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The Future of Music Technology:

Web-Based Software BY JOHN KUZMICH, JR.


hile technology is significantly impacting much of today’s education scene, it doesn’t seem to have an equal presence in music classes. Only a third of music educators are using technology with students.

And even among this progressive one-third, few are reaching out beyond the classroom. Many of us still embrace the values of music education from its historical past, while overlooking the benefits of modern technological tools. But computers and the Internet are revolutionizing education far beyond the confines of Dr. John Kuzmich Jr. is a veteran music educator, jazz educator and music technologist with more than 41 years of public school teaching experience. He is a TI:ME-certified training instructor and has a Ph.D. in comprehensive musicianship. As a freelance author, Dr. Kuzmich has more than 400 articles and five textbooks published, including a music technology column that appears regularly in School Band and Orchestra. As a clinician, Dr. Kuzmich frequently participates in workshops throughout the U.S., Europe, Australia, and South America. For more information, visit

the classroom. Yes, rehearsal time is precious and limited. The demands and details of music performance accomplishments are never ending. But music educators must wake up to the vast potential of Web-based instruction, which can reach and teach students outside the classroom. Individual involvement is the very essence of this technology, and these types of applications put students in the driver’s seat, rather than in the back seat. As I peruse the music technology scene, I sense that the inherent learning curve is the obstacle preventing many of us from implementing sophisticated new teaching tools. The time and frustration of learning the software is often self-defeating. But we are working with a unique generation of students who are often already ahead of us on this learning curve; in fact, they are chomping at the bit. We can trust them to run with whatever we offer them, without limiting them to our stride. But unless students have access to music technology outside the classroom, especially at home, their chances for success will be restricted. No matter how many resources the Internet offers, students need direction with systematic instruction that only good music teachers and software can provide.

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