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is currently the conductor of the Owatonna Community Band and formerly conducted the Owatonna Community Orchestra. William Kingsland Dartmouth High School Dartmouth, Mass. Kingsland has been a member of the Dartmouth High School music department for many years. He now serves as director of music for the schools. Kingsland is also active as a musician in the community.

Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble and the CHS Titan Marching Band, in addition to collaborating at all CHS Cluster Middle Schools. Since Centennial’s opening in 2003, Linley’s bands have been consistent UIL sweepstakes and “Best in Class” winners.

Tim Linley Centennial High School Director of Bands Frisco, Texas. Linley is Director of Bands at Centennial High School in Frisco, Tex. He conducts the Wind

meals, everything… and I wouldn’t change it or trade it… ever. It’s so worth it. Kingsland: Upsides: Travel, sightseeing, education. Downsides: Money; excused time from school; comparisons of your program to others; students who can’t go. Linley: Upsides include: visiting highly educational and historical places that supplement what the students are learning in their core classes; allowing the students to perform for a different set of ears and expectations

38 School Band and Orchestra, June 2008

than they may be accustomed to at home; morale building for the program; great recruitment tool. I have found that the downsides can often be alleviated through preparation. Students can prepare for the classes they will miss by attending extra tutorials. Behavior problems and safety issues can be largely avoided by a clear discussion of consistently stated expectations. Arsenault: Upsides of band travel include: provides motivation to practice more, remain focused and strive for excellence; students need to be in a group when sightseeing or in the parks, which forces some of our shy students to link up with other students. These students always grow socially; upperclassmen are responsible for “chaperoning freshmen” (when approved by parents) and they are

Robert Arsenault Mount Hope High School Band Director Bristol, R.I. Arsenault has been the band director at Mount Hope, which serves the Bristol/Warren school district, for almost 20 years, and has been the chair of the Performing Arts Department since 1994. He has also directed the East Bay Wind Ensemble.

responsible that all of the kids they are in charge of feel part of the group. How are school band trips funded? McAfee: Depending on the cost of the trip, the students are usually given 8-12 months to finance their travel. We then approach fundraising in two different ways. First, we designate a number of fundraising projects that the students can use to offset the cost of the trip. Secondly, we have other events like dinners, concerts, or auctions and seek donations from community leaders. The remainder is “out of pocket.” Burns: Entirely by the students. The boosters merely provide the fundraisers that assist them in meeting their individual costs. Teague: Our Music Booster organization provides five fundraising programs for students throughout the course of each school year. Students may participate in these programs. Money earned is held in a Booster-coordinated student account, and may be debited by families as they make payments for the tour.

SBO June 2008  

SBO June 2008

SBO June 2008  

SBO June 2008