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College of Arts and Sciences: The State of the College April 17, 2013

The Yee Family Where has the time gone? The Yees at the start of Atom’s tenure as Dean in 2002

The Yees today

The Yee Family David and Abby in December 2012

Abby in Haiti

At Abby’s graduation from Fordham

Changes in the Office of the Dean

Welcome Aboard to . . . Glenn Appleby, Mathematics and Computer Science,

as a new interim Associate Dean in Fall 2013

We Bid a Fond (but Temporary) Farewell to . . . Steve Lee, Communication, Associate Dean We wish him a peaceful and productive year-long sabbatical starting in Fall 2013.

New Faces in the College of Arts and Sciences Andrea Cruz Senior Administrative Assistant, Mathematics and Computer Science

Noreen Golden Senior Administrative Assistant, Environmental Studies and Sciences

Sonia Gonzalez-Garcia, Senior Administrative Assistant, Communication Department

New Faces in the College of Arts and Sciences

Mitch Grieb Senior Administrative Assistant, Art and Art History Department Tina Sciolla Business Manager, SCU Presents Victoria Walton Lab Technician, Biology Department

New Faces in the College of Arts and Sciences

A warm welcome to our visiting Jesuits Sam Conedera, S.J.

Two-year Jesuit Regency in History Department through 2013-14 Education: Ph.D. in History, University of California, Los Angeles

Peter RoĹžiÄ?, S.J.

Jesuit Legacy Research Scholar and Postdoctoral Fellow in Political Science through 2013-14 Education: Ph.D. in Government, Georgetown University

Stefanus Hendrianto, S.J.

Two-year Jesuit Regency in Political Science Department for 2013-14 and 2014-15 Education: Ph.D. in Law, University of Washington

Faculty in New Roles

Welcome, and thank you, to our incoming Department Chairs

Michelle Bezanson, Anthropology

Bill Greenwalt, Classics

Hans Boepple, Music

Paul Soukup, S.J. Communication

Michael Carrasco, Chemistry/Biochemistry

Kieran Sullivan, Psychology

The College of Arts and Sciences 2012-13 Highlights

College Highlights Another Successful Season for Hiring Tenure Stream Faculty ď ś

The College has maintained its torrid pace and is currently batting .938 (15 for 16) in recruiting and hiring the top candidates for each hiring department over the last two years!

College Highlights New Tenure Track Hires for Fall 2013 Kathryn Bruchmann, Acting Assistant Professor Department: Psychology Education: Expected Ph.D. in Personality and Social Psychology, University of Iowa Current Position /Research: ď ś Ph.D. candidate at University of Iowa ď ś Examining how an abstract or concrete mindset moderates the influence of comparison information

College Highlights New Tenure Track Hires for Fall 2013 Patrick Lopez-Aguado, Acting Assistant Professor Department: Sociology Education: Expected Ph.D. in Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara Current Position /Research: ď ś Instructor, Special Topics in Social Theory: Theorizing Crime and Incarceration, University of California, Santa Barbara ď ś Race and incarceration, juvenile justice, youth and street cultures, ethnographic research methods

College Highlights New Tenure Track Hires for Fall 2013 Sreela Sarkar, Acting Assistant Professor Department: Communication Education: Expected Ph.D. in Communication, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Current Position /Research: ď ś Research Associate, National Center for Digital Government ď ś Communication policy and cultural practices related to media technologies in the process of economic development and social change

College Highlights New Tenure Track Hires for Fall 2013 Julia Voss, Acting Assistant Professor Department: English Education: Expected Ph.D. in English, The Ohio State University Current Position /Research: ď ś Ph.D. candidate in Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy, Ohio State University ď ś Writing pedagogy, digital literacies, and technical/professional writing

College Highlights Lecturer Hires (So Far) for Fall 2013 Bill Stevens,

Department: Music Education: M.M. in Piano Performance, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Scot Hanna-Weir,

Department: Music Education: Doctor of Musical Arts in Choral Conducting, University of Maryland

College Highlights Hiring of Inclusive Excellence Postdoctoral Fellows Belem Avila

Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry Education: Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of California, Davis

Cruz Medina

Department: English Education: Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition, University of Arizona

Christine Montgomery

Department: English Education: Ph.D. in Literature, University of California, Santa Cruz

College Highlights Socorro Casta単eda-Liles has received The Louisville Institute First Book Grant This grant will allow Dr. Casta単eda-Liles to spend 2013-14 working on her first book by covering her teaching obligations.

Congratulations Dr. Casta単eda-Liles!!!!

College Highlights Successful Launch of Arts for Social Justice

 Goal is to raise awareness and engage SCU students in human issues  2012-13 focus is violence against women

 Images dance performance  Screening of documentary film, The Invisible War  One Billion Rising  Poet Frances Driscoll and performance of the play, Lucky Girl (inspired by her poetry)

College Highlights Fourteenth Annual Scholarly Achievement Celebration On November 27, 2012 we honored twenty-two of our colleagues for their exceptional scholarly and creative achievements.

College Highlights The Department of Political Science and the Consortium of Middle Eastern Studies Presented

Signe Wilkinson

Pulitzer Prize winning Editorial Cartoonist March 5, 2013

A Cartoonist's Credo: Nothing is Sacred How a perfectly nice Quaker girl managed to unite Jews, Catholics and Muslims in denouncing her cartoons.

College Highlights

The End of Overeating April 9, 2013 7:30 p.m. Louis B. Mayer Theatre Speaker: David A. Kessler, M.D., Commissioner, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (1990 – 1997), Professor of Pediatrics and Epidemiology and Biostatistics at U.C San Francisco and winner of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health Public Health Hero award in 2008 for his "leadership and courage in challenging the U.S. tobacco industry."

Upcoming College Highlights

Venice and the Renaissance Thursday, April 18, 2013 – Adobe Lodge

•Blake de Maria, Ph.D., “Becoming Venice, Becoming Venetian” •Patricia Fortini Brown, Ph.D., “More Noble Than Noble: Pursuing Glory in a Republic of Equals” Friday, April 19, 2013 – Williman Room

•Suzanne Magnanini, Ph.D., “What They Talked About When They Talked about Love in Sixteenth-Century Venice” •Guido Ruggiero, Ph.D., “Wayfarers in Wonderland: Love and Sex in Renaissance Venice Revisited”

College Operations Update

College Operations Update How are we spending our money?  New Faculty (11 TT and 10 Lecturers): – CAS contributed $441,000 in start up and professional development funds – CAS contributed $68,500 in relocation funds  Current Faculty (March 2012 – March 2013): – CAS provided scholarly/creative activity funds to 44 tenured/tenure-track faculty ($99,171) – CAS provided professional development funds to 43 non-tenure stream faculty ($28,283) – CAS provided software licenses for particular disciplinary areas (Tegrity, SPSS,, JMP, Maple, Chemdraw): over $50,000

College Operations Update How CAS is spending its money – Equipment:  (March 2012 – March 2013): over $135,000 invested in

equipment needed to support teaching and learning – Anthropology: microscope – Studio Art: photo enlargers, slab roller, dry mount – – – –

press, solar plate Performing Arts: audio and projection system Chemistry/Biochemistry: chemical cabinets, flow adjustment to hoods Psychology: research equipment Outfitting the GIS lab

College Operations Update Integrated Science Center Working Group (ISCWG)

Amelia Fuller Chemistry/Biochemistry

Justen Whittall Biology

Michelle Marvier Environmental Studies & Sciences

John Birmingham Physics

Carol Gittens CAS Office of the Dean

College Operations Update

Art and Art History Building Update  A big “thank you” to the Art and Art History Department for its hard work and collaboration. Special nods to Blake de Maria, Kate Morris, Kathleen Schneider and Marie Brancati for their time and efforts on this project.

Blake de Maria

Kate Morris

Kathleen Schneider

Marie Brancati

 Project has been a true collaboration across campus, including Development, Media Services, Facilities, Provost’s Office, and the Dean’s Office.

College Operations Update OSHER Transitioning from Faculty to Staff Director  Search process is currently underway.

 A big “thank you” to current and former Faculty Directors, Bob Senkewicz (History) and Patti Simone (Psychology), and Program Coordinator, Andrea Saade, for your hard work to make OSHER a huge success.

Bob Senkewicz

Patti Simone

Andrea Saade

 OSHER will celebrate its 10th birthday next year – CONGRATULATIONS!!!

College Operations Update Pastoral Ministries Developing On-Line/Hybrid M.A. Program  Active collaboration with Monterey Diocese

for training lay ministers and deacons

 Currently seeking WASC approval

 M.A. program has potential to partner with other Catholic dioceses in Western United States

College Operations Update College of Arts and Sciences Leadership Board Finishing its Inaugural Three Year Term

 16 of 23 original members accepted invitations to

return next year  Role is to serve as ambassadors for the College  Members have been attending campus events and quarterly meetings to learn about College’s programs  Have formed Development and Internship Committees

The Leadership Board Executive Committee

Catherine Horan-Walker

Steve Eglash

Marie Barry

Dave Gardner

Laurie Hernandez

College Operations Update

Successfully Began Second Phase of College’s Program Review  This year hosted reviews of the following

departments: English, Religious Studies, Classics, Philosophy, and History

 Process has demonstrated great collaboration

between departments and faculty/staff

 Reviews have been strongly focused on

student learning and have elicited very helpful feedback

Challenges and opportunities First the challenge,

then the opportunity.

Challenges and opportunities Important Issues Facing the College  Shifting student demographics between Natural

Sciences and Humanities

 Fundraising  Cultivating a culture of service and the next

generation of academic leaders

Reimagining 21st Century pedagogy: What will University teaching look like in the 21st Century?  Finding a balance between the visions/dreams

and the reality of limited resources

Recognizing the college’s M.V.P.s – thank you for your wonderful work!

Thank you all for your continued hard work and support!

2013 State of College  

2013 State of College

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