is a great way to help girls to think ahead about what they are looking forward to at camp, and a little oversight from a parent can convey some confidence that “yes – you are ready!”

Avoid planning major changes at home when campers are to be away. Especially for younger campers, moving to a new home, missing big events like birthdays or reunions, or transitions with pets, siblings, and more can leave campers with anxieties that distract from their camp experience. Please avoid sending distressing news while campers are away. Ill relatives, the death of a pet, family tragedies, divorce, news that a best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend is moving away, and similarly difficult news for children is best conveyed by parents after camp concludes. During camp, tough news results in unresolved anxiety and often guilt for being away and having fun during difficult times. If there is an urgent need to convey distressing news, it’s often best to contact the Director of Summer Programs to ensure good support is in place when the news will arrive, or to determine if a camper should return home. Encourage your daughter to make new friends. Camp is one of the first places some girls will experience friends who may come from different cultural or family backgrounds. It’s not unusual for us to serve girls from other countries who may speak English as a second or third language. Families come from many different faiths, family makeups, and cultures. Preparing girls to be friendly, accept diversity, and remain true to themselves while being sensitive can help a great deal with finding friends! Above all, ask girls who may attend with friends from home to reach out and welcome new friends at camp. Avoid offering to pick up your daughter if she is feeling homesick, or if things do not go smoothly. Even the best experiences at camp come with some challenges. Girls who learn to be resilient and make the best of a tough situation often gain the most from our experiences. Show sympathy and confidence in the ability of our staff to help make it a great experience for your daughter, and direct her there for support. Laying out an “escape plan” if things do not go smoothly can undermine your daughter’s confidence in our camp experience. (Note: should homesickness or behavior issues reach a point where leaving camp is in the best interest of your child, the decision is best left to our staff and parents. We will be in regular touch in the event that concerns arise!) Finally, plan to relax and enjoy yourself while your daughter is away. We ask that you remain available to pick up your child should there be an emergency, but there is no need to look in on her each day, or to visit her on site during a camp session. She should come home with some great memories, new stories, and friendships to share upon her return!

TRAVELING TO STONELEIGH-BURNHAM Most families arrive and depart by car. This allows parents to assist campers with moving in and meeting the staff. Pickup by car allows most parents to attend a closing day performance or horse show. Parents arriving by air, bus or train should contact the Summer Programs office well in advance to advise us about travel arrangements. VIA CAR: Stoneleigh-Burnham School is located at 574 Bernardston Road in Greenfield, Massachusetts. The campus is easily accessible by car, and is approximately 2 hours from Boston, and 3 hours and 15 minutes from New York City. From points North: Drive South on Interstate 91 to exit 27, a left exit. Immediately off route 91, bear right and take the immediate right exit for routes 5 & 10. At the bottom of the ramp, turn left onto routes 5 & 10, proceed via the underpass and turn left at the school sign. From points South: Drive North on Route 91 to exit 27. Immediately off the exit, take an additional exit for routes 5 & 10. Turn left onto routes 5 & 10, proceed past the underpass and turn left at the school sign. From points East: Drive West on Route 2 to Greenfield. Take the exit for routes 5 & 10. Turn right off the exit and make a quick left at the school sign. From points West: Drive east via the Massachusetts turnpike or Route 2 to Interstate 91 north. Take exit 27. Immediately off route 91, take the right exit for routes 5 & 10. Turn left onto routes 5 & 10, proceeding through the underpass, and turn left at the school sign.

VIA AIR: Bradley International in Hartford, Connecticut is the closest airport to StoneleighBurnham. Logan Airport in Boston is also convenient. For campers who will be traveling by airplane, we recommend Green River Transportation, a local car service whose drivers have been background checked and vetted by our school. Green River Transportation: (413) 883-6352 / , Another reputable car provider is: Thomas Transportation: (800) 526-8143 / VIA TRAIN OR BUS: Amtrak offers local service to Springfield, MA. Peter Pan bus lines have stops in Northampton, MA (20 minutes away) and right here in Greenfield, MA. If your child will be traveling by bus or train, please contact the Director of Summer programs to alert us about travel plans and making arrangements for local pickups.

ABOUT OUR STAFF Stoneleigh-Burnham’s summer staff team is drawn from our excellent faculty and some alumnae & recent graduates. All Stoneleigh-Burnham staff are screened with a criminal background check (CORI), a screening through the National Sex Offender Registry, and professional reference checks. Nearly all of our staff return year after year and have a longtime relationship with the school. William Therrien heads the Summer Programs office at Stoneleigh-Burnham School. Parents contacting us during the school year to arrange registrations and travel usually speak with Willy, who brings a rich background of administrative and strategic leadership experience in summer camping to SBS. INTENSIVE RIDING CAMP Marilyn Bennett directs the Intensive Riding Camp. She has an impressive background as a rider and team captain at University of Connecticut, experience managing barns, and showing the jumper division throughout the New England circuit. She’s often involved extensively with IRC and lends a hand with Bonnie Castle during session 2. George Halkett is the Director of Stoneleigh-Burnham’s Equestrian Center. He has vast experience with all things equestrian, from coaching students to international championship competitions, leading a collegiate program at Albion College, and serving as a member of the Queen’s Household Calvary in the British Army. George has helped coach Stoneleigh-Burnham to four IEA national championships. Bonnie Castle and IRC students will see George around the facility and teaching Equine Science. Mina Williams is our Director of Riding. Named as one of America’s top 50 riding instructors by the American Riding Instructor Association, Mina has been instructing and coaching at Stoneleigh-Burnham for over twenty-five years. She has coached numerous riders to national recognition, and is an active member of the USEF, USEA, and IEA. Mina heads the instructional team at Bonnie Castle and the Intensive Riding Camp. Catherine Connor helps with overnight supervision of our Intensive Riding Campers and handles a lot of our parent communication. Catherine has been the heart of our summer staff teams for five years!


INTENSIVE RIDING CAMP: Arrive: Sunday, June 29th from 10 – 11 a.m. Depart: Friday, July 4th, 12 p.m. (following lunch) BEFORE CHECK-IN DAY: Prior to check-in day, be sure to complete the following: • Please be sure to read the camp handbook and review pertinent information with your daughter prior to June 15 • Please return the Health Form, Medications Authorization Form (if needed), Horse Information Sheet (if needed), Photo Release Form, Riding Survey, Special Permissions Form, and Travel and Special Circumstances Form to the Summer Programs office by June 15. (574 Bernardston Rd, Greenfield MA 01301 / • Please pay all camp fees according to our business office no later than June 15 ONCE YOU ARRIVE: • As you drive onto the campus, proceed up the long driveway to the visitors’ lot. Once parked, please take note of signs about check-in locations. At check in, please bring: o o o o

Your daughter Any late or updated forms or payments Any medications you will be dropping off Any funds to deposit in the camp store

At check-in, you will meet the staff, confirm pickup arrangements, see the nurse to drop off medications, and be given a room assignment. Once you have a room assignment you may return to your car, pull into the circle and drop off belongings at the appropriate entrance

After dropping off belongings, you can help your daughter get moved into her room

Parents should depart by 11. Those wishing to tour the site may see our Director of Summer Programs following good-byes.

DEPARTURES & CHECK-OUT There  is  almost  as  much  to  do  on  closing  day  as  on  opening  day!  Please  allow  time  to   complete  the  process:     • Parents  should  pick  up  their  camper  at  noon.  Note:  campers  will  have  had   lunch.     • Please  note  that  we  cannot  release  a  camper  to  anyone  other  than  a  parent  or   legal  guardian,  or  to  an  adult  identified  by  the  parents  at  drop-­‐off.  Should   your  plans  change,  and  your  daughter  needs  to  be  picked  up  by  another   adult,  please  alert  the  Director  of  Summer  Programs  in  writing!   (     • Following  lunch,  parents  and  campers  should:     o Check  our  lost  &  found   o Pick  up  all  medications  from  the  staff  &  let  us  know  you  are  departing   o Register  for  camp  next  summer!  There  will  be  an  opportunity  to  sign   up  for  next  season’s  camp  at  a  reduced  rate   o Say  farewell  to  campers  and  staff   o Gather  campers’  belongings  and  pack  up  your  vehicle     • Campers  departing  via  car  service  to  an  airport  or  train  station  will  work   with  camp  staff  on  checkout  arrangements            


Required Items: Water Bottle Sunscreen ASTM approved Helmet Tall Boots Notebook or Journal 3 pairs of breeches paddock boots Personal Items: 2 weeks of clothing t-shirts shorts undergarments socks Rain Gear (jacket, rain boots) Robe (night clothes, shower shoes) Swimsuit & swim towel Sneakers Sweatshirt Baseball Hat (hat with visor) Linens Pillow Pillowcase Sheets Blanket or sleeping bag Towels (facecloth and bath towel) Show Clothes (for end of camp show) Backpack (highly recommended)

Miscellaneous: Dopp kit or shower caddy Toiletries Deodorant Toothpaste Soap Shampoo, etc Sanitary products Laundry laundry bag Stationary (stamps, pens, notebook) Reading material Small Fan (highly recommended) Alarm Clock (not a cell phone!) At Parents’ Discretion: Cell Phone for limited, supervised use after dinner for calling home Please Do NOT Bring: Cooking appliances /Hot pots Refrigerators Televisions, Stereos Air conditioners Portable DVD players or Laptops iPods Riding Sneakers Video Cameras Racy / gossip magazines (Cosmo, etc)

Please note: We strongly discourage campers from bringing valuables to camp, such as jewelry, computers, iPods or other expensive items. The camp cannot be held responsible for loss or damage that occurs to these items. All cash or money can be held by the Camp “Bank” for campers to sign out as needed.


Being a  riding  camp,  we  take  campers’  health  and  safety  very  seriously.  As  you  likely   know,  riding  involves  some  risk.  To  minimize  risks,  we  operate  with  experienced   instructors,  supervise  campers  closely,  and  make  sure  our  staff  members  are  trained   in  first  aid  and  CPR.  We  maintain  a  good  relationship  with  a  medical  clinic  about  5   minutes  from  our  equestrian  center  in  case  an  injury  needs  an  evaluation.     HEALTH FORMS   Massachusetts  requires  us  to  have  a  current  health  form  to  accept  care  for  your   child.  You  can  also  use  your  child’s  current  school  health  form,  provided  it  covers   most  of  the  same  information  (notably  your  daughter’s  vaccination  history).  Please   note  that  in  order  to  be  up  to  date,  your  daughter’s  last  physical  exam  should  be   within  24  months  of  the  start  date  of  camp.     SHARING INFORMATION   In  order  to  care  for  your  child  effectively,  it’s  vital  that  parents  be  forthright  with  all   pertinent  information  about  their  camper’s  health.  If  your  daughter  needs  extra  help   to  understand  directions,  follow  rules,  or  needs  any  sort  of  extra  support  with  her   health,  please  alert  our  staff.  We  will  handle  all  health  information  with  discretion   and  use  that  information  only  to  help  support  your  daughter  in  the  program.     MEDICATIONS   At  check-­‐in,  one  of  our  school  nurses  will  be  on  site  to  take  any  medications  and  to   screen  health  forms.  If  your  child  will  need  medications  while  staying  with  us,   please  make  sure  they  are  turned  in  on  opening  day  in  their  original  containers  with   the  pharmacy  script  unaltered  on  the  label.  Please  also  be  sure  we  have  enough   medication  to  dispense  for  the  duration  of  your  child’s  stay  at  camp.  Should  your   child  need  any  over-­‐the-­‐counter  medications,  please  make  sure  they  are  noted  on   the  medical  form  (signed  by  a  physician)  you  submit  to  the  school.     According  to  state  law,  we  are  not  allowed  to  have  students  keep  their  own   medications  in  the  program.  An  adult-­‐on-­‐duty  will  dispense  medications  according   to  the  schedule  and  instructions  from  our  school  nurse.     Students  who  need  the  support  of  emergency  medications,  such  as  an  epi-­‐pen  or   inhaler,  may  carry  their  own  medications  as  long  as  their  physician  can  certify  they   are  able  to  safely  self-­‐administer.  We  also  ask  that  parents  supply  the  school  with  a   back-­‐up,  in  case  the  inhaler  or  epi-­‐pen  is  misplaced.     Some  campers  take  a  “medication  vacation”  over  the  summer  months  at  the  advice   of  her  physician.  In  a  new  environment  where  students  are  learning  rules,   processing  new  lessons  each  day,  and  needing  to  be  extra  attentive  to  safety,  this   may  not  be  advisable.  We  recommend  that  our  families  keep  this  in  mind,  as  well  as  

the increased  time  spent  outdoors  and  active  in  consulting  with  doctors  about   continuing  meds  at  camp.     ILLNESS   In  the  event  that  your  child  becomes  ill  in  our  care,  we  will  allow  them  time  to  rest,   hydrate  and  recover.  Our  staff  are  prepared  to  work  with  routine  scrapes,  bruises,   twisted  ankles,  homesickness,  headaches  and  stomach-­‐aches.  In  the  event  that  a   child  shows  symptoms  for  24  hours  or  needs  to  stay  in  our  infirmary,  we  will   consult  parents  and  either  send  children  home  or  out  to  the  clinic  for  evaluation.   Parents  should  not  expect  a  call  on  minor  health  concerns.     FALLS   Falls  are  a  particular  concern  with  any  riding  program.  Our  policy  is  to  contact   parents  for  an  update  if  their  child  experiences  a  fall,  whether  she  is  merely  startled   and  uninjured,  or  needs  an  evaluation  at  the  clinic.  Should  a  girl  hit  her  head  in  a  fall,   we  are  particularly  cautious  about  the  need  for  observation  and  evaluation,  which   may  limit  a  girl’s  participation  in  riding  and  swimming,  depending  on  the  clinic’s   recommendations.     SUPERVISION During  your  child’s  stay,  your  child  will  be  under  the  supervision  of  program  staff   who  are  trained  in  basic  first  aid  and  CPR.  Our  nurse  will  be  in  at  the  start  of  each   session  to  screen  health  forms,  hear  concerns  and  set  up  the  medication   administration  schedule.  An  experienced  administrator  (in  most  instances  our   Director  of  Summer  Programs)  will  oversee  dispensing  medications  and  caring  for   campers  who  may  fall  ill.  Should  you  have  any  questions  or  concerns  during  your   child’s  stay,  please  direct  them  to  the  Director  of  Summer  Programs.        

CONTACTING YOUR CHILD POST While  your  child  is  at  camp,  you  can  send  her  letters  or  care  packages  to:     [YOUR  CHILD]   STONELEIGH-­‐BURNHAM  SUMMER  PROGRAMS   BONNIE  CASTLE  RIDING  CAMP   574  Bernardston  Road   Greenfield,  MA    01301-­‐1100     Mail  typically  arrives  mid-­‐morning,  and  we  sort  it  and  hand  it  out  after  lunch.  We   ask  that  parents  refrain  from  mailing  food  to  campus  out  of  sensitivity  to  our   campers  with  allergies.  

EMAIL For parents  who  live  out  of  the  area  or  whose  children  will  only  be  with  us  for  a  few   days,  it  may  be  helpful  to  send  a  one-­‐way  email.  Emails  can  be  sent  to,  and  should  have  your  child’s  name  in  the  header.   We  will  print  them  out  and  deliver  them  with  the  mail  after  lunch.  Please  avoid   forwarding  lengthy  attachments,  and  remember  that  campers  cannot  reply  to  you   via  email.     PHONE Parents  should  not  phone  their  campers  during  the  program.  Generally,  campers   will  be  out  busy  with  riding  activities,  making  friends,  and  having  good  experiences   at  camp.  Particularly  for  campers  who  experience  some  homesickness,  speaking   with  a  parent  can  make  the  camp  experience  much  more  difficult.     This  year,  we  will  allow  cell  phones  for  campers  who  are  traveling  to  camp  without   their  parents,  or  those  who  may  need  the  support  of  a  weekly  phone  call  home.  Staff   will  hold  phones  throughout  the  day  in  a  secure  storage  area,  and  will  make  them   available  for  supervised  use  during  a  brief  period  after  dinner  for  parent  calls.     If  you  have  questions  about  your  child’s  experience  at  camp,  or  need  to  reach  your   child  during  an  emergency,  we  ask  that  you  contact  the  Director  of  Summer   Programs.  Especially  when  making  travel  arrangements  or  conveying  concerns,  it’s   important  that  our  staff  are  in  the  loop!     VISITORS We  are  not  prepared  to  accept  visitors  to  the  program.  Please  help  well-­‐meaning   friends  and  relatives  understand  this.  Due  to  security  concerns,  campers  in  our  care   can  only  have  contact  with  school  staff,  campers,  and  parents  identified  at   registration.  Anyone  interested  in  learning  more  about  Stoneleigh-­‐Burnham,  or  who   would  like  to  arrange  a  tour  should  contact  the  Summer  Programs  office.      

ADJUSTING TO CAMP & FOLLOWING THE RULES HOMESICKNESS Most  campers  take  to  camp  like  fish  to  water.  Stoneleigh-­‐Burnham  is  a  fun   atmosphere,  supportive,  and  always  under  the  eye  of  experienced  staff.  Still,  it  is   normal  for  campers  to  experience  some  homesickness  as  they  try  out  a  new   environment  away  from  home.  If  children  appear  homesick,  we  will  work  with  them   to  ease  anxieties,  provide  comfort,  and  facilitate  lots  of  activity  and  friendships.   Most  campers  respond  positively  within  a  few  days.    

If you  receive  a  “distress  letter”  or  an  upset  phone  call  in  the  early  dates  of  camp,   don’t  panic!  Please  contact  our  Director  of  Summer  Programs  to  make  sure  we  are   aware  of  the  situation.  As  hard  as  it  may  be,  avoid  the  initial  temptation  to  request  a   phone  call  or  frequent  check-­‐in  with  your  child  (or  immediately  come  to  pick  them   up!).  The  sound  of  a  parent’s  voice  can  provide  temporary  comfort,  but  can  set  back   progress  acclimating  to  camp.     If  a  child  is  homesick  for  more  than  a  day  or  two,  we  will  contact  parents  to  report   on  progress,  and  discuss  a  strategy.  Campers  talking  to  a  parent  may  prove  helpful,   but  should  happen  with  a  little  preparation.       BEHAVIOR CONCERNS Similarly,  most  campers  are  able  to  easily  work  with  our  rules.  At  Stoneleigh-­‐ Burnham  Summer  Programs  we  ask  all  campers  to:     • Be  kind  and  friendly  to  fellow  campers  (no  put-­‐downs  and  excluding  others)   • Be  respectful  and  follow  directions  of  camp  staff   • Make  safe  decisions   • Keep  well-­‐groomed   • Remain  in  supervised  areas  at  all  times   • Keep  to  their  own  rooms  and  belongings,  unless  invited  in  with  the  door   open   • Alert  adults  if  there  is  a  problem  or  concern   • Be  honest     If  we  find  campers  are  not  cooperating  with  rules,  we  address  minor  infractions   with  reminders  and  warnings.  Persistent  issues  may  warrant  a  call  home.  Campers   who  act  out,  defy  adults,  or  pose  a  safety  concern  to  themselves  or  others  may  need   to  be  sent  home  early.  Campers  who  bring  tobacco,  weapons,  drugs  or  alcohol  to  our   campus  will  be  dismissed  from  the  program.     Behavior  concerns  are  very  rare  at  Stoneleigh-­‐Burnham.  The  above  list  is  here  to   help  parents  understand  our  expectations  and  approach.  Campers  who  encounter   others  who  test  limits  or  need  reminders  should  allow  staff  to  address  concerns,   with  the  trust  and  understanding  that  staff  will  need  to  exercise  discretion,  fairness,   compassion  and  sensitivity.     Campers  who  are  sent  home  early  are  not  eligible  for  refunds.        

LIVING AT STONELEIGH-BURNHAM At  Stoneleigh-­‐Burnham  School,  our  campers  live  in  dormitories  supervised  by  our   live-­‐in  staff.  Our  dormitory  staff  includes  alumni  and  college-­‐age  counselors  and   year-­‐round  resident  faculty  -­‐  all  living  on  the  hallway.  Students  should  plan  on   sharing  a  room  with  one  roommate,  and  using  common  bathroom  facilities.     We  pair  girls  according  to  age  just  a  few  days  before  camp  starts.  There  is  usually   not  time  to  share  roommate  assignments  prior  to  arrival,  as  late  additions  to  the   program  can  quickly  affect  the  plan.     We  usually  find  it  best  to  avoid  rooming  requests  between  girls  who  know  one   another  from  home.  This  can  result  in  girls  being  slow  to  reach  out  and  find  new   friendships  at  camp.  Still,  some  parents  and  campers  feel  the  need  for  their  daughter   to  start  off  at  camp  with  the  comfort  a  familiar  face,  and  we  will  do  our  best  to  honor   rooming  requests  provided  they  come  from  both  families  and  in  writing  to  the   Director  of  Summer  Programs  in  advance  of  June  15.  Campers  who  are  anxious   about  an  unfamiliar  roommate  should  know  that  while  roommates  share  living   spaces,  most  of  the  socializing  at  camp  happens  in  the  program  or  out  in  the   dormitory  common  rooms.  Most  time  spent  in  a  room  will  be  for  sleeping!     Campers  will  be  issued  a  room  key  on  the  opening  day  of  camp,  and  will  be   responsible  for  keeping  their  room  locked  during  the  day.  Most  campers  carry  their   keys  on  a  lanyard.  Our  staff  will  inspect  rooms  each  day  to  make  sure  they  are  being   kept  tidy,  that  dirty  laundry  is  separate  from  the  clean  stuff,  and  that  campers  are   tending  to  personal  needs  like  brushing  teeth  and  showering.      

BOOKSTORE AND CAMPER ACCOUNTS During  the  summer,  we  have  a  campus  bookstore  that  will  be  open  for  periodic   purchases.  It’s  a  great  resource  should  your  daughter  run  out  of  toothpaste  or  need   stamps  to  mail  a  letter  or  postcard.  The  bookstore  also  offers  Stoneleigh-­‐Burnham   branded  clothing  items.  We  will  also  have  backpacks  and  shirts  for  tie-­‐dying  for   roughly  $10.  Your  daughter  may  also  wish  to  have  some  spending  money  during   weekend  off-­‐campus  trips.     On  opening  day,  there  will  be  an  opportunity  to  leave  a  cash  allowance  for  your   daughter,  which  our  staff  will  keep  locked  up,  but  available  each  day  for  use  in  the   store.  We  recommend  leaving  enough  money  for  some  bookstore  purchases,  and   more  if  she  would  like  “big  items”  like  sweatshirts,  etc.    

INTENSIVE RIDING CAMP 2014 SCHEDULE Move  In  Day  –  Sunday,  June  29th           10:00  –  11:00  Registration  &  Move  In   11:00  –  12:00  Organizational  Meeting   12:00-­‐1:00  Lunch   1:00-­‐2:30  Lesson  1   2:30-­‐3:15  –  Horse  Care  (untack,  groom,  tack  up  next  horse)   3:15-­‐4:45  Lesson  2   5:30  6:00  Dinner   6:00-­‐7:00  Free  time  on  hallway   7:00-­‐9:00  Class  room  time       June  30  –  July  3rd     7:30  Breakfast     9:00-­‐11:00  Lesson  1     12:00  Lunch   1:00-­‐2:30  Lesson  2   2:30-­‐3:15  Horse  care   3:15-­‐4:45  Lesson  3   5:30  Dinner  followed  by  free  time   7:00-­‐9:00  Evening  Activity  (Video/Barn  Time/Lecture)   9:00-­‐10:00  Free  time   10:00  Bed       July  4th     7:30  Breakfast   9:00-­‐11:00  Final  Lesson   12:00  Lunch    



• All participants must have the required immunizations. Please carefully check the immunization requirements on the health forms; we must receive verification of immunizations by June 15. • All participants must carry health insurance with a US-based or affiliated provider. If your health insurance does not meet these criteria, you will be required to purchase coverage for the time your daughter is at camp. Stoneleigh-Burnham School can assist you with arranging for short-term insurance coverage for a very modest fee; please call 413-774-2711 and speak with the business office. • For participants whose first language is not English, please know that our instructors are not bilingual. Girls should have a relative degree of comfort in English prior to arriving on campus. • Massachusetts can be very warm and humid in the summer. Girls will be most comfortable in short-sleeved or sleeveless shirts. When they are not riding, participants will likely want to wear shorts although they are required to have their legs covered when they ride. Sleepwear should also be light and comfortable. It can be rainy and cool at times, so a light sweater and a rain jacket are also suggested. • The sun is strong and at times there are mosquitoes; our school store sells both bug spray and sunscreen. Girls should also carry water with them at all times; they may either bring a water bottle or buy one at the store. • Girls will need to bring their own pillows, sheets, towels, and a light blanket. • For calling home, please send your daughter with a calling card for international calls. There are phones on the corridor where she can both make and receive calls. For participants whose home is in a different time zone, please be conscious of the girls’ busy schedule when planning phone calls, and please let us know if you’d like to try to arrange to speak to your daughter at a time other than the free times listed on the camp schedule. • Please make sure we know of your daughter’s arrival and departure plans, including flight numbers and name and contact information for her transportation service if she is not traveling with you, and please make sure we have a way to contact you on her travel days. Again, please be aware that campers must arrive and depart on the first and last days of the sessions unless your daughter is staying for a second session as we cannot accommodate early arrivals or late departures. • Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us with any questions.

Intensive Castle  Riding   Camp    

Summer 2014  Photo  Release  Form  

  I  hereby  grant  Bonnie  Castle  Riding  Camp  the  unrestricted  right  to  use  photographs   taken  of  my  daughter  in  association  with  Bonnie  Castle  Riding  Camp  or  those  in  which   she  may  be  included  with  fellow  riders  or  counselors  for  use  in  any  publication  or   website  that  Bonnie  Castle  Riding  Camp  or  Stoneleigh-­‐Burnham  School  may  produce  for   its  recruiting,  development,  advertising  and/or  public  relations  needs.     I  also  grant  the  Bonnie  Castle  Riding  Camp  the  right  to  reuse  and  republish  the  same  in   whole  or  in  part,  individually  or  in  conjunction  with  other  photography  as  it  relates  to   Bonnie  Castle  Riding  Camp  or  Stoneleigh-­‐Burnham  School.     I  hereby  release  and  discharge  Bonnie  Castle  Riding  Camp  and  the  photographer  from   any  and  all  claims  and  demands  arising  out  of  or  in  connection  with  the  use  of  the   photographs,  including  without  limitation  any  and  all  claims  for  libel  or  invasion  of   privacy.       _________________________________________________________________________   Child’s  Name       _________________________________________________________________________   Parent  or  Legal  Guardian’s  name       _________________________________________________________________________       _________________________________________________________________________     Address           ___________________________________   Signature       ___________________________________   Date   Bonnie Castle Riding Camp 574  Bernardston  Road   Greenfield,  MA  01301  

Intensive Riding  Camp   Summer  2014  Special  Permissions  Form    

From time  to  time,  Stoneleigh-­‐Burnham  Summer  Programs  will  offer  off-­‐campus  trips   for  campers  ranging  from  trips  to  the  ice  cream  stand  to  trips  to  nearby  horse  shows  and   events.    On  these  excursions,  campers  will  be  supervised  at  all  times  by  staff  members   and  will  be  required  to  adhere  to  all  appropriate  safety  recommendations  that  pertain  to   the  activity  in  order  to  participate.    Campers  are  not  permitted  to  leave  campus  except   on  all-­‐camp  excursions  or  with  a  parent/guardian  or  other  authorized  person.     Some  trips  may  involve  an  entrance  fee  or  ticket  fee.    These  trips  will  take  place  on  mid-­‐ session  Saturdays  and/or  Sundays.    In  the  event  of  an  entrance  fee,  that  fee  will  be   charged  to  the  camper’s  bank  account.     All  off-­‐campus  trips  will  require  students  to  travel  by  bus  or  van  from  the  campus.    All   drivers  and  vehicles  will  be  properly  inspected  and  insured,  and  all  drivers  will  be   properly  authorized  by  either  Stoneleigh-­‐Burnham  School  or  an  approved   transportation  company.       ________________________________________________________________________     PLEASE  READ  THE  FOLLOWING  CAREFULLY  AND  CIRCLE  THE  APPROPRIATE   RESPONSE.     I  DO  /  DO  NOT  (please  circle  one)  give  my  daughter  ____________________________  permission   to  participate  in  supervised  off-­‐campus  trips  during  her  time  at  camp.         I  DO  /  DO  NOT  (please  circle  one)  give  permission  to  the  camp  director  to  deduct  any   entrance  or  ticket  fees  from  my  daughter’s  account  for  trips  in  which  she  participates.     I  DO  /  DO  NOT  (please  circle  one)  give  my  daughter  ____________________________  permission   to  watch  movies  rated  PG-­‐13  that  are  selected  by  the  camp.       ________________________________________________         ____________________________   Name  of  Parent/Guardian               Date             Bonnie Castle Riding Camp 574  Bernardston  Road   Greenfield,  MA  01301  

Intensive Riding  Camp    

Summer 2014     Travel,  Rooming  and  Special  Circumstances  Form  

______________________________________________________________          Participant’s  Name     Special  Circumstances:    Is  there  any  person(s)  who  should  not  be  visiting/contacting   this  participant  while  she  is  here  with  us?       Travel  Permission:    Who  will  be  dropping  off  &  picking  up  your  child  from  camp?   Please  list  names  and  if  not  a  legal  guardian,  their  relationship  to  you.         Please  list  here  the  names  of  anyone  who  might  be  visiting  in  your  place  –  such  as  a   friend  or  relative  at  our  final  horse  show.           Alternate  Contact  Info:    Please  write  the  dates,  locations,  and  phone  numbers  for  your   summer  travel  if  they  differ  from  contact  information  contained  in  your  daughter’s   registration.    This  will  allow  us  to  contact  you  in  an  emergency  if  you  are  traveling   during  your  daughter’s  stay  with  us.         Dietary  Concerns:  Please  advise  us  about  any  dietary  concerns,  food  allergies,  or  need   for  vegetarian  or  specialized  meal  options.         Other  Requests:    If  there  is  anything  else  we  should  know  about  your  daughter  that  will   help  us  provide  a  wonderful  summer  experience  (including  a  roommate  request!),   please  explain  here.    Please  use  the  back  if  necessary.         _______________________________________________       ________________________   Parent  or  Guardian  Signature           Date   Bonnie Castle Riding Camp 574  Bernardston  Road   Greenfield,  MA  01301

Intensive Riding Camp Parent Handbook  
Intensive Riding Camp Parent Handbook  

A guide for parents and participants of the Intensive Riding Camp at Stoneleigh-Burnham School.