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and performed at the World Expo in Brisbane.

MHS students in Japan, 2006

SBO: How did that opportunity present itself? ES: The band director who was here before me had applied to perform there, and we carried through the application and were accepted. We didn’t want to interrupt the process because the students and some administrators

“If you compare the culture of New York City to that of Hawaii, it can be pretty shocking.” from the University of Hawaii. We also have retired band directors and instructors that help around the island who come out and do the adjudication. For our festival, we try to keep it local.

SBO: I see. Yet, in contrast to that, your ensembles have also traveled significant distances. ES: Yes, that’s true. In fact, our first trip was my very first year of teaching. It was kind of scary, but I learned a lot, real fast. We went to Australia

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24 School Band and Orchestra, June 2008

were already working towards going. But for a first-year teacher, the experience was eye opening, to say the least. SBO: How many students went? ES: We took about 100 students, if I remember correctly. It was a great trip

SBO June 2008  

SBO June 2008

SBO June 2008  

SBO June 2008