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Prevent corruption and financial crime Financial crimes such as fraud, corruption, work-related crimes, terrorist financing and laundering proceeds from criminal activities are both a social problem and a threat to the welfare society. Combating them is demanding and important work.


Sparebanken Møre believes that preventing the bank and industry from being misused for financial crime is an important part of our social mission, and as a financial institution we are subject to a number of laws and requirements related to combating corruption and other types of financial crime, including laundering proceeds from criminal activities and financing terrorist activities.

Sparebanken Møre must demonstrate high ethical standards and we practise a policy of zero tolerance regarding internal irregularities. We must not be associated with activities, customers or industries with questionable reputations.

The area was a high priority for Sparebanken Møre in 2021 and will remain a high priority in the future as well. Our goal is to reduce the resulting financial losses for society, the bank’s customers and the bank itself. All of our stakeholders must feel confident that we have a high level of expertise, that we can prevent, identify and manage risks in the area of financial crime, and that our services are safe to use.

The work on combating financial crime requires high levels of expertise and vigilance. In 2021, all of the bank’s employees underwent certification in basic knowledge of the subject and training in identifying and handling suspicious situations. Game technology supplied by Attensi was used for this. The bank’s executive management team and the Board have also undergone this training.

Sparebanken Møre Annual report 2021

Material topics Corporate social responsibility and sustainibility

Measures implemented in 2021