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of all tests results. This web-based application is a very creative delivery system for students to interact with as they answer questions that you construct supplemented by music manuscript and sound.

What You Need To Know If Web-based instruction is a new concept to you, there are some major pluses to consider, starting with cost.

You know purchasing software for more than one computer can be expensive. Getting students to use them frequently enough to justify the cost is another issue. And getting students to purchase applications for home use can be daunting. Mastering Music offers a plan that includes student-use built into its pricing structure. For approximately $400, you and 20 students have unlimited use of seven powerful music programs at school and at home.

The World’s Finest Mouthpieces

Beautiful Music from jj Babbitt. jj Babbitt produces the sax or clarinet mouthpiece for every individual level and style of play—from easy-to-blow student models to super-responsive professional models. Under our label or yours, there is no finer quality mouthpiece or more choice in styles and facings than from jj Babbitt. That’s why our mouthpieces are the number one choice of musicians worldwide.

Great-sounding Music Starts with a Great-Playing Mouthpiece.

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Molto Music’s Musician’s Online Music Planner tracks students’ home practice in detail for less than a penny per day for each student. Many schools are able to use their technology budgets rather than their music budgets to purchase a license, saving precious resources for their music programs. Web-based software applications do not require upgrades from the user, as software is updated automatically by the manufacturer at no charge to the customer. New features can be added and implemented at any time, often due to the suggestions of the customers themselves. When a new feature is added, it is immediately available for all users. Another factor is scalability, which refers to the technology working for very large groups of people simultaneously. This also affects the cost of the software. For instance, site licenses for an online system can be purchased by individual studio teachers, a music teacher at a specific school, the whole music department, or by an entire school district. With a single purchase, dozens of schools and teachers can use the system with hundreds of students. Often, the cost per student drops as the number of students on a single license goes up. The EarMaster home-user site license lets up to 200 students work at home from the school server. Like all of the programs mentioned, Molto Music’s Musician’s Online Music Planner is easy to execute because on-line software does not require downloads or special add-ons to access the information. It would be a nightmare to expect your students to install software at home on how-many-different operating systems, and then endure the hassle of technical support. Web-based applications can be up-and-running the same day a school signs its students up and everyone has immediate access to the program on their home computers. Since Web-based technology often requires log-in procedures, all programs have a password that can be changed. There are even two levels of security in Charms. Online Practice Planner software runs on servers at a host company’s location. There are daily backups, both on servers and on tape, and no information is stored on school computers. Online software can allow unlimited users and is available to teachers, administrators, students, and even

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SBO October 2008  

SBO October 2008

SBO October 2008  

SBO October 2008