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1. Make Your Web Copy, Articles and Blogs Interesting

Write Useful and engrossing web copy  Interesting articles  Opinionated posts  Flavorful views on any controversial news or topic 

Some Do’s and Don’ts If you have the notion that you are representing a professional company and need to sound too serious in what you say – just dump the idea.  Instead, make your content look and feel more personal. The tone should be friendly and sound as if you have all the solutions to your customer’s problems. 

2. Solve Your Reader’s Problems by understanding:

What they want to read?  Why they are frustrated with a particular product or service?  How your content will make their lives easier? 

Make Prospects Read More of What You Write 

Write sweet, short and snappy sentences to grab reader attention. Do not write huge chunks of text; instead break them into logical pieces with meaningful sub headings. Bullet important points (just like here) to highlight the most significant information. Your prospects may miss what you wish to convey if you hide it in a lengthy paragraph. Include high-resolution images related to the post with a catchy quote or caption. The visual along with the caption will break the monotony of reading caused by the text.

3. Content that Rewards Your Readers

Target your audience

Go Social…………

Happy writing

Now it’s time to EXECUTE

Focus on 3 Quality Metrics before Considering Content Marketing  

One should not write web copy, articles, blogs, how-to guides or eBooks for the sake of it. The content created should be interesting, solve...

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