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Creative Growth: A New Era for Santa Clara Art By Associate Professor Kate Morris On a recent evening at the Triton Museum, students and faculty of our department

In brief, the new building will be ZPNUPÄJHU[S`SHYNLY[OHU[OLJ\YYLU[-PUL Arts building, which was converted for

joined with Deans, Regents, and friends

classroom and studio use in 1974. The

of the University to celebrate the closing

old building encompasses about 26,000

of the exhibition, Creative Growth: Art Created by Studio Faculty Members of the Department of Art and Art History at Santa

square feet of multi-purpose space; the new building will be roughly 41,500 square

us, as it will allow the faculty of the Art and Art History programs to be reunited in a single space, providing greater opportunity for collaborative teaching and research. According to the strategic plan developed Art History Building will foster

of Triton Executive Director George

creativity and scholarship in a

Rivera and Chief Curator Preston

number of ways: labs, studios and

Metcalf, the galleries were resplendent

specialized equipment will facilitate

with the works of Santa Clara studio

the practice of art making; while

faculty, including Katherine Aoki,

beautiful and spacious classrooms

Renee Billingslea, Kelly Detweiler, Don

and galleries will enhance the study

Fritz, Sam Hernandez, Julie Hughes,

and appreciation of art. All of this is

Francisco “Pancho” Jimenez, Marco

exciting for us, as members of the

Marquez, David Pace, and

faculty and as majors and minors

Ryan Reynolds.

in Art and Art History, but we can

In the foyer, however, was another


work of art attracting quite a lot of

that the new facility will have for

attention: a scale architectural model Visitors at the closing reception for “Creative Growth”

History building. Plans for the building have advanced well since last Spring’s issue of Art Post, when we reported that the approximately $24 million project had been approved in the University Master Plan, and that we were in conversations with a prospective lead donor. Today, fundraising efforts are ramping up, and the building is starting to take shape, at least in the minds of our architects. (See photo.) The complex has even acquired a catchy nickname: University planning guru Joe Sugg refers to it as the “AAH…” building.

The latter point is especially important to

for this project, the new Art and

Clara University. Thanks to the efforts

of the proposed new Art and Art

and studios for faculty and students alike.

the whole University community. As Atom Yee, Dean of the College of

feet, with nearly 80% more outdoor space,

Arts and Sciences has put it, this complex

including outdoor seating and a sculpture

will “enhance the learning experience of

garden. Happily, darkroom and printing

the many undergraduates who create and

presses will be separated from related

interpret art” as part of the University core

instruction space – a luxury that we do

curriculum. The University’s commitment to

not have at the moment – and a second,

building this facility is underscored by the

high-tech art history classroom will double

Jesuit understanding of, and commitment

opportunities for guest speakers and

to, the arts as an integral component of

programs. Gallery space will more than

educating the whole person.

double as well: 573 square feet will expand

The role that the arts play in the Jesuit

to 1200. Not one, but two state-of-theart computer labs are planned, as are additional kilns, welding and shop spaces,

[YHKP[PVUPZYLÅLJ[LKPU[OL selection of a site for the... (Continued on page 4)


Faculty Updates

Kelly Detweiler

to cultural change. Thematic chapters that

During the past academic year, Detweiler

focus on photography’s role in negotiating

Kathy Aoki

participated in numerous group exhibitions,

cultural identity, war photography, and

Kathy Aoki received tenure and promotion

most notably “Painting in the 21st Century”

the documentation of urban life introduce

to the rank of Associate Professor of

at Natsoulas Gallery in Davis. He also

many images that are unfamiliar to Western

Studio Art. In fall 2010, Aoki participated

participated in several group shows at the

viewers, and provide a broadened cultural

in the invitational project Shadowshop,

Sandra Lee Gallery in San Francisco. His

context for more well known images.

an alternative retail space at SFMOMA,

work was exhibited by Sandra Lee Gallery

(Students who have taken her course

curated by Stephanie Syjuco. Her artist

during the San Francisco International Art

“Photography in Japan” are likely to

book “How I Lost My Vegetarianism” is

Fair at Fort Mason. An online article about

recognize quite a few photos in the book!)

currently on tour with the traveling group

his work appeared in Artslant Magazine in the Artist Watchlist: http://www.artslant.

Professor Fraser spent seven weeks in

exhibition Hand, Voice & Vision: Artists’ Books from Women’s Studio Workshop.


Venues in 2010-2011 included the Grolier

In May 2011, he traveled as part of a City

traveled to Honolulu to present a paper at

Club, NY, and the University of Southern

of Santa Clara delegation to Yeoncheon,

the Association for Asian Studies annual

Maine. Her animation “The Gwen Stefani

Korea and helped to present information

conference on the self-portraits of two

Grand Burial Exhibition” toured with the

which resulted in a new Sister

nineteenth-century photographers, Ueno

Stop and Go Rides Again animation festival

City Relationship.

Hikoma and Yokoyama Matsusaburo.

at venues in national and international cities including Rotterdam, Berlin, and Munich. Other group shows include: In Extremis, Prints Monumental, Intimate, and Encompassing, at Meridian Gallery, San Francisco, Things are Expanding, at Swarm Gallery, Oakland, CA, and Book + Art, at Duke University, in Durham, NC. Renee Billingslea Renee Billingslea had an exciting year that included a solo photography show selected from the series “In My Neighborhood” and “Heroes, Heaven and Hell” at the Paul Mahder Gallery located in San Francisco. Several of her mixed media pieces were highlighted in the exhibit “Made in America” at Evolve gallery honoring black history month. Billingslea’s installation, “The Fabric of Race in America,” will be on display at Evolve gallery this upcoming year.

Detweiler was commissioned by Santa Clara University to create a new ceramic Jesuit symbol which was mounted on the south side of Bannan Hall. During the academic year he served on a SCU building committee, which helped create the new design for the Fine Arts building.

several articles in progress. In April she

She also developed and taught two new courses, a lower division Asian art survey and an upper division class called “East-West Encounters in the Visual Arts” that focuses on cross-cultural artistic interactions between India, China, Japan, Europe, and the United States.

Karen Fraser Karen Fraser’s year culminated with the publication of her book in June. Photography and Japan (London: Reaktion Books, 2011) provides an overview of 150 years of photography, a period in which Japan experienced some of [OLTVZ[ZPNUPÄJHU[L]LU[ZPUTVKLYU history: a remarkable transformation from an isolated, feudal country into an industrialized, modern world power during the late nineteenth century; an equally striking rise and fall as an imperial WV^LYK\YPUN[OLÄYZ[OHSMVM[OL[^LU[PL[O

Portraits produced by students from

century; and a miraculous economic

the SCU course Billingslea pioneered,

recovery in the decades following the utter

“Exploring Society Through Photography,”

devastation of World War II. The history of

were on display at the de Saisset Museum

photography within Japan paralleled these

in an exhibit called, “The Changing

events, becoming inextricably linked with

Face of Homelessness.” This exhibit

notions of modernity and cultural change

works to challenge societal notions of


homelessness. In celebration of the exhibit,

nineteenth century. The book considers

Billingslea collaborated with her student

this intertwined history by tracing the

assistant, Nicole Giove, to produce a

intersection of photography and social

catalog about the exhibit. Proceeds will go

history, focusing on the role of the camera

to support two local shelters in San Jose.

in documenting key cultural and political

Copies of the catalog may be found at

events and in exploring social responses

Tokyo over the summer doing research for

Photography and Japan by Karen Fraser

Don Fritz This past academic year, Don Fritz has been both busy and productive in teaching and research. In the area of teaching, he continues to teach beginning, intermediate and advanced ceramic sculpture. Several of his students received recognition for their work at the department’s Annual Juried exhibition, and another student, Charlton Hee, received the Anderson Ranch Arts Center scholarship in Colorado. He continues to oversee Clay Club activities throughout the year helping students to continue developing

their interests in ceramics. He facilitates

Pancho JimĂŠnez

of Churches (Paris gr. 54) for which

student exhibitions annually in Davis at

Pancho JimĂŠnez exhibited work in a two-

she recently received a contract from

The Art of Painting in the 21st Century

person exhibition, followed by an artist

Ashgate. In November 2011, Maxwell

exhibition and the California Conference

lecture at Cuesta College in San Luis

participated in a multi-disciplinary

For The Advancement of Ceramic Art.

Obispo this past fall. He also exhibited his

session at the annual conference of the

In the area of research, Fritz has been

work at Santa Clara City Hall. His work

Society of Biblical Literature devoted to

involved in numerous gallery and museum

titled â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cinco Solesâ&#x20AC;? was selected as the

two purple-parchment, ninth-century

exhibitions throughout the academic year

Best of Show for the â&#x20AC;&#x153;2011 City of Santa

manuscripts [St. Petersburg, cod. gr.

including four international exhibitions

Clara Indoor Sculpture Exhibition.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cinco

53 and Tirana, Berat, cod. 2]. Scholars

taking place in Mexico during his junior

Solesâ&#x20AC;? is a series of 5 identical rings

analyzed the manuscriptsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; texts, scripts,

faculty development leave fall of 2010.

inspired by the Aztec belief that the world

illuminations, and decoration. It is believed

Two one-person exhibitions titled â&#x20AC;&#x153;Nuevas

is recreated every 52 years and that we are

that both manuscripts were written by the

Mitologiasâ&#x20AC;? took place at the Mazatlan


same scribe and created in the imperial

Museum and San Blas Cultural Center. Additionally, he participated in the Triton Museumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Worldâ&#x20AC;? exhibition and also in the â&#x20AC;&#x153;La Luz 25â&#x20AC;? exhibition at the La Luz De Jesus gallery in Los Angeles. The gallery published a book celebrating [^LU[`Ă&#x201E;]L`LHYZVML_OPIP[PVUZ6[OLY publications that featured his work include Lark books, 500 Raku, and two catalogs titled 30 Ceramic Sculptors and The Art of Painting in the 21st Century.

In the winter, JimĂŠnezâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s students from ARTS 196 curated a Sustainability art exhibition held in the University Library. His students selected the student artwork from Prof. Billingslea and Prof. Aokiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s classes. They learned the logistics of art curation as they assisted in the layout of the show and composed a curatorial statement.

scriptorium in Constantinople. Maxwell also serves on the Faculty Affairs Committee, the Faculty Core Committee (Cultures and Ideas, 1 and 2), and the Catholic Studies Program Council in addition to her duties as Secretary of the Byzantine Studies Association of North America (BSANA). In fall 2011, she also offered a short course on Christian architecture through the Osher Foundation and presented her research to

During the spring quarter, in collaboration

the Graduate Proseminar at the Graduate


School of Theology.

Sam Hernandez

and the University Library, JimĂŠnez helped

Sam Hernandez had a productive

develop and plan a student art exhibition.

Kate Morris

sabbatical during fall 2011. He had

The show titled â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Art of Legacyâ&#x20AC;? was

2011 was a busy year for Professor

the opportunity to work with the


Morris. She published articles in American

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Last Tinajeros,â&#x20AC;? the family Moreno in

campus-wide diversity theme for academic

Indian Quarterly, American Indian Art

Extremadura, Spain. The family has been

year 2010-2011 and 2011-2012. Legacies

Magazine, and the Smithsonianâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s National

making large-scale ceramic wine vessels

signify what we inherit and what we leave

Museum of the American Indian Magazine.

for more than three centuries. Hernandez

behind. It lends itself to exploring the

She was also pleased to complete

continued his collaboration with them

legacies of past oppression, struggle, and

10 catalog entries for the Peabody

(including the patriarch) by altering and

successes while asking us to consider

Essex Museumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s blockbuster show

transforming age-old forms into primarily

what we will choose to create and leave

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Shapeshifting: Transformations in Native


behind for future generations. Students

Artâ&#x20AC;? which opened in Salem in January. The

utilitarian essence.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Shapeshiftingâ&#x20AC;? essays were supported by

their artwork.

the research efforts of students in Morrisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

In addition, he created several paintings

upper-division Native American Art course;


In addition to teaching, JimĂŠnez continues

also experimented with the process of

to work as an Academic Advisor in the

constructing sculptures with found

Drahmann Advising and Learning Resource

Travel was also an important part of

recycled materials.

Center, serves on the Core Curriculum

Morrisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; year. She spent time in Switzerland,

her thanks to every one of them!

Subcommittee on Diversity, the Advisory


Julie Hughes

Committee on Co-Curricular Diversity

face to face with Giotto and Masaccio!),

Julie Hughes is returning as a full-year

Programs and the Honorary

and Canada in the fall. In Ottawa, at

lecturer to teach courses in drawing and

Degree Committee.

the biennial conference of the Native

painting. She completed her installation,

American Art Studies Association, she was

â&#x20AC;&#x153;BFF (Narcissus and Echo)â&#x20AC;? in the

Kathleen Maxwell

honored to be elected Vice President of

International terminal of the Los Angeles

Kathleen Maxwell received a course

the organization. It was nice too to run into

Airport in the spring of 2011. In 2012, she

release in fall 2011 to complete her book-

Bridget Johnson (â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;09) at the conference

will mount new installations in Florida,

length manuscript entitled: Between

â&#x20AC;&#x201C;Bridget has just begun the graduate

Missouri and Minnesota.

Constantinople and Rome: An Illuminated

program in Native American art studies at

Byzantine Gospel Book and the Union

the University of Washington.

Next, Professor Morris will turn her

on the board of that organization, which

Sculpture, for the group show, “Outlandish:

attention to co-editing a massive volume

is dedicated to the study of culture from

Contemporary Depictions of Nature” at the

on Native American art of the past two

1914 to 1945. She and Dr. Stephen Carroll

Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek.

decades. New Essays on Contemporary

(English) are team teaching again; everyone

Native American Art is projected to be

in her honors Cultures and Ideas class is

Reynolds received a grant, “Reduce,

about 400 pages long, and will include

also enrolled in Dr. Carroll’s honors Critical

contributions by more than 20 authors.

Thinking and Writing class. She still enjoys

With any luck, it will be published in 2013.

cooking, gardening, and working on her

Reuse, Re-imagine” made possible by the Santa Clara University Sustainable Resource Initiative, to explore the role of arts in building sustainable communities. This interdisciplinary project

David Pace

builds connections between

David Pace received the 2011

Environmental Studies and the

Daylight/CDS Work-in-Process

Art & Art History Department.

Prize from the Center for

It includes tours of the Artist in

Documentary Studies at Duke

Residency program at the San

University for his on-going West

Francisco Recology Center, an

African project “Friday Night.”

artist lecture, and an exhibition

His photographs were featured

slated for 2013.

in several solo and group exhibitions including “Earth

Staff Updates

Work: Mining Burkina Faso” at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library at San Jose State University; 2011 Daylight/CDS Photo

A model of the proposed Fine Arts Building.

Awards, “Photographs by David Pace” at the Center for Documentary Studies Gallery at Duke University; “Cultures in Transition: Five Views of Our World at Photo Central” in Hayward, CA; “You Look Familiar” at

Ä_LY\WWLYOV\ZL:OLPZHS^H`ZWSLHZLK to hear from alumni, so drop her a note at or leave an update on the Department Facebook page.

Rose Khor, Senior Administrative Assistant Rose Khor has enjoyed traveling this year. Over the summer, she got married in France and she and her husband traveled to Spain and Portugal for their honeymoon. She visited Belize over the

the San Francisco Art Commission Gallery

Ryan Reynolds

holidays and swam with nurse sharks!

in City Hall and the “Creative Growth”

This year, Ryan Reynolds was promoted to

In her spare time, Khor is a visual artist

show at the Triton Museum of Art. His

the rank of Assistant Professor of Painting


work appeared in Daylight Magazine, Issue

and Drawing. He is working on a new series

Moon, Safe Light” at the Davis Feminist

#9. His photo essay, Friday Night, was

of paintings that explore the intersection

Film Festival and Berkeley Video & Film

published by Lens Culture, and aCurator.

between past and present by integrating

Festival this year. She also displayed some

com featured the photo essay David Pace:

historical photographs into a daily record

photographs in a group show at Flax Art &

Burkina Faso.


Design in San Francisco.


were on display at the Triton Museum

Spotlight of the San Jose State Alumni Association. He participated on a panel

“Creative Growth” show in December 2011. The Alameda Arts Commission invited

Creative Growth

Reynolds to propose a commission for

(continued from page 1)UL^ÄULHY[ZJVTWSL_

paintings highlighting history and diversity

The plan is for the building to be erected

for permanent display at Highland Hospital

(along with an adjacent parking structure)

director of the SCU study abroad program,

in Oakland, California.

at the corner of Franklin and Alviso Streets,

Reading West Africa. He continues to serve

Santa Clara Magazine featured an image

as the chair of the curatorial committee at

from his “Digital War” series in the issue

the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art.

on war and peace, vol. 53, no. 3. He

entitled Beyond Traditional Study Abroad at the International Studies Association-West conference in Pasadena, CA. He is co-

Andrea Pappas Andrea Pappas is still working on her study of the marketing of modern art in New York in the middle decades of the 20th Century. She gave a paper on the subject in Montreal in June, at the Space Between Conference. She is now serving

exhibited in several two person shows PUJS\KPUN!¸,SLJ[YPÄLK¹H[):HRH[H Garo in Sacramento, “Beyond Static” at Artzone 461 in San Francisco, and a “California Landscape” show at the )HRLYZÄLSK4\ZL\TVM(Y[/PZ^VYR^HZ also selected by Alison Gass, SFMOMA’s Assistant Curator of Painting and

on the north side of campus. (See map.) The new site was chosen to strengthen the relationship between the Studio and Art History programs and the departments of Music, Dance, and Theatre. Not only ^PSS[OLJHTW\ZJVTT\UP[`ILULÄ[MYVTH centralized location for all of the arts, but this area is destined to become the new, very visible face of the University. Plans are underway to “shift” the center of campus to the north, as the City of Santa Clara long-

term plans include creating a pedestrian

Darkroom space is hard to come by and

created a pilot education program for the

mall along Franklin Street that will link the

she values the time she spent in Santa

newly created Museum of the History of

newly renovated Cal Train Station to the

Clara’s darkroom space every day!

Immigration to Catalonia. After completing

east with the new restaurants and retail shops planned for the Lafayette

Scott Dow ‘09 Scott is currently the Modern and

Street corridor. So, where are we now, exactly? At the time of this writing, environmental impact studies are underway, and various City of Santa Clara agencies are conducting historic landmark, planning, and permitting reviews. Joe Sugg is optimistic about

Contemporary Art Curatorial Intern at the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) in New Orleans, Louisiana. He works closely with Miranda Lash, the Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at NOMA. He collects articles and writes summaries

this project, she undertook an MA in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester and moved to Doha, Qatar to help establish educational strategy and programming for Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art. Since 2009, Michelle has held the position of Head of Education and has enjoyed creating new programs with students, families, adults, artists, and community groups for the

the process, noting that the


building is designed to exceed

Arab perspective on modern and

the “Gold” standard for

contemporary art.

environmentally sound design set forth by the U.S. Green

Hillar y Morimoto ‘09

Building Council.

Hillary started an MA program at

Back at the Triton Museum,

California State Long Beach in Art

even as a wonderful exhibition


was closing, the architectural

Museum Studies and Curatorial

model in the foyer gestured to

Practice. Her emphasis is in the

the future, and to the continued

Italian Renaissance.


Clara University. Professors Andrea Pappas and Kelly Detweiler stand with two 2011 award winners.

Alumni News Jaime Austin ‘99 Jaime was a double major Art History and OMIS. She worked at Adobe as a marketing manager for several years. She then received an MA in Curatorial Practice from California College of the Arts. She was Assistant Curator for ZERO1 2008 Biennial. She is now Curator and Director of Public

Jen is an artist in the Bay Area, ^VYRPUNPUJVTTLYJPHSHUKÄUL

for upcoming exhibitions and assists with the installation and removal of exhibitions. In a unique project, he got to put his art skills to the test by helping paint the new mural by artist Odili Donald Odita. Scott is also working on drafting the chronology and object summaries for a retrospective opening in 2014. NOMA and the Modern and Contemporary Art department

art capacities. From 2006-2011, she has volunteered her time by giving an artist talk to almost every “ARTS 196: Studio Art Seminar” class. She recently completed a Seed Library for the Santa Cruz Reskilling Expo that is on permanent display and available for use at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History.

We Want You!

Programs for ZERO1.

provides an exciting and challenging work

Madison Cook ‘10

of the skills he developed in college and

Please feel free to contact us by going to:

Since Madison’s graduation in 2010 from

further explore his passion for Art History.

SCU, she has been working as a behavioral therapist with children that have Autism. She currently works for “The Center for Autism and Related Disorders” in Phoenix, Arizona. Within the next two years, she hopes to return to graduate school for her masters in Marriage and Family therapy to ^VYRZWLJPÄJHSS`^P[OMHTPSPLZHMMLJ[LKI` Autism. In her spare time, she still takes photographs and has a shoe box full of YVSSZVMÄSTULLKPUN[VILKL]LSVWLK

environment, allowing him to utilize all

We love to know what our Alumni are up too.

Michelle Dezember ‘06 After graduating, Michelle moved to New York to work in the Education Department at the Brooklyn Museum. She also worked as a freelance educator at several other institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art, The Museum of the City of New York, the Queens Museum, and the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. In 2008, Michelle

For the most Current info please go to:

received a Fulbright grant to study the impact of immigration on the pedagogy of museums in Barcelona, in which she

Look For us on Facebook!

500 El Camino Real Santa Clara, California 95053


Congratulations! To all of our art history and studio majors who graduated in 2011! Charlotte Allen Lauren Azzopardi Jamie Coakley Julie Connelly Brittany Eames Kate Fiedelman Jaz Giacchetti John Kent Annamarie Le贸n Katrina Liebl Maria Lien Sandy Mahler Sarah Mirto Clare Nauman Long Nguyen Danielle Pirelli Armando Portillo Caroline Powers Kristen Rieke Taylor Rulon-Miller Katie Simmons Alexandra Taddeucci Anne Thompson

Student Awards

2011 Art History Awards

Jamie Coakley: Art History Research

2011 Studio Art Awards

Symposium, First Place

Kristen Rieke: Best of Show

Brittany Eames: Art History Research

Annamarie Le贸n: Sculpture Clare Nauman: Painting

Paper, Tied for First

Danielle Pirelli: Art History Research Paper, Tied forFirst

Veronica Garcia: Photography Charlton Hee: Ceramics Melina Ramirez: Mixed Media Dustin Han: Digital Media

Benson Memorial Center Purchase Awards Annamarie Le贸n Armando Portillo Charlotte Allen

Kathr yn Kouchi: Printmaking Mark Melvin: Sculpture Alejandra Germann: Painting Kristen Muramoto: Digital Media Armando Portillo: Painting Sarah Ghanbari: Animation Julie Gamez: Ceramics

Winners of the Sullivan Scholarship: Charlton Hee Mark Melvin Paige Icardi Patrick Lydon

Anderson Ranch Brooks Fellowship Recipient: Charlton Hee


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